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May 27, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Level Up With Advanced Software Development


BERLIN, Germany - In light of current global challenges, the Travel and Hospitality industries are rapidly shifting to accommodate the needs of travelers and clients. In this uncertain climate, Advanced Software Development Company is guaranteed to alleviate any anxieties you may have around building and realizing your project. Let’s see how this fascinating company works to take your creative ideas to the next level!

Advance To The Next Level

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, Advanced Software Development joined Pangea.ai in 2022 and we are thrilled to welcome them on board! The company’s solutions include (but are not limited to) customizing software development for online travel agencies, tour operators, property/hotel management systems, central reservation systems, restaurant management software, and CRM for PMs.

Advanced Software Development promises to deliver scalability and flexibility, increase search results, a path to better digitalization, and an overall improved experience for users. What sets this brilliant company apart is how it focuses on the client’s needs as opposed to selling what their developers can do. There is a special focus on development experience, streamlined processes, and unified teamwork.

With over 15 years in the software development business, Advanced Software Development has a stellar reputation for its technological expertise. Top clients such as BookingPal, ICanBuy, and BizSwoop can attest to the impressive Overall Pangea Score of 9.1/10.0. There’s no question about Advanced Software Development’s superior services in the software development world. You can rest assured that the end product will meet all of your technological needs and desires.

Tried and True Teammates

Team Up and Thrive Together

Advanced Software Development boasts an overall Team Health Score of 8.9/10.0 and it’s quite easy to see why! The company’s 90 full-time employees (80+ of which are developers) are lovingly referred to as family and personal growth is not only valued but encouraged, which is shown by the wonderful 9.2/10.0 rating for Personal Growth.

The ethos of united teamwork is greatly exemplified in Advanced Software Development’s approach to a product’s development. All team members (developers, PM, BA, QA, among others) are involved from the beginning to the end of a project to share knowledge and tech details, synchronize processes and own personal responsibility as needed. It takes the proverbial village to raise a successful end product. Tech lead, Roman, remarks:

“I grew up as a developer and learned a huge stack of new technologies. Also, I learned to take responsibility, to manage team work and how to inspire team members.”

The company also scored a fabulous 9.1/10.0 for Management Rapport, demonstrating open communication and ease between management and employees. Head of Research and Development, Kateryna, elaborates:

“The management of the company is very open-minded and supports initiatives. I really appreciate possibilities to learn and try new things. Sometimes it may fail and sometimes be really successful, but I may always rely on the support and honest feedback without criticism.”

Let’s not forget to have some fun! The company culture at Advanced Software Development is playful and lively, which explains the amazing 9/10.0 rating for Peer Rapport. Middle+ QA Engineer, Natali, says:

“All employees are young and promising, cheerful and friendly…The company often organizes outdoor activities for its employees and it's always fun. Such activities help people to establish communication.”

Evolving Clients’ Ideas from Beginner to Advanced

Advanced Software Development’s clients can attest to the brilliance and friendliness of working with this company, which is easily demonstrated by a Pangea Client Insights Score of 9.3/10.0. While the team primarily works within the Travel and Hospitality industries, they extend their services to a few related industries such as Transportation, Financial Services, and Banking as well.

Clients rave about Advanced Software Development! The company boasts an astounding 10/10.0 for Customer Journey, Project Management, and Documentation Level. Let’s see what a few of the clients have to say. Michael Ray, Head of Engineering at BookingPal, shares:

”Advanced Software Development has all of the necessary components to take an idea all the way through idea/requirements, design, development, release, and maintenance. And all of the people associated with those aspects are extremely qualified.”

The 9.3/10.0 rating exemplifies this level of expertise and qualification for both Tech Expertise and Quality Assurance. Founder of BizSwoop, Cory Ferreira, shares:

”ASD has extremely talented developers solving complex technical solutions with the support of an exceptional account management team. Together with ASD we have set up an efficient product development process to build amazing applications. ”

Gallivanting the Green Together

Game On: Tantalizing Technology Awaits You

Advanced Software Development’s profile wouldn’t be complete without lauding their technological expertise. Their services include Back-end Development, Cloud Services, Front-end Development, MVP Development, Project Management, Prototyping and Proof of Concepts, QA & Testing, System Integrations, and Web Development.

There’s a plethora of interesting and exciting internal and external projects being carried out at Advanced Software Development. Employees are given tools and chances for technical growth in more ways than one as well. Once again, we hear from Roman, who enthusiastically tells us about one of his cherished projects:

“My favorite project at Advanced Software Development company is BookingPal. This project is huge and consists of many modules and libraries with Spring framework usage, Redis, MyBatis, Kafka, Elastic, Cassandra, AWS. Many of these technologies were ones that I had no prior experience using. Needless to say, I learned a lot, and working on a variety of tasks exposed me to different parts of the tech stack.”

Working with Advanced Software Development guarantees an experience rife with tried-and-true technologies as well as the latest ones on the market. The company’s top engagement types include New Product Development and Project Handover. The technologies most frequently used are .NET, AWS, C#, Java, Laravel, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, React.js and Vue.js. Hiring Advanced Software Development ensures a balanced approach to utilizing all the available technologies for your unique project.

Advanced Software Development’s CEO, Pavlo Boiko, remarks:

“At Advanced Software Development, we highly appreciate the significant ideas and are eager to transform them into code and fully functioning software products. We ensure superior product release, being in charge of the whole development process, lining up with your vision, and diving into your project tech specifications.”

Considering its reliable and robust services, stellar client testimonials, employee insights and sleek technologies, we can see why Advanced Software Development is an obvious choice to carry out your creative ideas. The company is eager to hear about the details of your project - the scope, timeframe, as well as any business challenges you may be encountering.

Contact us and we would be thrilled to introduce you to Advanced Software Development, where you can pause and let them do the work necessary to help your business ideas flourish and level up.


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