Top Flutter Project Ideas from Beginner to Expert

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November 29, 2022

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June 13, 2024

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Top Flutter Project Ideas from Beginner to Expert


Cross-platform app development toolkits have been around for quite a long time. However, nothing is as reliable as Flutter. It's flexible, supports a single codebase, has numerous pre-built components, and offers amazing features such as hot reload that make cross-platform app development easy.

However, before including Flutter in your next project, you need to ensure that your team knows the ins and outs of the framework and has hands-on experience in using the technology. And what's better than developing some sample Flutter applications as a practice exercise?

This blog lists 12 Flutter project ideas with difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced, along with their source code. You can ask your developers to work on these Flutter project ideas, implement them in real-time and enhance their Flutter skills. This way, you can be sure that your team is prepared for the next big Flutter project.

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What is Flutter?

While most developers think of Flutter as just a cross-platform app development framework, it's much more than that. You can think of Flutter as a complete toolkit or SDK as it offers everything a developer needs, such as a rendering engine, pre-built components, testing tool, UI library, etc., to craft cross-platform apps using a single codebase.

To use Flutter, your developers need to be familiar with Dart: the official programming language for Flutter development created by Google. Dart is a type-safe and powerful programming language that has a low learning curve, making it easy to pick up.

Pro Tip: You can check out these Dart programing language courses to help your developers master Dart.

Let's now jump into our top 12 Flutter project ideas for beginner, intermediate and advanced developers:

Best Flutter project ideas for beginners

This section lists some basic Flutter project ideas that are ideal for beginners to get started with the Flutter toolkit. By working on the following projects, your developers can learn some basics such as widgets, packages, how to build layouts and add dependencies, etc.


Regardless of the programming language, every developer must've created a Calculator application once in their lifetime. While it may sound pretty simple, creating a calculator app is quite complex, especially for a beginner.

Your developers will get to know about different classes, such as rows and columns, along with several operations, such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. In addition, your developers will learn to write functions using Dart and use 'if else' loops while working on this project. For a deeper dive into this application, refer to the Calculater source code.


The Todo app, as the name says, helps users to maintain a day-to-day list of tasks. The users can add new items to their list, pick a theme, and mark the tasks done, among other activities.

Your developers can learn important concepts such as managing directories, packages, project structure, and state management. All these concepts are essential for both entry-level and experienced developers to excel in any flutter project.

Some interesting packages that are used in this project are dio (for network requests), shared preferences (for local storage), photo_view (for showing the picture), etc. Becoming familiar with these packages will help your developers integrate functionalities quickly. Here is Todo’s source code for those who want a closer look.

BMI Calculator

This dynamic Body Mass Index Calculator takes in different values such as age, gender, height, and weight and calculates the BMI. By working on BMI Calculator, your developers can learn a lot, such as

  • Understanding how Navigator and Flutter Routes work
  • How to extract & refactor Flutter widgets
  • How to pass functions as fields and parameters
  • Ternary operators and Enums in Dart
  • The difference between a const and final
  • & more

In addition, the app comes with a pretty minimalistic yet attractive UI that your developers can play with. The source code for the BMI Calculator can be found here if you’d like to get more familiar with it.

Tic Tac Toe Game

How about a fun Tic Tac Toe game? Building a game is perhaps the best way to put your knowledge into practice. This simple game of tic tac toe can help your developers dive deeper into the concept of widgets, function writing, and working with loops. However, some knowledge of Swift and Kotlin might be required for this project. Refer to this source code for a more specific peek into the Tic Tac Toe Game.

Best Intermediate Flutter Project Ideas

The projects listed in this section are a little more difficult than the above. Your developers will have to be familiar with all the concepts used in the previous section, along with some basic knowledge of UI designs for developing more attractive and responsive pages.

Pokedex App

This application contains a list of all 898 Pokémon along with their images, generation, base stats, and other information displayed in an attractive manner. Working on this project, your developers can learn to finetune their animation and UI skills. This project also teaches how to implement an audio player and use Lottie for animations. However, prior knowledge of Flutter libraries is necessary. Flip over to this link for the Pokedex App source code.

Candy Crush Clone

Candy Crush is a popular Match-3 game wherein you match 3 candies to make them disappear. And that's what your developers will build via this project.  

Although the UI is simple and involves just two screens, your developers will learn a lot about logic-focused coding. In addition, this project involves BLoC architecture, writing algorithms, implementing animations, gesture detection, etc. So, there's plenty to learn. However, basic knowledge of all the aforementioned concepts is necessary to be able to work on this app. Here is the source code for Candy Crush Clone, but if the source code's not enough, you can also refer to this blog. It explains all the concepts in detail, ensuring easy implementation.

