Platforms to Hire Freelance Flutter Developers

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November 25, 2022

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June 13, 2024

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Platforms to Hire Freelance Flutter Developers


Behind many tech startups or organizations’ successes is a competent Flutter development team helping with application deployment. Examples include Google, Tide, Twilio, AppFlowy, ClickUp, and ‍Toyota. These companies hired freelance Flutter developers, tapped into the fast-rising cross-platform development open source UI software, and scaled their apps from a single codebase.

Flutter is popular among tech startups and organizations because it's a cross-platform development framework. It enables you to build scalable apps regardless of the operating system (OS), which makes multi-platform app design and development cost-effective for your company. 42% of software developers used Flutter in 2021, as seen in the statistic below.

Over 1,000 apps uploaded on Google and Apple stores are built with Flutter, and there are also 25,000 packages in the Flutter package ecosystems, called Flutterdocs. Flutterdocs is comprised of many resources that could help your developers quickly build and design a cross-platform app without working from scratch since other developers have already built several packages/templates. You need to hire trusted hands, and so this post is for you.

Hire Flutter Dev Team or Freelancers: The Challenge

Some developers will share your dreams but underdeliver on their promises on marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. You may have been burned multiple times; and so have we – which is how we share in your pain. It's why we at designed a process that matches you with the top five industry talents within 72 hours if you tell us all your app dev needs.

There are many platforms to hire freelance Flutter developers. We'll group them under three sections:

  • Online job boards
  • Ask within your network
  • Find them on social media

Let's take a deep dive.

Platforms to Hire Freelance Flutter Developers

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Online Job Boards

Online job boards are the real platforms where you'd find experienced and above-average Flutter developers who stayed away from online marketplaces. They're where you can vet and hire Flutter dev teams for your project. Some of these platforms include:


Indeed has over 250 million active users across different industries. Having a well-designed job description here means your job post will gain massive traction with all its free users. Some of the advantages of using Indeed to find and hire freelance Flutter developers are:

  • You have access to applicants' resumes and email addresses
  • You can use the integrated calendar to schedule an interview with them, and
  • They can read your company reviews, which is good news if your company has great reviews.

Indeed charges between $0.10 to $5 per click on a sponsored post.


WeWorkRemotely is a job board that boasts 4.5 million visitors every month. It costs $299 a month to post your job ad and get visibility here. There's a job template that also makes it easy to fill in the job description for your potential Flutter dev hire.


If you prioritize flexibility for your employees, you can hire freelance Flutter developers on FlexJobs. They've over 300,000 serious freelancers using their job boards. The job posting is free, but you can unlock exclusive offers by paying a token for their membership fee. It costs between $9.95 per week to $64.95 per year.


For startups, AngelList is like the holy grail of the places where you can find and hire Flutter dev teams for your projects. It has 5 million registered users, connects talents with recruitment agencies, and can also connect you faster with talent. Some advantages include the following:

  • Your job post for a target-specific audience (location-based and years of experience)
  • Link your job post URL to your website, which makes it easy for potential applicants to educate themselves on your company before applying.
  • AngelList shows the recruitment officer's name, which helps applicants tailor their application to their specific needs.

Startups love AngelList, with one saying:

"AngelList Talent is better candidates, faster sourcing, less headache, and overall better results," but it costs $249 monthly.

Other platforms like Pangea will pair you up with the top five industry talents for free within 72 hours. You can submit your brief within 15 minutes for the easiest way to hire freelance Flutter developers today.


Forty-nine million people search for jobs on LinkedIn, which makes it one of the finest platforms to place your job ad. LinkedIn has massive professional data of millions of people, making it easy to

  • Target specific audiences
  • Gain results faster, and
  • Work with the lucky candidate after rounds of interviews and tests as your company deems fit.

LinkedIn charges about $10 (or more) depending on the duration and reach of your campaign. If these don't work, look into your network.

Ask within your Network

You'll always find someone to give you a heads-up if you're active in your industry. There are startup CEOs and CTOs like you within your industry but with different products who can make helpful recommendations. This is how many hire freelance Flutter developers without hassles, especially on LinkedIn.

In what's now called a "network gap," 70% of jobs are not publicized on either job boards or freelance marketplaces, and 80% of vacancies are filled through professional and personal connections. This means you can maximize your network to access freelance Flutter developers your colleagues have worked with before. This may even increase your confidence that they can handle your projects and increase your success rate.

There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Putting up your job post in an inner circle community of industry leaders who can refer you to a talent they've worked with
  • Sending messages to your colleagues or previous hires asking for Flutter developer recommendations
  • Speaking to your team members and asking for recommendations.

If you've tried this and still can't find the best hire for the money, you've got to find them on social media.

Find and Hire Freelance Flutter Developers on Social Media

Twitter, LinkedIn, and even TikTok are some platforms you can look at if you're seeking to hire Flutter dev teams for your projects. I recommend these platforms because:

  • They have data on Flutter developers. The average experienced developer and professional has the words "Flutter," "developer," or "Flutter developer" in their bio.
  • Flutter developers often create posts about their industry or their work. It's, therefore, easy to go through their feeds to see their thoughts about cross-platform app development, design, UI/UX research interests, or creative approaches to designing fluter widgets.
  • Some experienced developers also dedicate time to teaching beginners, and you can see their level of expertise through the depth of their training. Usually through their social media posts.

The latter is why TikTok is among the social media platforms on this list. It's where you can find videos created by Flutter developers about their unique designs or projects they're working on.

Some experienced developers are also technical writers. You only need to search for websites that publish technical articles. Check the bio of the authors whose articles you like on LinkedIn. Send a message to the developers you're interested in working with based on what they write on their feeds, their network (industry followers), or their experience (which you can quickly see on LinkedIn). You can work together if their skill set matches your needs.

If any of these processes seem herculean or haven't worked for you, circle back to us to tell us what you need, and we'll match you with the top five freelance Flutter development teams within 72 hours. After all, we know what it feels like to be burnt by freelancers multiple times, and we can change that narrative.


Q1. Can I get a job with only Flutter?

Yes, you can get a job with only Flutter as your skill, but it's cool to have other skills. Flutter frameworks are in-demand open-source software because you can design cross-platform apps through a single code. Besides, thousands of apps built through Flutter frameworks are launched on Apple and Google app stores regularly, so there's a demand to hire freelance Flutter developers by startups, tech, and e-commerce companies.

Q2. Is React Native better than Flutter?

Flutter is recommended if you’re already immersed in the Google software ecosystem. Flutter is excellent for multi-platform app development, while React Native is cool for mobile app development. While some say React Native is better than Flutter, it really depends on who you ask.  The most distinct difference is that Flutter has all its components on a custom canvas, while React Native changes Javascript components into native components. So we could also say Flutter is better because it has its component on its canvas; it's self-dependent.

Q3. Is Flutter in demand in Europe?

Yes, Flutter is in demand in Europe. There were 500,000 Flutter developers in 2020 since Google released the open-source UI software in 2017. That number should have doubled or tripled since there are now over 150,000 apps designed and built with Flutter frameworks on Apple and Google app stores, according to their Twitter. Presently, European app market revenue is projected to grow by 9.61% between 2022-2026, and since Flutter frameworks are more popular than other tools, the demand to hire freelance Flutter developers should increase.


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