Top Flutter Courses: The Best Courses For Beginners

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October 21, 2022

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June 13, 2024

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Top Flutter Courses: The Best Courses For Beginners


Overwhelmed by the vast amount of Flutter courses on the internet? Can’t say we blame you. When learning a new skill, choosing the right resource to learn from has as much impact, if not more, than the actual time you spend studying. A great course with top-notch content may not only produce better results but also hasten your learning experience, making it a better investment of your time and money.

Weighing which course is better between the abundant number of options available can easily end in overthinking and analysis paralysis. To save you the headache, hours of research, and the fear of missing out on the best options, we wrote down a shortlist to share with you the 18 best Flutter courses for beginners in 2023. Keep reading if you’re ready to take the next big leap in your Flutter development career.

A student wearing a gray sweater is writing down notes in his notebook next to his laptop computer (whose screen not fully visible), from which he may be taking Flutter courses online. Also in his desk are a wireless computer mouse and a white cup of coffee.

How To Learn Flutter Development

Learning Flutter is relatively straightforward. Just like with any other framework or programming language, there’s a plethora of guides and Flutter resources online at your disposal, some of which walk you through the process step by step. These include books, Youtube videos, and courses by both individual programmers and full-fledged education companies.

Despite how deep some of these courses go to cover all bases, the most useful component of learning software development is to actually develop apps, to which Flutter is no exception. Therefore, we recommend that you build apps in Flutter while you’re enrolled in any of these courses.

Needless to say, if you already have experience coding natively in either Android or iOS, you may have an easier time transitioning to Flutter. However, the lack of such experience shouldn’t be a barrier to entry, nor discourage you, since demand for Flutter developers is continuously on the rise.

18 Best Flutter Courses & Certifications Online

To ensure you get access to quality Flutter education, regardless of the time and money at your disposal, we included both free and paid Flutter courses with varying durations (from a couple of hours to dozens of hours) to accommodate the needs and preferences of every student. These courses were chosen based on the number of students, quality of reviews, and reputation of each course based on the comments from previous students.

Flutter Cross App Development Tutorial (

Released in 2022,’s Flutter cross-app development tutorial is one of the most immersive learning experiences available online for beginners at the starting line of Flutter development. At 37 hours of duration in a single video, it’s guaranteed to cover everything you wanted to know about Flutter, as well as things you probably didn’t know you should learn.

So far, it’s been viewed by over a million people in less than a year. Just like the rest of’s resources, it’s completely free, and you can resort to their extensive library of Youtube videos if you find yourself eager to know more afterward.

Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide [2022 Edition] (Maximilian Schwarzmüller)

Udemy is known for letting online educators publish user-generated courses on virtually any subject, at an accessible price. The most popular among its Flutter courses is ‘Flutter & Dart - The Complete Guide [2022 Edition]’, by reputable instructor Maximilian Schwarzmüller, who has reached over 2 million students through his lessons.

This course, consisting of 42 hours of video on-demand, is constantly updated so as to not fall behind Google’s continuous updates. So far, it has seen enrollment of over 210,000 students, making it the most comprehensive and best-selling Flutter course on Udemy.

The Complete 2021 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart (London App Brewery)

Another option from Udemy is London App Brewery’s ‘The Complete 2021 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart’, a course created in collaboration with the Google Flutter team.

Aimed at students with zero programming experience, it’s taught by Dr. Angela Yu, who bears a respectable 4.7 instructor rating given to her by over 1.5 million students. With over 28 hours of video on-demand content, Angela shows her students how to build 15 fully-fledged apps that include the use of Firebase Cloud Firestore, StreamBuilder, ListView, and external APIs.

Dart and Flutter: The Complete Developer's Guide (Stephen Grider)

A third alternative from Udemy’s gallery is the Flutter courses from Stephen Grider. ‘Dart and Flutter: The Complete Developer's Guide’ teaches everything about building mobile apps with Flutter and Dart, including RxDart and Animations.

Updated every month, the course syllabus covers animations, architectural patterns, navigation, and reactive programming, among other topics, across 31 hours of on-demand video. While it’s a program intended to teach the basics to new Flutter users, previous programming experience with Javascript, Java, Python, or similar languages is strongly recommended for this one.

Flutter & Dart - The Complete Flutter App Development Course (Paul Dichone)

Last from Udemy is Paul Dichone’s ‘Flutter & Dart - The Complete Flutter App Development Course’, a hands-on course intended for anyone looking to learn Flutter, from motivated beginners to seasoned veterans, in which students end up creating a portfolio of apps they can apply to development jobs with.