E-Commerce App

This project brings along several small concepts that your developers will find useful while developing Flutter apps using Dart. For instance, there's sign-in, sign-up, and forgotten password functionality along with verification using an OTP. All of these functionalities are used in almost every type of app.

In addition, there'll be a home screen, a product page where the products will be displayed, add to the cart page, and finally, an order page where the users can order a product. All in all, this little project entails a lot of cool stuff that your developers can try to test their Dart and Flutter skills. Here is the source code for E-Commerce App, should you want a peek.

Netflix Clone

As the name says, this project involves creating a clone of a video streaming OTT service called Netflix. In this project, your developers will learn how to make a responsive UI as beautiful as that of Netflix and include a video player in the app and the web version.

However, for this project, knowledge about state management packages, such as flutter_bloc and flutter_cubit, is necessary.

Refer to this source code for a more comprehensive view into Netflix Clone. While the overall process of implementation is easy, you can refer to this detailed video tutorial to make it even easier.

Best Advanced Flutter Project Ideas

The projects mentioned in this list are quite difficult to implement and require a practical understanding of Dart, Flutter, and its concepts. However, these projects can help your developers tighten their grip on the framework, helping prepare them for bigger projects.

Google Clone

This advanced Flutter project is quite intriguing. Your developers will get to build their own functional search engine that is completely responsive, fetches accurate results based on the user's queries, and works on iOS, Android, and the web.

It will involve API (Google Custom Search API) implementation using Dart because that's how the data will be fetched. However, your team must know about concepts such as Pagination in Flutter.

Refer to the Google Clone source code for a better look. Also, here's the video tutorial for step-by-step implementation.

eBook App

This eBook project has two important functionalities, i.e., allowing users to download and read eBooks. Your developers will need to know how to use APIs for fetching the data (eBooks) and parsing the same to display the information in an organized manner.

Also, this project will use several plugins, such as Provider for state management, DIO for downloads and network calls, XML2JSON for converting XML to JSON, Object DB for using NoSQL for storing favorites and downloads, and Iridium Reader for reading the epubs or eBook files. You may refer to this eBook App source code for a longer read.

Podcast Player

This project allows you to create a Podcast Player just like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts. It's built completely using Dart and involves different functionalities such as downloading podcasts for offline playing, skipping silence, boosting volume, etc.

Your developers will get to work on different plugins such as sqflite and shared_preferences for local storage, audio_service and just_audio for playing audio, Provider for state management, flutter_downloader for downloading, etc. Also, there'll be a search engine integration for searching podcasts. Here is the source code for Podcast Player for those curious.

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Instagram Clone

This project is perhaps the best one on the list for mastering Flutter. It involves several functionalities such as liking, commenting, displaying posts, following/unfollowing, deleting posts, searching users, email authentication, and more.

However, as this project involves so many functionalities, there's a huge scope for learning, but it can be equally hard to implement. So, make sure your developers are familiar with advanced Flutter concepts and know how to use Firebase, Firestore, Firebase Auth, and Firestore storage. For more thorough engagement, you can refer to this link for Instagram Clone’s source code. Also, here's a video tutorial for a step-by-step guide to implementation.


This was our list of the top 12 Flutter project ideas to help your developers use their Flutter knowledge in real-time. They can implement some or all of these ideas until they get the hang of Flutter and become ready for the next big project.

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Q1. What are some Flutter apps with source code?

Here are some more amazing Flutter apps with source code:

Additionally, you can find the link to the source code of all of the above Flutter project ideas under every listing. And if you're looking for a more extensive list of Flutter apps with source code, you can find one here.

Q2. What are some Fun Flutter ideas for beginners?

If you’re looking for more Flutter project ideas, you can try:

You can find four fun Flutter ideas for beginners in this blog itself. Want to up the level and try some more complex Flutter apps? Check out this blog. Here you’ll find unique Flutter ideas that you can turn into apps and even monetize the same.

Q3. Is Flutter dead?

Flutter is very alive and a popular cross-platform app development framework – so much so, Flutter became the most used cross-platform framework globally in 2021, according to Statista.

With the features it comes with, as well as the flexibility it offers, Flutter's popularity is only going to increase. If you’re not yet convinced, just check out how giants such as BMW, Google Pay, Tencent, Toyota, and several others companies use Flutter to meet their cross-platform app development needs.


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