Top Sites to Help You Find a Web Development Company

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December 2, 2022

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June 7, 2024

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Top Sites to Help You Find a Web Development Company


Thousands of web development companies and firms provide web development services. Choosing one that's right for you can feel like a daunting task. How to navigate the ocean of web development alternatives and land on the one that fits your needs?

In this article, we're running through some of the best sites to help you find a web development company – so read on and find out more.

According to the report generated by the Developer Nation Community in 2021, there are more than 24 million web developers in the world. Essentially, no matter what kind of business you're running, you have access to an immense pool of web development professionals to choose from.

To avoid confusion, start by listing down all the things you need in a web development company. Are you looking for a one-stop shop to provide all the web development-related services? Or do you need a highly specialized team of developers with extensive knowledge of specific technologies to bring to your enterprise?

If you're not sure how to answer these questions, take some time to assess your project and study the market. Don't go into the first web development firm hoping for the best. Think of what kind of features and functionalities your website or web app should have, and then list everything down. Here are some criteria to help you narrow down your search:

Website vs Web App

It's one thing to need a custom-built website in WordPress and it's a different thing to need a Software as a Service application built in Ruby on Rails. So, when searching for a web development company, make sure to look in their portfolio and see if they've handled your kind of project before. It doesn't have to be the same type of project, but it should be in the same general area (e.g. SaaS applications, eCommerce, membership websites, etc.).

Budget, Timeline, and Expectations

Are you limited by restricted financial resources or a very tight timeline? If you're looking for a budget-friendly solution, research companies that offer services that fit your budget. Likewise, if you have a very tight deadline, look for companies with proven track records of delivering projects on time. Do note that you can't expect the best quality from web development companies that are too cheap or that promise unrealistic timelines. However, you can find a good balance between budget, timeline, and quality.

Requirements and Expertise

Finally, make sure that the development team you choose has a proven experience in the technologies required for your project. For instance, if you need an eCommerce website, your web development company should have some experience in working with payment gateways and security protocols.

Web Development Company vs. Freelancers

There's a significant difference between web development companies and freelancers. If you need a complex project that requires a lot of resources and tight coordination between different teams, it's best to look for an established web development company. Some of the services they can offer include:

  • End-to-end web development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • UI/UX design
  • Digital marketing services
  • Technology consulting

On the other hand, if you only need a small website or a simple web app built, then working with freelancers might be just what you need. A good freelancer can help you create a custom website, an eCommerce store, or a simple web application at an affordable price. Just make sure to check out the portfolio and references of any freelancer before hiring them. Just because it says "web developer" on their profile, it doesn't mean they're vetted and ready to provide you with the quality you need.

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10 Sites to Help You Find the Perfect Web Development Company

To help you narrow down the choices, here is a list of the top 10 sites to aid in your search for a Web Development Company:


Clutch is a platform that helps you find the best web development companies for your needs. Whether you need a website, an eCommerce store, or a custom software solution, you will find a solution on Clutch.

It is worth noting that although it is mostly known for web development services, Clutch isn't as hyper-specialized as Pangea, for example. Aside from web development agencies, Clutch enrolls Business Services, Marketing & Advertising, IT Services, and Design companies as well.

Price Range

Price ranges can vary wildly on Clutch. You can expect to pay anything between $25 to $300/ hour here, depending on your web development needs. The site also offers you the option to filter the companies according to their pricing, as well as according to their reviews.


Upwork is a freelance website that brings together businesses and talented individuals from all over the world. You can find a freelancer for just about anything here, from web development to marketing, virtual assistants, and more. The platform also allows you to search through the pool of freelancers or post a job opening yourself (and then go through the selection process.)

Price Range

The world is your oyster here. Price ranges start at $10/ hour and go as high as... you can afford them. The pool of web developers on UpWork is immense, though, so it can be tough to sift through profiles and/ or pitches and find one that suits your needs 100%.


Codementor is a bit of a different platform, as it specializes in web developers as freelancers and mentors. So if you're looking for a web developer to assist you to build a website or an app, you will find them here. What's more, this platform is incredibly helpful for those who want to learn how to code. You can even book a session with one of the mentors and get real-time feedback on your projects.

Price Range

Developers set their pricing on Codementor, which means the range varies according to the quality of the service they provide. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $120/ hour for the web development services provided by the experts on Codementor.


PeoplePerHour is a lesser-known, but still valuable resource for freelance web developers. You can hire a web developer here for anything from website development to custom software solutions and continuous maintenance. The platform has a great selection of talented web developers to choose from and comes with helpful features such as the option to either scout through the pool of developers open for work or post a job and sift through the applications.

Price Range

Because this is a freelancer platform, the pricing here can be extremely varied. Same as in the case of Upwork, you can expect to pay anything between $10 and hundreds of dollars/ hour, depending on your requirements.

Webflow Experts

Building a website in Webflow? Then Webflow Experts might be your best bet in finding someone to help you out. Narrowing down your list of options will be a smoother process on this platform because the web developers here are already specialized in Webflow development. The platform allows you to "Get matched" (with someone suitable for your needs) or browse through the experts' profiles.

Price Range

Price ranges on Webflow Experts vary from one project to another. If you have a really easy Webflow project, you can expect to spend as little as $1,000. If your project is more complex, though, you will need a larger budget. Just to give you an idea, the highest budget range filter option on Webflow Experts tops at $50,000.


