Top 10 Sites to Discover React Jobs

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September 27, 2022

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March 11, 2024

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Top 10 Sites to Discover React Jobs


Are you a professional front-end engineer with the necessary prowess in ReactJS?

You're in high demand! Every single day, over 1500 React.js developer job vacancies with impressive salaries are posted on Indeed.

Stack Overflow's Survey confirms React.js as the most cherished framework, only next to jQuery. SAAS brands can't do without ReactJS. Even startups and medium-scale ventures rely on React to secure high returns through a dynamic application interface.

Right now, your skill is one of the most in-demand web frameworks. Both within and outside home regions, companies crave software developers.

A programmer working on one of his react jobs with a desktop before him.

Everything is getting more digital, and the demand will keep spiking. But don't rely on any job board. However, we recommend any of these ten sites where React experts secure massive deals with huge brands:


LinkedIn is arguably the largest marketplace for freelancers in different niches. It is superb for career networking, building, and searching for opportunities. In addition, you can easily establish yourself as an authority figure in the niche by posting or reading blogs that relate to your niche.

However, you need to optimize your profile – just as you should for every platform. Your LinkedIn profile is your resume, a green signal for clients to hire you. The good thing is that there are several React experts on LinkedIn whom you can customize your profile after. Irrespective, you must strive to be visible on LinkedIn, connect with people in your niche and build capable networks for visibility by HRs.


Women-Who-Code is a platform for women in tech established by persons who fight against sidelined women in tech. The platform is a great job board for women, linking them with high-paying senior React jobs. The beautiful thing about women who code is the level of transparency on the platform. You can see every job listing, salary, and hiring process on the platform. With this, you will know what to expect when applying for a remote React job and how to prepare.

Women-who-code isn't only a job board for women but also an innovative platform where women can equip their skills for success. As a result, it creates an equal representation of React experts in the space.


Toptal aims to create a perfect marketplace by bridging the gap between freelancers and clients. It even does this at a lower rate as compared to other websites.

Clients trust Toptal for its ability to present highly skilled freelancers for different niches. Therefore, they frequently visit to hire React experts for long-term and short-term projects.

At, we prioritise proficiency when it comes to getting you on board for premium job opportunities. As a part of this community, you have a chance to post projects or exchange talents amongst the best of the best in the tech industry.

All you have to do is tell us what you need and you will be able to submit your job requirements and let our team match you with the best tech talent available in a matter of hours.

Code Mentor X

Code Mentor X is an offshoot of Code Mentor, and it boasts a community of 1.5 million React experts across the globe. On code mentor X, you are thoroughly screened before joining, then you are assigned to a manager.

The managers are assigned to clients following their posting of a React job. Each manager presents a suggested list to clients from which they interview and hire the most qualified React expert for their project.


Upwork is the largest freelance marketplace. It prides itself on over 5 million professionals. There are several niches on Upwork, and each niche is saturated with experts ready to execute projects. For instance, the development and IT niche boast highly skilled React developers for junior and senior React jobs.

Although Upwork has a strict system of selection where applicants are only onboarded in unsaturated spaces, you can get a better shot as a React expert. On Upwork, you can display your proficiency using your profile and get hired.


Dice is befitting for freelancers, React experts, and clients. It fashions the perfect marketplace for clients to post huge projects and get them chunked on by professionals. However, with a precise search, you can also find per-projects, long-term positions, and consultancy opportunities.

Don’t limit yourself as a freelancer on Dice. There are many remote React jobs available to execute. Surely on Dice, clients and high-end React developers sit at the same table.


Indeed is the largest job ad aggregator in the world - A job aggregator collects job listings from different websites: private companies, professional associations, and corporate boards. It has given jobs to millions of people in 60 countries.

All thanks to its superior search engines, you can search for jobs in competitive niches like senior React jobs. You can narrow your search to location and salary expectations.

On the other hand, Indeed is also perfect for clients posting senior React jobs. It presents features that make searching easy; an example is the availability of the Boolean expression.


MobileUnity operates just like Dice in that they're solely in charge of the recruitment process of React experts. They recruit, vet, and present the best candidates to the clients on filling out an application. So, unless stated otherwise, you are not in direct contact with your client during the interview period.

Meanwhile, if selected, you gain direct contact with your client without any intermediary. Finally, the platform has fixed-rate services, so overpaying is impossible.


Gigster, as a professional platform, matches tech companies with highly talented individuals. The platform uses a team-play of human and artificial intelligence to find React experts on its platform.

Unlike MobileUnity, the platform acts as an intermediary between React experts and clients So, you'll need to communicate with your client or team through the company.

Things to Consider When Applying For a React Job

Be up-to-date

React experts must be up to date, considering the daily changes in the field. In addition, clients are most likely to gauge your industry knowledge, and they'll do so by asking questions about the industry's trends and terms. So, you must be armed with trends and terms before interviews.

Sell your communication and social skills

React roles require that occupants possess effective communication and social skills, considering that they will work with many people. So, clients will consider your communication skills before hiring. Therefore, you must sell your communication and social skills effectively to your client.

An hiring manager interviewing a candidate who applied for a React job.

Have an understanding of testing tools and frameworks

React.js developers are to perform several tests: integration testing, unit testing, and end-to-end testing. HRs will test for your strength in these areas and will only pick preferred candidates familiar with specific testing tools and frameworks.

Be experienced in using version control systems

A definitive version control system is vital in building complex React applications. Hiring managers are keen on hiring React.js developers familiar with using version control systems to join their team. It will be better to sell your experience if you're familiar with the system.

Evaluate your other skills

A vast knowledge of React coding is crucial, but persons applying for React roles must have other valuable skills. Some examples are design skills, monitoring, and usability skills. Ensure you sell them while you are being interviewed.


We’ve carefully highlighted 10 websites where you can post React jobs to access experts for long and short-term projects. We, however, do not downplay the effectiveness of one-on-one interviews with individuals before hiring them.

Be sure to know your prospective teammate before hiring enough. Then, suppose you are challenged on how to go about this. In that case, please reach out to us immediately, and we will attend to you.


Q1. Is React JS a Good Career?

Yes, a React JS is a good career choice considering the several opportunities for a React developer. The tech space is increasing in demand for developers, and the demand for React developers has skyrocketed too.

The beautiful thing, however, is that learning React JS is not narrowed to only working with the skill. Instead, you can use its knowledge to learn other skills like front-end concepts and Javascript.

Q2. What job can I get with React JS?

You can get jobs in the entertainment, social media, dating, and eCommerce site as a React JS because you can build apps. You will hold apps like Netflix, Facebook, Tindle, and Amazon for these spaces.

Q3. Is React JS high paying?

For sure, React is high paying — the average salary of a React developer is $100,000 per year. However, the amount one will receive depends on one's expertise, location, and the company you are working with. A developer working from Spain might have a very different salary from someone working and paying taxes in Italy. Some companies pay higher than others, and places with a higher standard of living pay higher.


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