Determine if Web Development Is a Good Career for You

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September 30, 2022

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June 13, 2024

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Determine if Web Development Is a Good Career for You


Could web development be a good career for you? As the 8th best job in tech, web development has seen sporadic upward market growth; making it a pretty safe and viable career option. If you're looking to delve into the space of web development, cracking the right resources will help you determine whether to settle for it as your career path. CompTIA discovered in a study how employment in the tech industry increased by 175,700 jobs, 46% ahead of 2021 — and 92% ahead of 2019.

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As you can probably see, choosing your personal path in tech gets tricky, especially when you're confused about what industry in such an expansive tech world fits you. To help ace your decision-making process, we’ve elaborated on ten resources you should invest in if you are contemplating settling on web development.

Web Development Necessities:


Acquiring an accomplished understanding of coding languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript is paramount as a requirement for hiring web developers. HTML and CSS have implementations that are in tandem with each other. They are standard markup languages used for web page creation and design. If you choose to become a front-end web developer, you should also understand the roles these codes play in creating websites.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) provides instructions on how a web browser should display data. While CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), working side-by-side with HTML, offers a structure and styling element that gives uniqueness to the look and feel of the website. JavaScript helps make the website dynamic and engaging by introducing interactive features.

Comprehension of these programming languages will prove even more helpful if you pursue a career in full-stack web development. As a full-stack web developer, you'd also have to learn back-end languages like Python, PHP, Ruby, and Java. CSS language is not entirely a necessity if you are stuck with just back-end web development

Libraries and Frameworks

Becoming a Web Developer demands you learn how to use libraries and frameworks. Both terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they mean different things.

Frameworks are a set of structures to be used by developers. On the other hand, the library is storage for reusable bits of code – offering flexibility to developers. There are about 10 best web development frameworks developers can use.

Libraries and frameworks are vital resources since they simplify and accelerate development. But you don't have to internalize all editions of libraries and frameworks. In most cases, the job role and requirements or projects help determine a suitable framework and library. Front-end developers need React, jQuery, Angular, Vue.js, and available front-end libraries. Back-end developers should focus on frameworks like ASP.NET Core, Express, Django, Spring, and Flask.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) practices help a website generate organic traffic and attract leads. This organic traffic is only possible if a website has a high frequency and ranks well across search engines. SEO is essential because it's a lead magnet for websites. After attracting potential clients, SEO also helps in lead conversion for websites and can significantly reduce how long it takes to generate revenue on the website.

Testing and Debugging

Testing and debugging is a trial and error approach that helps you find and fix bugs, errors, and glitches. As a web developer, you'd regularly test web pages to locate potential errors. If you find any, you'd have to troubleshoot using the debugging process. Testing and debugging are essential resources in any web advancement process, and your understanding of the subject and skill makes it possible to create functional websites.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a practical web design approach aiming to make a website responsive and usable across multiple devices regardless of screen or display size. Website creation comes with lots of peaks and ebbs, one of which includes understanding how responsive design works. It's an essential skill because, with it, you can build compatible websites for all available operating systems, web browsers, and desktops. It's easily one of the ways you can improve user experience on websites.


Web developers need to be able to take a critical and analytical look at a code to spot inefficiencies and errors. Analytics helps you produce more results and keep your website functional. Being analytical is not limited to website performance. It also enables you to understand the client's expectations, address subtle needs, and implement discussed solutions.

Back-End Web Development

The end user does not see most back-end development frameworks, but they are a critical part of web development. Back-end offers a usable framework or structure that helps interpret end-user actions into commands that web hosts and servers can understand. Users are often drawn to a website's front-end designs because they offer a user experience they can use and understand. But web development is nothing without the back end. Web developers must understand what it entails and how to navigate it. Front-end developers must work with back-end developers to build a website construct that's both usable and functional. And for things to work out smoothly, front-end developers should understand the rudimentary involved in backend development. Learning about server-side web languages like SQL and being quite familiar with cybersecurity practices is helpful.

Time Management

More than anything, people are always looking to save time. Any web developer that can adequately manage their time and cut straight to the chase would never run out of clients or tasks. Each stage has some time-consuming tasks, but being a good manager of your time would help you accomplish more in a short window of time.


Creativity in web development is not a straight jacket. It is helpful in many regards. Creativity contributes to the uniqueness and developer's ability to build functional websites.

Web developers can also use creativity when crafting programming code with unconventional top-level functionality. Many decisions must be creative and fresh, providing new narratives to existing regulations or programs.

Interpersonal Communication

Let's face it – every website developer will need to work with more than one client. Therefore, having strong interpersonal communication skills is a saving grace. Interpersonal communication skills are a means of being generally more expressive, which includes understanding body language as an active listening skill. Ultimately, it's the ability to help relate your ideas and solutions; and it's a well-kept secret to being successful as a web developer.

Is Web Development A Good Career?

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Answering questions like this is never cut and dry. Many variables add up to build statistics that address it. However, a few metrics can help you choose or decide just how good web development can be for you. However, one usable metric would be web development's annual earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly income of a web developer for 2021 is about $79,800.

Generally, web development can be pretty fast-paced and engaging. However, it provides a community that services the skill and minds of web developers.

What Does the Web Developer Career Path Look Like?

Often, a web developer's career path is in two beats. You can choose the way of job security and settle for a full-time position based on a salary, or decide to freelance and personally sort for projects or contracts. Each path comes with different responsibilities and job requirements.

For a full-time web development position, there's bound to be a collaboration with other developers and programmers who are part of a development team. Usually, you are working for a company or an agency. Since coding and web development skills are in high demand, it's not impossible to find full-time jobs. With growth and dedication, you can get promoted to a senior web developer, which usually attracts a six-figure paycheck.

Freelance web developers are limitless; they can create personal schedules and work on particular projects and offerings. This career path puts you in the driver's seat of your finance and clientele list. As such, it's crucial to own interpersonal skills and build lasting relationships with clients. Since there are no restrictions, you can work on multiple projects simultaneously, depending on why you can handle them.


The 10 resources listed in this article will determine the quality of your web development career. Having them in your arsenal gets you ahead of the flock and keeps you prepared for your first web development tech job. Web development is also a reliable career path, but if you still have questions, you may find the answers below.

Q1. Are web developers still in demand?

Since there's a drastic need for many businesses and startups to have good online representation, there's also a proportionate need for web developers.

Given how dynamic their job roles are and how much they cut across industries, web developers remain in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% job growth for web developers between the years 2019-2029

Q2. Is being a web developer a stressful career?

Many believe that a web developer career might be too stressful. The Bureau of Labour Statistics also projects that the industry might experience a 30% surge in job growth between the years 2021-2031, which is enough to significantly increase the stress associated with the competitive aspect of a web development career. However, there’s that old maxim that states “nothing good comes easy.”

Q3. Is being a web developer a fun job?

Web development offers a creative, and often fulfilling experience. However, it requires a lot of discipline and dedication to function within a team. So, it's only fitting to say that web development might be overall an exciting career, but it will not always be a fun job.


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