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"Our engagement with has significantly helped us improve the delivery quality of our innovations."

Pete Becker

Innovation Product Management Lead

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"We worked with the team to identify a mobile engineering partner to help with our iHeartRadio for auto roadmap."

Tom Drapeau

VP Engineering

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"Working with was great. They made sense out of a complicated and fragmented market and we were able to find a good fit for our needs."

Cordel Robbin-Coker

Co-Founder and CEO

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" helped us with their very clear and structured selection process to find our perfect partners for our product in just a few steps."

Reiner Neusser


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" connected us to various experts around the world."

Ayne Santiago

Senior Lead Software Engineer

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"The team at helped us meet and engage with a high quality shortlist enabling us to spend our time building a relationship."

Phillip Mundy


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" is a wonderful partner for any early stage startups like us who are eager for top engineers to accelerate our product roadmap."

Jeff Hu

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" offers a fantastic service for high growth businesses such as ourselves. Their expertise saved us a significant amount of time and risk."

Paul Skidmore

Product Lead

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"Working with was an awesome and pleasant experience. We got exactly what we wanted and more."

Javy Olives

Enterprise Product Head

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"The team is professional and effective. Pangea's offering of top talent delivers."

Raymond Spoljaric


Guide to hiring great MVP Development vendors

Want to create a Minimum Viable Product but don’t know how to get started? This guide will teach you everything you need to know to create the perfect MVP.


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To select the top percentile of MVP Development agencies, our proprietary due diligence consists of a rigorous 5-step process: pre-qualification, organizational mapping, client reviews, team health assessment, and acceptance. Only the top 7% of agencies complete the process successfully. Once accepted, ongoing efforts to ensure continued excellence and standing within the community begin. This is achieved by consistently demonstrating excellence in their work and continued commitment to due diligence efforts by

Once you share your requirements, the brief is shared with our community of 150+ agencies (without any personal identifiable information). Said agencies have 48 hours to apply to your brief, and you can access each brief on our platform. Using a combination of AI and human expertise, our system matches and connects you with the 3 most suitable MVP Development agencies from the application pool. As a result, we can always guarantee delivery within 72 hours—ensuring the most efficient process for connecting with the right agencies for any requirements.

When matching fully-managed agency teams, we prioritize their expertise in the following order: 

  1. Product Domain: What is being built? 
  2. Industry: What industry is it being built in? 
  3. Services: What are the services required? 
  4. Roles: What is the ideal team structure? 
  5. Tech Stack: What technology is required? 

When matching for a specific agency role, we prioritize talent expertise in the following order: 

  1. Roles: Who is being hired? 
  2. Tech Stack: Which technology is required for the role? 
  3. Product Domain: Is domain know-how required for the role? 
  4. Industry: Is industry know-how required for the role? 
  5. Services: Does the role have to provide any services? 

Additionally, we consider rates and location preference, budget indication, kick-off timeline, and other relevant factors to curate the best-match agencies for both engagement models.

Countries such as Uruguay, Brazil, Poland, Crotia, Portugal, Poland, and similar are home to high-quality talent clusters in software development. The vetted agency community at reflects said notion, with our agency partners being located in Latin America and Europe. The rates depend on location, country, skills, and seniority required, but the average hourly rate is between €40-80 which is an average daily rate of €320-640. is a free service for businesses as we are compensated an annual membership fee for continuous due diligence by the agency partners and a % of their sales and marketing spend. 

MVP Software Development: How to Get Started


Why should you invest in MVP software development?

How to create the perfect MVP

MVP software development FAQs

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Have you ever thought about what hugely successful apps like Airbnb, Instagram, TikTok, and Dropbox all have in common? The brains behind each of these apps invested in MVP software development to transform their simple ideas into giant platforms used by millions of people every day. Follow in their footsteps and you could see similar life-changing results from your next app.

Many startup companies prioritize creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) when developing a new application. It’s an efficient way of collecting huge amounts of data about what your target audience thinks of your application with low levels of effort and budget. If you’ve got a great idea for an app but you’re not sure if the world’s ready for it, an MVP is an excellent place to start. 

