25 Flutter MCQ Questions and Answers

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September 16, 2022

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March 11, 2024

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25 Flutter MCQ Questions and Answers


The Flutter platform is consistently growing in popularity and use year on year. First released as an alpha in May 2017, the adoption and use of the framework have allowed developers to build companies and teams capable of creating exceptional cross-platform teams. This guide to multiple-choice Flutter Questions is about how you can build and demonstrate the knowledge necessary to join these teams. We've gathered 25 of the most commonly asked, insightful, and revealing Flutter MCQ questions and their answers to help you show off your skills, break the ice into discussing in-depth development topics, and ensure you understand the subject as well as you need to when you set out to become a Flutter developer.

Our extremely helpful Flutter development resources can be a great asset in brushing up on the skills, tools, and resources you need to know about before applying to your next Flutter role.

After reading through our resources (hint: the ultimate guide to flutter frameworks is a big help ahead of a tricky Flutter interview), take our multiple choice quiz to examine your knowledge of Flutter and Dart and answer the questions you're likely to be asked during a Flutter developer interview.

Flutter MCQ Questions

What is Flutter?

A. Flutter is an open-source backend development framework

B. Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit

C. Flutter is an open-source programming language for cross-platform applications

D. Flutters is a DBMS toolkit

Answer: B. Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit for creating exceptional front-end cross-platform applications.

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Who developed the Flutter Framework and continues to maintain it today?

A. Facebook

B. Microsoft

C. Google

D. Oracle

Answer: C. Google began developing Flutter back in 2015 and supports its continued development and maintenance today alongside a highly active open-source community.

Which programming language is used to build Flutter applications?

A. Kotlin

B. Dart

C. Java

D. Go

Answer: B. Flutter programs are written in Google's own Dart programming language.

How many types of widgets are there in Flutter?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 6

D. 8+

Answer: A. There are two types of widgets available to developers in Flutter. These are stateful and stateless widgets.

When building for iOS, Flutter is restricted to an __ compilation strategy

A. AOT (ahead-of-time)

B. JIT (Just-in-time)

C. Transcompilation

D. Recompilation

Answer: A. Due to iOS restrictions on dynamic code execution Flutter apps must use AOT compilation on the iOS platform.

A sequence of asynchronous Flutter events is known as a:

A. Flow

B. Current

C. Stream

D. Series

Answer: C. A sequence of asynchronous events is often referred to as a stream.

Access to a cloud database through Flutter is available through which service?

A. SQLite

B. Firebase Database



Answer: B. Firebase database allows for access to a cloud-based database provider for Flutter applications.

What are some key advantages of Flutter over alternate frameworks?

A. Rapid cross-platform application development and debugging tools

B. Future-proofed technologies and UI resources

C. Strong supporting tools for application development and launch

D. All of the above

Answer: D. Flutter boasts all of these features for developers as improvements over competing frameworks or native application development. Our guide to [the pros and cons of Flutter development]() covers each of these in detail.

What element is used as an identifier for components when programming in Flutter?

A. Widgets

B. Keys

C. Elements

D. Serial

Answer: B. Keys are used in Flutter to uniquely identify widgets, elements, and SemanticsNodes.

What type of test can examine your code as a complete system?

A. Unit tests

B. Widget tests

C. Integration Tests

D. All of the above

Answer: C. Integration tests will test Flutter code as one cohesive package and examine how elements interact with each other.

What type of Flutter animation allows you to represent real-world behavior?

A. Physics-based

B. Maths-based

C. Graph-based

D. Sim-based

Answer: A. Physics-based animation allows you to simulate real-world behaviors in Flutter applications

True or false: Flutter boasts improved runtime performance over most application frameworks.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A. Flutter indeed boasts exceptional performance credentials when compared to related application frameworks. Our comparison between Flutter and React Native takes a deep dive into the topic and highlights where the strengths and weaknesses of each technology lie.

What command would you use to compile your Flutter app in release mode?

A. Flutter --release

B. Flutter build --release

C. Flutter run --release

D. Flutter run $release

Answer: C. Flutter run --release will compile your application for release.

Which function will return the widgets attached to the screen as a root of the widget tree to be rendered on screen?

A. main()

B. runApp()

C. container()

D. root()

Answer: B runApp() will return the widgets attached to the screen as the root of the widget tree.

What is the key configuration file used when building a Flutter project?

A. pubspec.yaml

B. pubspec.xml

C. config.html

D. root.xml

Answer: A. pubspec.yaml lives at the base of a Flutter project and provides the necessary configuration and setup to build Flutter apps.