Fiverr is one of the most well-known freelancing platforms in the world. While it initially started as a site where freelancers offered their services for a "fiver" ($5), it has now grown into a complex platform for every type of freelancing service you may need (web development included.) Fiverr functions as a marketplace, rather than a job posting site (i.e. you have to scout through projects posted by freelancers, rather than post a job, wait for applications, and then filter through them.)

Price Range

Price ranges can be quite wild on Fiverr (same as in the case of Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and other freelance platforms.) Projects start at $10, but they can go as high as a few thousand dollars, depending on your requirements and the web developer's experience.


Freelancer is one of the first and most popular platforms for, you guessed it, freelancers. Although it doesn't specialize in web development, it does have a very large pool of web developers too. Most of them specialize in website development, but you might find freelancers and even agencies focused on complex web development projects too.

Price Range

The price range for Freelancer professionals starts at $8/ hour and it can go as high as $100/ hour, all depending on how experienced and talented the freelancer you hire is.


Guru is another popular freelancer platform with a wide selection of web developers. The platform features hundreds (if not thousands) of experienced web developers, ready to take on your project. Same as in the case of other freelancer platforms, most of the projects done on Guru are simple (e.g. WordPress website development), but with enough patience and time, you might find a suitable freelancer or agency focused on complex web development projects.

Price Range

Hourly price range usually starts at $10-$15 and goes as high as $100-$200, depending on your chosen freelancer's level of experience and the complexity of your project.


Toptal features some of the most experienced web development professionals in the industry. All of the freelancers on Toptal are pre-vetted and tested — and Toptal itself is so certain of the quality they provide that they're willing to offer a "pay only if satisfied" guarantee.

Price Range

The hourly price range on Toptal starts at $60-70/ hour and can go up to a few hundred dollars/ hour. It all depends on a variety of factors, such as:

  • The programming language you're looking for
  • Whether or not you want to hire a remote developer
  • How soon do you want them to start
  • The level of contribution they're expected to make to the project
  • Whether you want to hire a full-time, part-time, or hourly developer

Lemon is a web development platform that specializes in providing remote web developers for small-to-medium-sized (mostly startup) projects. Their stack includes quite a lot of programming languages, and their entire business model centers on customizing each match to your specific needs.

Instead of going through their pool of freelancers, you will have to give them your contact and project details, and they will come back to you with a solution. It is also worth noting that doesn't usually take on projects that take less than 160 hours to finalize.

Price Range

No public information is available regarding the exact hourly rate freelancers charge, but do take into consideration the platform will charge a commission fee for the service they provide.


Supersourcing is a web development platform specialized in finding software developers for companies and independent professionals. They feature a wide selection of experienced web developers, most of them focusing on more complex web development projects (rather than simple website development.)

Furthermore, the platform allows you to either hire individual developers (to hire as employees, rather than on a freelancing basis) or hire agencies specialized in specific programming languages. Supersourcing will provide support throughout the entire hiring process (which includes video interviews, technical tests, and more).

Price Range

Hourly price ranges on Supersourcing vary according to your type of project, the level of expertise needed to complete it, and the programming language you're looking for. No public pricing information is available, but you can learn more about an agency's pricing range by contacting them.

And finally, Our platform connects web development companies with businesses that need them. is unique because it brings together vetted web dev companies. We specialize in mobile app development, web development, and software development niches, so you can find your best match here.

What's more, categorizes vendors according to their specialty. Regardless of whether you're looking for a Python, Angular, React.js, or any other type of development company, you're likely to find it here.

All of the web development companies on go through a solid vetting process to make sure the people you hire are well-qualified and tested by past employers. When researching companies on, you can also check out their reviews, how many people work at these companies, and other bits of information to help you assess if they're a fit for your specific needs.

Price Range

Pricing for web development vendors varies, according to the difficulty of the project and the specific requirements you have. However, as a general guideline, you can expect to pay anywhere between $30.00 and $150.00/ hour for the web development services offered by the companies on Pangea.

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Hiring a web development company can be a daunting task, but with the right research and resources, it can be a successful and rewarding experience. All the platforms listed above have their advantages and disadvantages, but as a general rule, going for pre-vetted web development companies will save you time, money, and energy. The more you know about a web dev company before you hire it, the more likely it is the results will match your expectations.


Q1: What does a web developer do in a company?

A web developer is responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of a website. Their duties may include creating webpages, coding layouts, debugging web applications, writing code for features, and ensuring the website is optimized for search engines (on the technical side).

Q2: Which country has the most demand for web developers?

Some of the countries with the most demand for web developers include the United States of America, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Although no specific data is available on which country has the most demand for web dev professionals, there is plenty of data to show for the wide range of software and web development projects in these countries. For instance, according to Statista, in 2022, the United States boasts 17,000 companies in the Software as a Service industry. The UK, Canada, and Germany follow in after the US, with 2,000, respectively 1,000 SaaS companies active in 2022.

Q3: Do web developers need a degree?

No, web developers do not need a degree. Most companies will not mind hiring a web developer without a college degree in software development.

A degree may be an asset to you, but in the end, it is not a requirement for most web dev jobs. What's more important is that you have a demonstrable track record to showcase your experience.


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