Top 25 iOS App Development Companies Currently On the Market

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June 15, 2023

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March 8, 2024

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Top 25 iOS App Development Companies Currently On the Market


Searching for the best iOS development company with the right kind of industry experience, knowledge, and skills is a tough challenge for firms. From the thousands of options available, finding the teams with the tools and context you need to succeed in your industry can seem harder than finding a proverbial needle in a haystack.

Hiring well, however, is the most crucial part of successful iOS app development. Getting the right technical experience and domain-specific knowledge in place makes every future challenge that much easier with the right people behind the project to tackle them.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 iOS app development companies in the field right now who can transform your projects and your teams to create exceptional applications long into the future.

Top 25 iOS App Development Companies Available Today

X2 Mobile

Achieving a top score on our Pangea list of top iOS development companies X2 mobile is an extremely capable group dedicated to building impactful technology using the latest tools and techniques. Made up of a team of designers, developers, and project experts— X2 mobile is a strong technology partner in building high-quality iOS applications.


Award-winning technology and design firm Commencis is a team of over 200 people with design and development experience in aviation, cosmetics, and financial services. Designing iOS applications with roots in big data, analytics, and cloud technologies, Commencis is a firm with strong tech credentials that are easily targeted toward any kind of product and application.

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With industry experience in completing more than 150 projects, Octobot has a rich history of productive agile collaboration as an iOS development vendor. Capable of undertaking projects from initial design through to deployment and maintenance using Agile methodologies, Octobot focuses on strong and lasting relationships with their development partners to engage on projects. In the past, the firm has successfully undertaken development tasks ranging from healthcare and retail to fintech, government, and energy projects with exceptional results.

Halcyon Mobile

A team of developers with over 15 years of experience in the field, Halcyon Mobile is an award-winning development company used to delivering large and ambitious projects for their clients. Deploying its team of designers, architects, and developers into creating meaningful products and experiences for users—Halcyon mobile is consistently evolving its expertise and experience. The group has previously delivered products in the fitness, financial services, and healthcare industries amongst others.


Founded in 2011, Steelkiwi is a software development company dedicated to helping enterprise clients, SMEs, and startups. Offering end-to-end software development from prototyping and design all the way through to development and deployment— Steelkiwi specializes in taking ownership of technologies to deliver on the goals and expectations of organizations. By serving industries as diverse as healthcare, fintech, and education the team has a lot of knowledge and expertise to draw on in creating future projects.


A technology firm specializing in design-driven web and mobile apps, MLSDev is dedicated to building exceptional products and services that will provide for firms. With clients ranging from ESPN to McDonalds, MLSDev’s focus on exceptional web and mobile frameworks has earned the team some highly regarded credentials for their feature-rich tech products. Working on diverse technologies such as IoT and data analytics, MLSDev is a team capable of solving some of the most difficult current challenges the tech industry has to offer.


For the past 10 years, SoftTeco has been developing high-quality software solutions with over 130 projects delivered for clients all around the world. With a rich and varied portfolio including wellness, fitness, and financial services applications—SoftTeco has knowledge and experience that is invaluable and unique amongst our list of top iOS app developers. Combining technical competence with a strong business understanding and outstanding communication skills, SoftTeco is an invaluable asset to be brought into any firm.


Taking a user-first approach to iOS app development, Naked specializes in design, strategy, developing, branding, and launching apps to accelerate businesses. Offering clients the vast industry knowledge and experience that the team holds to launch client products to success, Naked is a team dedicated to helping organizations overcome the creative and technical obstacles when it comes to succeeding in the iOS marketplace.

Enetel Solutions

Specializing in telecommunications and ICT solutions, Enetel Solutions are experts in finding creative solutions to technical problems. Optimizing design and development to create products with the potential to revolutionize businesses and industries, Enetel is a dedicated team of designers, engineers, and QA specialists that can boast outstanding teamwork, professionalism, and out-of-the-box problem solving to achieve the goals businesses have for their products.


Algoworks is a software development company dedicated to building lasting and productive relationships with its clients. Working with organizations all around the world, Algoworks has been recognized as a leading vendor in creating innovative software solutions since the firm’s earliest days in 2006. Offering a rich portfolio of mobile applications, Algoworks has created products that lean heavily on cutting-edge technologies and techniques with elements of gamification and social media interactions. With mobile apps built across all of the major technologies and industries today, Algoworks is a company with vast resources of knowledge and experience to draw on for future projects.


First founded in 2011, Miquido is a company that prides itself on being able to turn a rough app idea into a fully developed concept ready to be launched into the mobile marketplace. With a team of over 200 people passionate about innovative technologies, meaningful products, and building feature-rich mobile applications— Miquido is an organization well-suited to building fully-fledged technology products. With major clients in health, banking, fitness, and financial services the Miquido team have a wealth of experience and a passion for changing and improving the way things are done.

New Line Technologies

A truly global technology company, New Line Technologies offer full-stack web and mobile software development services to a wide range of companies across various industries. NLT offers quality assurance and robust project management on their mobile app projects to provide clients with peace of mind and guarantees on delivery. In over 10 years in the field, the company has continuously worked with cutting-edge technologies and evolved to improve the products and services they are capable of delivering.


An organization driven by innovation, Nomtek are a team of designers, developers, testers, consultants, and product managers who focus on creating high-quality mobile apps for their clients. With expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality, E-commerce solutions, and entertainment packages—Nomtek is a vendor with a unique place in the field of iOS application development. Experienced in each of the major frameworks and technologies available today, Nomtek is a company geared towards realizing its client’s vision with the best available resources.


