ChatGPT-4: How Does it Work? How Can You Start Using it?

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March 30, 2023

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March 7, 2024

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ChatGPT-4: How Does it Work? How Can You Start Using it?


Artificial intelligence has come a long way since its inception, and the development of language models has been particularly noteworthy. ChatGPT-4 is the newest addition that has created a buzz in the AI community. As a language model, ChatGPT-4 is designed to process and understand human language, and it has shown remarkable progress in terms of its capabilities.

In recent months, ChatGPT has been making headlines with its latest updates and predictions, which have surprised even the most seasoned AI enthusiasts. With its massive neural network consisting of over a trillion parameters, ChatGPT-4 is poised to set new benchmarks in the field of natural language processing.

One of the most surprising updates about ChatGPT-4 is its ability to generate human-like responses to complex queries. It has become so good at understanding and mimicking human language that it can write essays, stories, and even poetry. With ChatGPT-4, the line between human and machine-generated content is becoming increasingly blurred. It has also made significant progress in its conversational abilities, and can engage in meaningful conversations with users — providing insightful responses to their queries. This has enormous implications for the field of chatbots and virtual assistants, which the capabilities of ChatGPT-4 could significantly enhance.

As we look to the future, the potential of ChatGPT-4 is both exciting and daunting. With its ability to process and understand human language at an unprecedented level, it has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with machines. Whether it's improving customer service, enhancing educational resources, or providing personalized content, ChatGPT-4 could be the key to unlocking the full potential of AI.

What ChatGPT-4 Can Do That GPT-3 Can’t?

As the successor to the groundbreaking GPT-3, ChatGPT-4 comes packed with some incredible features that will take AI to new heights. OpenAI says “GPT-4 excels at tasks that require advanced reasoning, complex instruction understanding, and more creativity”. Here are some incredible features that make GPT-4 stand out from its predecessor.

More Creative and Collaborative

GPT-4 can generate, edit, and iterate with users on creative and technical writing tasks. This means you can use it to compose songs, write screenplays, or learn your writing style. Imagine having an AI assistant that can help you write your next novel or screenplay, and can even collaborate with you on the creative process. That's the power of GPT-4.

The difference in output between ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 from the same input.

Source: OpenAI

Handling Text Limit

ChatGPT-4 is capable of handling over 25,000 words of text, which opens up a whole range of new possibilities. You can use it for long-form content creation, extended conversations, and even document search and analysis. Imagine being able to search through massive amounts of text with ease, or having an AI assistant that can help you write a thesis or research paper.

All in all, GPT-4 is a game-changer in the world of language processing technology. Its advanced features make it more powerful and versatile than ever before, and it's sure to revolutionize the way we work and communicate.

Advanced Reasoning Capabilities: Accept Images As Inputs

Another incredible feature of ChatGPT-4 is its advanced reasoning capabilities. It can accept images as inputs and generate captions, classifications, and analyses. For example, you could give it a picture of a landscape and ask it to describe the scene or identify the objects in the image.

Additionally, with GPT-4's multimodal functionality, individuals can upload pictures, like a snapshot of ingredients (flour, butter, eggs, and milk), and obtain recommendations for delectable treats using these ingredients.

Generating text from Image input in ChatGPT-4, one of the latest features of ChatGPT-4

Source: OpenAI

This could be incredibly useful for industries like advertising, where companies need to quickly generate captions and descriptions for their visuals. However, it seems that this capability is not yet accessible to the general public, who are subscribed to GPT-4.

How Can You Access ChatGPT-4? Is it Free to Use?

Free Tryout: The easiest way for using ChatGPT-4 today is to try it out on Bing Chat, which Microsoft has integrated with GPT-4. Although some features, like visual input, may be missing, you still have access to the expanded LLM and advanced intelligence that GPT-4 offers. Keep in mind that Bing Chat has limitations, including 15 chats per session and 150 sessions per day.