True or false: an experienced Flutter developer doesn't need to know platform native languages or tools to build apps.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B. False, a proficient Flutter developer would be expected to dive down into platform code from time to time and debug errors or performance issues that are affecting the application. When hiring a Flutter developer, this is a key skill to look out for and something you should include in your Flutter hiring process.

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Which component allows us to specify the distance between widgets on the screen?

A. SafeArea

B. SizedBox

C. table

D. AppBar

Answer: B. SizedBox is a widget that allows us to have a specified height or width between two related widgets.

Which widget type allows you to modify its appearance dynamically according to user input?

A. Stateful widget

B. Stateless widget

Answer: A. Stateful widgets allow you to modify their data in response to user input or retrieving data.

What command would you run to verify your Flutter install and ensure your environment is set up correctly?

A. Flutter run

B. Flutter build

C. Flutter doctor

D. Flutter help

Answer: C. Flutter doctor can check if your Flutter environment is set up correctly for building Flutter applications.

Which release mode will not contain any debugging data when run?

A. Profile

B. Debug

C. Release

D. Test

Answer: C. Release mode apps are built optimized for performance and do not include debugging messages for developers.

What language is Flutter's rendering engine primarily written in?

A. Kotlin

B. C++

C. Dart

D. Java

Answer: B. Flutter's rendering engine is primarily written in C++ to provide low-level rendering using the Skia graphics library.

What is a drawback of Flutter that might lead you to choose another solution?

A. Non-native looking application UI

B. Large application footprint

C. A relatively unproven framework and language

D. All of the above

Answer: D. These are three of Flutter's primary drawbacks and reasons that developers may wish to look at another solution for some types of apps.

True or False: Flutter supports desktop application development.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A. It's true, as of Flutter 3.0 support for desktop and web application development has been moved into a stable release.

What widget would you use for repeating content in Flutter?

A. ExpandedView

B. ListView

C. Stack

D. ArrayView

Answer: B. The ListView is used for repeating content in the Flutter UI

True or False: Flutter teams are inherently more difficult to manage because the framework is so new.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B. It's false. Flutter's booming popularity is evidence enough that Flutter teams are not more difficult to manage or maintain than any other technology or tool. Our guide to managing outsourced Flutter development teams has some best practices and guides on how to do exactly that.

Multiple Choice Questions on Flutter Development

Whether you're preparing for a job interview, study session, or just brushing up on your knowledge of Flutter — getting each of these questions correct is a strong indicator that you know your stuff when it comes to Google's flagship framework.

Our teams of Flutter development companies are made up of Flutter experts that similarly know the ins and outs of the language and how to use it well. If you plan to join them as a Fully-fledged Flutter expert then brush up on our resources and guides and take full advantage of each of these articles to get to know the platform and each of its unique features.


Q1. Which of the following is true regarding Flutter MCQ?

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit for building exceptional cross-platform applications in the hands of experienced developers. Strictly speaking, Flutter is a complete SDK (software development kit) that contains all the tools and resources to build and deploy productive cross-platform applications. For comparison purposes and ease of use, the technology is often referred to as a framework by developers, despite this only being a part of its tool set.

Developed by Google, Flutter remains one of the most performant and capable tools currently available for producing mobile, desktop, and web applications for consumers. Since Flutter's initial release in 2017, the platform has surpassed its nearest competition from platforms such as Xamarin and React Native to become the most popular cross-platform framework currently in use.

During that time the platform has consistently evolved and improved thanks to the input of thousands of developers, designers, and users working to improve its capabilities.

Q2. What are the best editors for Flutter development MCQ?

Flutter works well with the majority of the most popular code editors currently available. Between Visual Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ Idea, each is capable of deploying Flutter's unique tools and capabilities for rapid application development, debugging, and iterative development. While using the platform's Dart language often involves additional downloads and tooling the resources available today make working with Google's in-house language as easy as working with Java, Kotlin, or JavaScript. New features coming to Flutter and Dart such as hot reload are creating ever-more productive opportunities for application development.

The biggest factor when it comes to choosing the best code editor for Flutter development is going to come down to developer preference. Years of muscle memory and ingrained practices when building and running code will generate preferences for one solution or package over another in development teams.

Q3. What is DART MCQ?

Dart is an open-source programming language developed and maintained by Google. It's known as being a remarkable general-purpose language that has been around in-house at the company for well over a decade. It's only recently, however, that Dart has begun to climb in popularity. The public release of the Flutter framework in 2017 accelerated the adoption of the language amongst developers and led to radical improvements in its tooling. Recent additions to Dart have introduced modern features such as null safety to allow developers to create more robust and reliable apps with the language.

As a new language available to developers, Dart doesn't yet have the user base or following as more mature languages such as C++ or Java. With the popularity of Flutter recently surpassing even React Native, however, Dart is rapidly on the rise with developers at all levels.


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