11 Best Sites to Post Remote PHP Developer Jobs

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September 19, 2022

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March 11, 2024

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11 Best Sites to Post Remote PHP Developer Jobs


The rate at which PHP developers join the market every year makes landing the most competent person for the PHP developer job burdensome. The sensitive role of PHP development requires an expert if you're planning to hire a developer.

Thanks to online job posting sites, you can find the suitable candidate with just the click of a button. Regrettably, many websites only swell the strain of hiring the right person. Some websites have a stronger vetting process than others, and we compiled a list of reliable sites to post a job. The developers you'll find on these websites work from anywhere across the world. Read on to find out more!

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Devteam.space connects businesses with technical experts. The communities on Devteam.space range from a CSS developer community to a PHP developer community. They have this distinct culture of selecting PHP developers by expertise. You are sure to have reliable hands on dec who can handle senior PHP developer jobs.

Also, Devteam.space has a unique AI-powered agile process that helps clients plan, track, and coordinate their teams for the success of a project. You will be assigned an account manager after you share your job requirements for easy team management.


Upwork boasts more than 5 million experts who handle remote jobs. There are several niches on Upwork, with each niche having experts waiting to execute gigs. An example is a development and IT niche where experts handle PHP developer jobs.

However, Upwork has a strict system of selection where freelancers are accepted only in unsaturated spaces for jobs. This selection system makes it easy for clients to find professional PHP developers and freelancers to provide quality services. By this, you are sure to find the best junior PHP developer on Upwork.


PeoplePerHour is another great platform where you can post PHP developer jobs. This UK-based marketplace is extensive, with enough experts you'd need. PHP developers on this platform have individual profile sections you can examine for their strengths and cooperative abilities. You can move on to the next freelancer once a profile doesn't match your requirements.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is conscientious of its overflow of programmers and developers ready to offer assistance to you and engage in technical discussions. Many platforms host a ton of developers with a mix of quacks, but this is not the case with Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is strict with its onboarding processes and will only onboard expert PHP developers.

Moreover, Stack Overflow allows you to place junior PHP developer jobs and senior PHP developer jobs easily. Stack Overflow doesn't make its pricing public. You have to speak with a sales representative to get a quote for your job and see if the quotes fit into your budget.


With over 810 million users, LinkedIn is a sure place for PHP developer jobs. LinkedIn is a social network that links qualified candidates with recruiters and project managers for jobs. If you are posting remote jobs, you have to be specific with your requirements to find the best developer for your job. However, LinkedIn is not solely for jobs; you can connect with PHP developers, programmers, and other freelancers for long-term relationships.


Glassdoor is the perfect marketplace to place remote PHP developer jobs and find the best candidate. On Glassdoor, you connect with several candidates and hire qualified candidates from different countries.

Further, the platform allows hiring PHP developers for longer terms or per project. And you have the chance to post five job listings for free.


Guru is indubitable with less competition than Upwork and LinkedIn. It has more than 2 million freelancers and technical experts to handle technical issues for you. With a simple Google search, you can place a job listing for a PHP developer for free and build a team of remote workers for your company.


We make it a core priority to vet candidates who know their onions. Our mission is to relieve the arduous task in verifying a claim of expertise as you can always trust our recommendations. Pangea provides a pool of pre-vetted, remote community of passionate product geeks and engineers who are proficient in PHP development. Please reach out as we anticipate to hear from you.


Upstack is a marketplace for diverse talents like programming and PHP development. The platform upscales the business of sourcing for freelancers but has a strict form of recruitment.

Upstack has an 8-point hiring process to pick the best out of the best developers for clients. So, be sure of professional services when you post remote jobs on Up stack. Place a PHP developer job and connect with freelancers with unbeatable portfolios.


Toptal is a highly competitive platform due to its unfailing recruitment process. The website is known to recruit 3% of applied freelancers to its platform.

Before posting a job on Toptal, you fill in a survey discussing your company's missions and your candidates' requirements. Its AI then matches you with PHP developers matching your requirements (specialties, abilities, and rates). With this precise matching method, you are sure to find qualified candidates for PHP developer gigs.

GitHub Jobs

GitHub Jobs is a popular online platform for coders, designers, developers, and project managers. However, it differs from other platforms because it focuses more on permanently hiring candidates.

The cost of a single job listing on GitHub Jobs is around $450, and your job listing will remain for 30 days. In short, you can find the best PHP developer on GitHub Jobs.

5 Things To Note When Hiring for PHP Developer Jobs

  • Certification: When the PHP developers you’re looking to hire have real certificates to present, it’ll ace the doubts you’ll fight while hiring. Naturally, a credential from a reputable name or brand reflects a green signal, or do we have any easier approach to unraveling the professionals who aren’t majorly certified? It is also less risky to hire developers with proven certifications before hiring them.
  • Developer's portfolio: You may decide to take a guess that makes you neglect their past samples of experience, especially when a trusted friend recommends the developer. We’re not aware of the type of relationship the person recommending has with the potential expert, so we have no reasons not to verify how real the recommendation stands.
  • Communication fluency: Communication fluency comes into play when hiring a PHP developer for comprehension and feedback-communication sakes. The PHP developer you hire must be able to communicate with you in your most preferred language.
  • Technical proficiency: The PHP developer you’ll hire must be able to work with AJAX, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, and other programming languages. You'll be thankful you hired a multifaceted developer in the long run.
  • Requirements: Create a clear project requirement before job listing in the marketplace, and ensure the candidate you hire meets the PHP developer job listing requirements. The more specific you are with your listing, the higher your chances of hiring an experienced PHP developer.

To Wrap It Up

The above websites are reliable for your hiring processes. Many of those platforms have done the arduous work of filtering out suitable candidates. Still, you need to scrutinize the authenticity of whoever you may resolve to hire. Effective programming only comes from professionals with credible portfolios.

A recruiter sits at a laptop, conducting online interviews for PHP developers.

Video meetings through Microsoft’s Zoom or Google Meet will make the brief one-on-one conversation where you can interview them. During the call, be attentive to how they approach the conversation - a glaring replica of how your potential deal will go.

If you still face challenges in unraveling where to post PHP developer jobs or how to hire the right expert, please contact us, and we'll attend to you.


Q1. Is there a demand for PHP developers?

PHP developers are in high demand. Many companies now adopt new technologies widely. In addition, PHP developers are valuable to companies because they maintain complex software systems.

Q2. How much can a PHP developer earn?

The price range for PHP developer earnings varies. It all depends on their experiences and the marketplace platform. However, the general price range for PHP developers is $42 - $80 per hour.

Q3. Is PHP developer a good job?

PHP developers are highly sought after for their expertise in building and managing complex system software. It is an excellent job because they can work in several teams due to the flexibility of their skills. They can work with data analysts, website developers, and Python developers.


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