Paid subscription: You can upgrade to ChatGPT Plus to access GPT-4 from here. After paying the $20 subscription fee, you can switch between GPT-4 and older LLM versions. To ensure you are receiving GPT-4 responses, look for the black logo instead of the green logo used for older models. Once you have access to GPT-4, using it is the same as using ChatGPT Plus with GPT-3.5. This includes the ability to fine-tune datasets for personalized results.

Organizations Building Innovative Products Using ChatGPT-4

Several organizations have already started utilizing the capabilities of GPT-4.

  • Duolingo: It is one such organization that has integrated ChatGPT-4 to enhance its conversational features. With GPT-4, Duolingo aims to deepen the conversation and provide more immersive language learning experiences to its users.
  • Be My Eyes: It is a visual assistance app for the blind and has also implemented GPT-4 to transform visual accessibility. GPT-4 allows the app to provide more accurate and reliable descriptions of images, thereby making it easier for visually impaired individuals to navigate the world around them.
  • Stripe: It is a technology company that provides payment processing solutions, and is using ChatGPT-4 to streamline the user experience and combat fraud. GPT-4's advanced language processing capabilities enable Stripe to improve its anti-fraud measures while also making the user experience more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Morgan Stanley Wealth Management: It has deployed ChatGPT-4 to organize its vast knowledge base. GPT-4's ability to process and analyze large amounts of data allows Morgan Stanley to streamline its operations and provide more accurate and reliable financial advice to its clients.
  • Khan Academy: It is an online education platform, that is exploring the potential of ChatGPT-4 in a limited pilot program. With GPT-4, Khan Academy aims to provide more personalized and adaptive learning experiences to its users.
  • The Government of Iceland: They have partnered with OpenAI to enhance GPT-4's ability to service low-resource languages. The partnership aims to create resources that could serve to promote the preservation of these languages, thus contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage.

What’s Next?

ChatGPT-4 continues to advance in its development, we can expect to see even more remarkable language capabilities and enhanced features. This includes potential improvements in areas such as natural language processing, context understanding, and dialogue generation. Additionally, as more organizations and individuals gain access to GPT-4, we can expect to see it being used in a wide range of applications, from customer service and chatbots to creative writing and language translation. Soon, the newest features of ChatGPT-4 like generating text with image input will be available for users.

As for updates, it is worth noting that there is still much to be discovered about ChatGPT-4, and ongoing research is likely to reveal new insights and capabilities. With the ongoing evolution of AI technologies, the possibilities for ChatGPT-4 are virtually limitless, and we can expect it to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with natural language processing. So, stay tuned for exciting updates and advancements in the world of ChatGPT-4.


Q1. Is ChatGPT no longer free?

ChatGPT still has a free version as well as paid version. However, it is true that due to the high demand for ChatGPT, there may be instances where the site experiences capacity issues, causing users to experience delays when generating content. This is because the model requires significant computational resources to generate responses quickly and accurately. OpenAI is constantly working to improve the performance and scalability of ChatGPT, but occasional capacity issues may still occur.

Q2. Can ChatGPT be detected?

There are tools to detect if the content is written by using AI but there is still no accurate tool launched yet. Although ChatGPT is highly advanced and capable of producing highly realistic and natural-sounding responses, it still has some limitations in terms of its ability to emulate human communication. Some indicators that could help to detect ChatGPT include repetitive or inconsistent responses, difficulty in understanding context or humor, and lack of emotional depth or empathy. However, it is important to note that these indicators may not always be accurate or reliable and that ChatGPT is continually improving, making detection more challenging.

Q3. Which countries is ChatGPT available?

ChatGPT may not be available in certain countries due to potential restrictions or bans on AI technologies. Countries such as China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, and Belarus, may have regulations or laws that limit or prohibit the use of AI models like ChatGPT. It's important to be aware of the laws and regulations in your own country or region before using ChatGPT or any other AI technology.


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