Empowering Entertainment Tech Leaders to Transform the Industry

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June 14, 2023

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March 7, 2024

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Empowering Entertainment Tech Leaders to Transform the Industry


In the dazzling universe of entertainment, tech maestros are the new rockstars. People now continue to express more preference on virtual entertainment models. Activate conducted a study that reveals how top non-gaming events amongst gamers fell under the category of live in-game concerts, with 40% of participants preferring them to other in-game activities and events like movie and tv show previews, sports-related content and virtual simulations of social/life events like birthdays.

From VR theme parks to AI-generated music, technological innovations are rewriting the script for entertainment. So, grab your 3D glasses as we navigate the labyrinth of entertainment tech breakthroughs, spotlight the pioneering companies, and decode how tech leaders and scaleups can orchestrate the grand crescendo in entertainment's symphony.

Immersive Experiences Stealing the Limelight

First in the marquee is Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), which have evolved from tech novelties to megastars in entertainment. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have democratized VR, while Pokémon Go showed us AR's mass appeal. But, let’s give a standing ovation to The VOID, the pioneers of location-based VR experiences. Combining VR with physical environments, they’re crafting immersive experiences that transport you to different worlds.

For tech leaders, VR and AR are playgrounds for innovation - from creating hyper-realistic games to designing AR apps for film promotions.

Content Streaming: The OTT Conquest

OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ have eclipsed traditional TV. However, the real star is the democratization of content creation. Vimeo OTT offers an ace here, enabling creators to launch their streaming services. So, whether you're into K-dramas or indie documentaries, there’s an OTT platform for you.

Tech entrepreneurs, it's showtime! Consider creating specialized OTT platforms or offering white-label OTT solutions for content creators.

A Tune Crafted by AI: Amper Music Hits the Right Notes

AI is not just playing games; it's composing melodies. Amper Music is revolutionizing music production by using AI to compose unique tunes. You can tweak the mood, style, and pace, and voilà – you have your soundtrack.

For tech maestros, developing AI-based music generation tools, or integrating them into broader content creation suites, can be chartbusters.

Blockchain Enters Stage Left: Unlocking Value with Crypto

Entertainment’s blockchain debut is worth a standing ovation. Tokenizing assets, streamlined royalty payments, and combating piracy are some headliners. Myco, a blockchain-based social media and entertainment platform, enables creators to monetize content directly.

Tech leaders and blockchain enthusiasts, this is your cue! Develop blockchain platforms for content sharing, or create tokens for exclusive entertainment experiences.

The Interactive Palette: Gaming Like Never Before

The gaming industry continues to soar with great strides and connect millions of gamers globally with a market worth of over $300 billion. Video gaming is a realm where technology reigns supreme. The interactive experiences are evolving with advancements in AI, AR, and cloud gaming. A company deserving applause is Nvidia with its cloud gaming service GeForce Now. It allows gamers to stream the latest games to their non-gaming PCs and Macs.

Game developers and tech companies, take note! The quest for the next gaming innovation never ends - be it in AI integration, cloud gaming, or cross-reality experiences.

Social Media’s Next Frontier: Virtual Worlds

From Facebook's Horizon Workrooms to Fortnite’s concerts, virtual worlds are the social hubs of tomorrow. Roblox is an epitome of this evolution, blurring the lines between gaming and social media, while enabling user-generated content. Tech visionaries, this is your sandbox. Explore virtual events, social VR platforms, or monetization models for user-generated content.

Lights, Camera, Deep Learning!

AI is also the new director in town. From CGI to script suggestions, deep learning algorithms are invaluable to filmmakers. Take Warner Bros. employing AI-driven film management systems to make data-driven decisions.

Tech leaders, the film set awaits your AI wizardry – be it in animation, script analysis, or automating video editing.

Final Curtain: A Standing Ovation for Tech Pioneers

The entertainment industry is in a thrilling plot twist. Tech innovations have not just enriched content but expanded the realms of possibility.

For tech leaders and scaleups, this is your red carpet moment. Unleash your creativity, orchestrate innovation, and take center stage in transforming the world of entertainment. The audience is on its feet; the applause is deafening. Encore! If you have any enquiries on this, please feel free to submit a brief.


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