Over the past 12+ years, Intent has built software for clients in the automotive, consumer electronics, and wellness industries amongst others. Specialized in creating apps that span both digital and physical experiences, Intent has a wealth of expertise in unique and innovative mobile technologies and delivering exceptional applications at scale. With clients that include Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Denon, and Samsung the team has delivered on some major software products and app launches since their inception.


Putting the user first when it comes to iOS app development, DeSmart is an expert in full-stack development that delivers outstanding results within the products they create. A professional team that prides itself on being effective, knowledgeable, and efficient with its time, DeSmart has rapidly become an expert in effective technical communication and project delivery.


A software company focused on Biotech, MedTech, and Digital Health Apzumi is a mobile application technology partner specializing in the intersection between health, lifestyle, and technology. Creating apps that interface with medical devices and facilitate patient-doctor interactions, Apzumi is somewhat unique amongst the Pangea list of top iOS development companies for their in-depth understanding and experience in the complex and highly-regulated field of medical technologies.


Scalefocus is an award-winning software development company with a mission statement to help clients grow their businesses using highly effective, productive, and user-friendly software solutions. First founded 14 years ago, Scalefocus prides itself on exceptional engineering, continuous innovation, and delivering high-quality solutions for clients that consistently exceed expectations. Working with both startup firms and Fortune 500 companies, Scalefocus has been able to make the difference when it comes to creating software solutions to enhance businesses.

Ars Futura

Joint leaders on Pangea’s insight score for top iOS development companies, Ars Futura is an award-winning company delivering high-quality design and development services for clients. Working across many industries and reaching millions of users around the globe, the team have been building and launching mobile apps since the firm was first founded in 2013. Today, Ars Futura serves clients in industries that vary from biotechnology to gaming—with knowledge and experience in the field to tackle most challenges.


A software design and development organization with decades of experience in the industry, SEP provides full-stack developers and designers to turn iOS app ideas into practical products and applications. With high-quality iOS app developers, SEP has delivered applications that nurture health and promote wellness through innovative mobile applications and industry-changing solutions.


Award-winning technology company Gauss delivers high-quality business solutions to companies who require complex IT expertise and comprehensive business services to match. Delivering products in government services and human resources, Gauss is an organization used to providing unique solutions to some of the most challenging problems within mobile app development.


Building mobile applications since 2013, Tapptitude has worked on unique and innovative apps with cutting-edge technologies and techniques for almost a decade. Proactively supporting clients as technology partners, Tapptitude takes apps from initial design to prototype, launch, and ultimately scaling the idea to meet hundreds, thousands, or even millions of users at a time as it finds success.

Salt & Pepper

A full-service software development company dedicated to building great products, Salt & Pepper can achieve a lot as a vendor for the right organizations. Delivering business analysis, UI/UX expertise, and consulting services as well as web and mobile app development, Salt & Pepper is a multi-skilled organization focused on accelerating client organizations through technology development and helping them to reach another level with their apps and services.


An innovative company that builds unique digital products, Netguru is a firm more than used to thinking differently. Building apps that have revolutionized streaming, banking, and learning, the company has found a specialized niche in creating applications that disrupt the way things are done conventionally in favor of enabling world-beating change. Working in the Fintech, healthcare, retail, and education industries— Netguru has a broad specialization and expertise that can serve their clients well.


Since the dawn of the app store in 2009, Arctouch has been creating mobile apps for clients aiming to reach a new marketplace and a new audience with highly proficient and professional applications. Today, the company has continued that mission by creating mobile applications that assist organizations in creating meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers through exceptional digital products.

Appetizer Mobile

Offering a complete and comprehensive iOS app development experience, Appetizer Mobile is a development, marketing, and consulting company focused on a creative and passionate approach to mobile application development. Developing a wide range of innovative mobile apps that span education, communication, and social networking, Appetizer creates software products that drive clients’ businesses to future success.

iOS App Developers

Application developers working on iOS products are a gateway to reaching millions of users at scale with highly productive and efficient applications. Each of the firms on our list of top 25 iOS development companies has the potential to revolutionize services and industries to put your firm at the forefront of current technologies.

If you’re looking for help in choosing the best fit to hire iOS app developers into your company, our list of Pangea’s top iOS development firms can help you find the right expertise to bring on board.


Q1. How can I find the best iOS app development company?

Finding the best iOS app development company is about searching out the technologies, tools, industry, and specializations you need when it comes to your future mobile apps. If you’re looking to build on IoT technologies, deploy AI or ML technologies, or create industry-changing games then refining your search to developers and outsourced development teams with experience in each of these fields can help you successfully find your team.

Lean on resources from development partners and technology firms to assess the relevant skills and experience that iOS application developers have and analyze how they can apply to your application requirements. A team’s portfolio of applications and indications of work they’ve done in the past is the best insight you can get into work they can undertake successfully in the future. If you need help, you can refer to the Pangea list of top iOS development companies available today and ready to build your next big app idea to reach success.

Q2. Which software is best for iOS development?

Apple’s Xcode is an industry-leading IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for creating an app for both macOS and iOS. Allowing you to write code in Swift and Objective-C, Xcode allows developers to undertake native application development for creating apps and games that will be deployed, installed, and sold through Apple’s app store.

Xcode includes all the tools, frameworks, and resources you need to write iOS apps. It allows for developers to write code, lean on the graphical interface to create applications and attractive front ends to their games and applications with ease. Yet, it’s also fully featured with testing and version control tools as well as everything you need to sign and release apps to the app store.


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