Why should you invest in MVP software development?

There’s one simple reason why you shouldn’t think twice about investing in MPV software development — it stops you from creating an application that nobody wants. Much more than that, it shows you what your target audience loves about your app, which parts could be improved, and what extras you need to add before the real launch.

MVP software development allows you to identify your core value proposition by focusing on one single idea. It gives you the tools you need to create the best product with a small budget, allowing you to save money and resources simultaneously. You can take advantage of the opportunity to test your software with hardly any risk and gather valuable feedback from your target users at the same time. 

This sophisticated type of software lets you find out what your customers think about your application and determine what it’s missing. It provides you with plenty of data you can use to return to the development stage and improve your app so it’s ready to be sent out into the world. 

By investing in Minimum Viable Product development, there’s almost no room for error. This makes your entire development team feel more confident about your app, giving them the boost they need to get more creative and provide a better user experience. 

All these significant benefits culminate into 2 important things — saving money and increasing your chances of finding investors. By validating your idea before blowing your budget, MVP software development helps you save money and gives you important results for a low cost. 

When potential investors can see that people are genuinely willing to app for your app in its most basic form, they’re much more likely to want to be a part of your ground-breaking app when the full thing is launched.

How to create the perfect MVP

Creating a successful Minimum Viable Product can be broken down into 5 easy-to-follow steps:

1. Determine your business idea
Your first step is to confirm there’s a gap in the market for your app. If there are others like it, you need to make sure it stands out from the competition. Brainstorm different short-, mid-, and long-term business goals until you’ve found ones that are measurable and achievable. Set your sights on them and never let them go! 

2. Carry out market research
Look at your competitors, the apps they offer, and the people that use them. Don’t forget to take into account the market size. For your MVP launch to be successful, you need to be sure that people are willing to spend money on your software and that there are enough people out there for it to be profitable. 

3. Plan your user journeys
For your MVP software development plan to be successful, you need to prioritize your users at all times. Planning your user journeys allows you to look at your app from the perspective of a customer and determine the steps you need to take to improve it and reach your business goals. Identifying users’ pain points lets you discover where you can add the most value to your mobile or web app

4. Select features to build
Choosing the features you’ll build is one of the most important stages in your MVP launch. You need to determine which functionality (or functionalities, if you’re going to release more than one) will make your Minimum Viable Product successful. Keep in mind that every functionality you focus on should be aligned with your app’s overall goal. 

Creating a demo will help you improve the UX&UI, while also discovering some improvements which should be part of your next MVP launch. Work on getting feedback as soon as you can. This will help you improve more efficiently. 

5. Continue iterating
Your MVP software development launch is only the beginning. You need to continuously gather feedback, implement changes, and test them. This is one of the most effective ways of creating an app you know your users will love. 

MVP software development FAQs

Q1. What does MVP stand for in agile?

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the foundation of agile. It’s a version of a new application that allows you to collect the highest volume of validated learning when it comes to your customers with the lowest volume of effort on your part. 

MVP software development doesn’t mean slacking off and creating the minimum you can get away with. It’s a scientific agile method that allows you to create a simple version of an application you want to release to find out if anyone is actually interested in it. It helps you take on feedback, make improvements, and include extras before the real launch. 

Q2. What does MVP mean in DevOps?

In terms of DevOps, MVP allows you to collect user feedback from a new app that you can pass on to the development team so they can make the appropriate changes and additions before you launch your complete application. This sophisticated method means you can find out what your users really think of your app before you officially launch it.

An MVP launch puts you at an advantage so you can enhance your app to provide an improved UX/UI before the official application is launched to the world. 

Q3. Is MVP agile or Lean?

MVP software development is a form of Lean and both are agile concepts. An MVP launch stresses the importance of learning and iteration when it comes to developing a new application. Through MVP software development, you can receive user feedback much earlier than through a traditional app launch. This gives you the power to make important adjustments to improve the user experience and boost your chances of success at the real launch.  

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