The program focuses on teaching students how to design, build, and debug Flutter apps for Android and iOS with object-oriented programming in Dart that will let them gain a competitive advantage. It doesn’t require any previous programming experience.

Learn Dart: First Step to Flutter (

Dart is the programming language used in Flutter. Looking for Dart-focused courses brings up different search results for the same skill set.’s ‘Learn Dart: First Step to Flutter’ program is one of them.

With 89 lessons, 7 quizzes, and 13 challenge activities, takes a hands-on approach to Flutter education that combines the best of traditional and online learning through written lessons. Additionally, offers 3 more Flutter courses ranging from beginner to intermediate level to keep your Flutter skills sharp as a knife.

Getting started with Flutter Development (Google Cloud)

Who better to learn Flutter from than its creators themselves, right? If you agree, Google Cloud’s ‘Getting started with Flutter Development’ may be what you’re looking for. This course is a quick, self-paced rundown on the basic structure of Flutter, with information on how to find and use packages to extend its functionality, and a tutorial to build a basic Flutter app that looks good on iOS, Android, and Web.

If that wasn’t enticing enough, Google Cloud has a total of 9 free MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) within Coursera to walk you through the different stages and possibilities of Flutter development.

Build Apps with Flutter (Google Developers)

Build Apps with Flutter is another self-guided mini-course designed by Google themselves. It’s a mixture of video and blog lessons (called Codelabs) that give you a short glimpse into building natively-compiled desktop, mobile, and web applications using Flutter. Before completion, you must clear a short quiz to demonstrate that you understand what sets Flutter apart from other frameworks and how it is used.

Google Developers is the one-stop destination teaching the next generation of developers the software skills needed to build anything with Google’s technology, Flutter courses being an obvious focal point of that.

Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter (Google Digital Workshop)

In accordance with Google’s mission to provide a thorough education for its ever-growing list of products, Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter is a free course by Google Digital Workshop, Google’s online educational platform focused on teaching future-proof digital skills, from coding to AI and beyond, to help accelerate the careers and businesses of its students.

Hosted in conjunction with Udacity, you’ll learn how to use Flutter directly from experts at Google to quickly develop high-quality, interactive mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Whether you’re just fresh and motivated in the mobile app development department, or already possess experience dealing with other mobile app frameworks, this free 10-hour, the beginner-level course is bound to be a good time investment.

Flutter: Getting Started (Simone Alessandra)

Simone Alessandra is an Italian-born programmer with over 30 years of coding experience in multiple technologies. His lengthy career makes him a trustworthy instructor in the software development problem-solving space.

His ‘Flutter: Getting Started’ course within Pluralsight represents another reliable resource to upskill on Flutter. He also has a series of 4 follow-up courses to help strengthen and polish your foundation as a Flutter developer.

The Complete Flutter Course Bundle (Code With Andrea)

Andrea Bizotto has positioned himself as one of the leading content creators and online authorities in all things Flutter. His Complete Flutter Course Bundle is the culmination of his 3 individual Flutter courses: Flutter Foundations, Flutter & Firebase Masterclass, and Flutter In Production, all of which cater to different audiences with progressive levels of experience.

Andrea also has an alternative version of his course offer on Udemy called ‘Flutter & Firebase: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android’, which has been taken by over 13,000 students with mostly positive reviews.

If you’d prefer to give some of his free material a try before purchasing a course, you have access to a wealth of tutorials on his personal Youtube channel.

The Flutter Way

One of the largest ongoing video libraries with Flutter content belongs to The Flutter Way, a group of passionate educators to help a new generation of developers to bring their ideas to life in the form of testable, smooth-running Flutter apps.

Their content is mostly on Youtube and as of now, they’ve published several courses compiled into playlists, the most notorious one being their Flutter UI-focused playlist with over 30 videos.

Flutter Fundamentals (Ray Wenderlich)

Flutter Fundamentals is a series of 13 Flutter courses taught by Ray Wenderlich’s worldwide community of supportive developers that cover all the grounds of the framework.

All of the tutorials are created by experts with an ample trajectory in mobile development who are eager to share their battle-tested advice with motivated learners. The curriculum of Ray Wenderlich’s instructors includes professionals who’ve worked for companies like Apple, Amazon, NASA, and even Google itself.

Flutter For Beginners (The Net Ninja)

With one of the largest Youtube followings in the mobile and web development space, The Net Ninja has years of useful content compiled into several playlists that showcase the Flutter development process for different types of projects step by step.

The most popular among these are his Flutter For Beginners, Flutter & Firebase App Build, and Flutter Animation Tutorial, all of which have tens of videos and between whom they’ve amassed multiple millions of views.

Flutter Mastery Playlist (Codepur)

Pawan Kumar is another creator who focuses on Flutter courses through his Youtube channel Codepur. His dozens of Flutter playlists, which include Flutter Tutorials, Flutter with Firebase and Flutter Mastery Playlist, as well as his Flutter coding livestreams, amass hundreds of videos exploring Flutter development up to its last nook and cranny.

Codepur is also a useful resource to follow the news regarding Flutter and the changes it goes through with every update in a snackable, concise way.

Two Flutter Courses in Spanish (Fernando Herrera)

Fernando Herrera’s ‘Flutter: Tu guía completa de desarrollo para IOS y Android’ is the most sought-after Flutter course for Spanish speakers within Udemy.

With 38 hours of video on-demand, it helped over 45,000 students so far in learning how to code with Dart from scratch and develop the core competencies of everything Flutter-related to open the door to a lot of career possibilities.

In addition to this, Fernando also has a follow-up course named ‘Flutter Avanzado: Lleva tu conocimiento al siguiente nivel’, aimed at advanced-level Flutter developers looking to get into the nitty-gritty of this framework.

Flutter’s Official Youtube Channel

Last on this list of Flutter courses is one last resource worth following closely in your journey. We’re talking about Flutter’s official Youtube channel.

Aside from having hundreds of free bite-sized tutorials and weekly videos showcasing new widgets, Flutter’s official Youtube channel could be considered the single best source to stay up to date with Flutter updates, receive continuous education from Flutter’s product team directly, and reach out with any doubts or requests you may have.

A Macbook laptop's screen and keyboard are featured prominently. The screen displays a source-code editor. The laptop's taskbar displays crisp icons at the right. The ones to the left are blurred due to lens focus, making it hard to conclude whether the user has taken Flutter courses or not.

Are Online Courses Enough To Learn Flutter?

Online courses can give you much-needed technical expertise and make you feel more confident about your skills. However, nothing will ever beat doing real work using Flutter. Turning your knowledge into functional Flutter apps, whether for personal projects or actual clients, will teach you the obstacles developers face every day and force you to think about how to solve them.

An important thing to note is that Flutter is constantly updated. Since Google is still deploying new iterations every now and then, even the best Flutter courses online may become outdated shortly and need some time before catching up. The best way to prevent your Flutter knowledge from becoming outdated is by keeping an eye open for any news or updates. Sure enough, learning never ends with software frameworks.

Once you’re confident in your Flutter skills and have a big enough portfolio, remember you can always join Pangea as a vendor as a way to scale your business and the reach of your software development agency.


Q1. What is the best course for Flutter?

Figuring out what the best Flutter course is for you will depend on your experience level in software development. If Flutter is the first framework you’ve ever worked with and you’re just getting started as a developer, you should try one of the courses aimed at beginners that we listed above. These will hold your hand through the learning process to make sure you get a solid grasp on the basics of Flutter development.

If you have previous experience coding apps and using different frameworks and languages, you may be ready to hop on intermediate-level material. However, it probably wouldn’t hurt to read about Dart and Flutter first before trying your hand at it.

Q2. Can I learn Flutter in 2 months?

Whether you can learn Flutter in 2 months doesn’t depend on which Flutter courses you take, but on whether you’re starting from zero or if you already have previous programming knowledge. If you’re starting from scratch, it all comes down to how much effort you put in, just like with any other activity.

Studying regularly and practicing soon after will help you enormously to keep the content fresh in your mind. Developing actual apps in Flutter will help you remember them better and for longer. By doing so, you may even run into some of the common obstacles that Flutter developers face, which will give you insights and lessons as important as the technical aspects of Flutter.

Q3. Is Udemy Flutter course good?

Whether a Flutter course on Udemy is good or not depends on several factors. For starters, there are plenty of user-generated courses on Udemy to choose from, all of which vary in depth and quality.

To clear any of your doubts regarding what the best Flutter courses on Udemy are, you can always do a background check on their instructors, review the courses’ syllabus, and read the reviews left by previous students.


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