Best AI Softwares That’ll Boost Your Business’s ROI

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December 31, 2022

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March 7, 2024

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Best AI Softwares That’ll Boost Your Business’s ROI


Your business is probably missing out on profitable data-driven decisions if you're not leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is redefining many business processes – workflow, collaboration, sales strategy, etc. AI will replace many repetitive tasks handled by humans, and companies that are early adopters will be rewarded.

Businesses now leverage AI to facilitate personalized customer experiences, for instance, Netflix movie recommendations. However, there's still a huge potential for more incredible discoveries. This guide covers strategic ways AI is reforming the business sector and the top ten AI software to help you get started. We also included the pros and cons of each to ease your decision-making process.

An AI robot hand and a human hand pointing fingers at each other to establish a connection.

What is AI, and How Does it Transform The Business Sector?

Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems to comprehend data and perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. Although it is explicit that AI improves the quality of living, business models, and strategies, many business managers are still alienated from its benefits.

Here’s how AI is employed in the business sector:

  • It helps to mitigate human errors by using machine learning (ML) to make accurate and informed decisions.
  • Reduces cost of production and talent acquisition by automation and optimization of routines and tasks
  • Lessens the risk of cybersecurity attacks
  • Increases revenue generation by deploying data-driven sales strategies
  • It helps to predict offers to customers by using historical data to match a new piece of data to an identified group

10 Best AI Software That’ll Boost Your Business ROI

If you want to integrate AI into your business, we have compiled the top 10 AI software to help you get started. Let’s get right to it.

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Monday: Best for Project Management

Pricing: Free and paid plans ($8/mo)

If you're looking for a project management tool that will facilitate your work processes, keep you organized and improve collaboration between teams, then Monday is the right tool for you. It also helps to boost team efficiency and productivity.

Monday is also an advanced CRM (customer relationship management) software that allows you to manage all aspects of your customer data and sales process, giving you a holistic view of the database. The best part of using this software is that it allows you to integrate other work tools, such as Gmail, Mailchimp, etc., in one place.


  • Easy to mirror items through different boards
  • Allows up to 50 automation and integrations
  • Highly customizable templates
  • Quality customer service


  • Bulky items are harder to move between boards

Hubspot: Best for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Pricing: Free and Paid ($45/mo)

No business succeeds without establishing a sturdy relationship with its customers. Hubspot is a unique CRM AI software that enables business owners to manage customer relationships and marketing automation. Unlike other CRM software, the free plan contains almost all you need to get started with customer management.

Hubspot offers various tools to facilitate processes, manage campaigns, and track leads and performance. For instance, the Hubspot marketing hub (which comes with the paid plan) is your all-in-one shop for running marketing campaigns.


  • Has robust CRM features
  • The website is interactive and intuitive
  • It has good organizational features that reduce errors and time spent on tasks


  • There is no customer support on the free plan

TimeHero: Best Time Management Tool

Pricing: Free (for 14 days) and paid ($4.60/mo)

Managing workflows effectively is an uphill task, whether you're a freelancer or managing a large organization. Hiring a proficient virtual assistant doesn’t mitigate the possibility of human errors and is also costly. This is where TimeHero comes in. This cloud-based software uses AI to schedule tasks and automate project schedules at users' availability. Other unique perks of TimeHero include but are not limited to:

  • Zapier integration that allows apps to schedule tasks with TimeHero
  • Prioritize tasks in order of importance
  • Assigns daily tasks to team members that are constantly updated as requirements of the project change
  • Enable users to create a project template of repetitive tasks to streamline workflow


  • The UI/UX is flexible
  • It helps you to meet deadlines


  • Pricing may be costly for small business owners

Zendesk: Best For Customer Service

Pricing: Paid ($49/mo)

With AI, Zendesk collects real-time customer information in a centralized database. Customers can access faster, more effective, and personalized customer service via chatbots. These bots provide instructional guides, articles, or other resources that can quickly solve the customer's problems. With Zendesk, customer service agents can focus on more complex tasks instead of minor repetitive customer requests.


  • Allow business owners to provide omnichannel support services
  • Enables users to integrate other work tools


  • Beginners may find it difficult to navigate the website/app

Grammarly: Best Content Editing Tool

Pricing: $15/mo for one person

Does your company do a lot of paperwork and content marketing? Then your employees will thank you for this tool! Grammarly is a powerful content editing AI software that allows users to improve content flow and readability using advanced AI, ML, deep learning, and natural language processing. Although Grammarly isn’t failure-proof, it reduces errors and produces succinct, high-quality content that matches the brand tone.


  • Creates easy-to-read content
  • Simplifies ambiguous industry nuances


  • The free version is limited

Jasper AI: Best Content Creation Tool

Pricing: $29/mo

Jasper.AI is a powerful AI-powered writing tool that generates unique marketing content for social media channels, blogs, websites, etc. This tool can create content 5X faster than a human being! If you're a small or medium-sized business owner with a meager budget, you can invest in this tool to create all sales copies and marketing resources. Jasper AI uses advanced AI, machine learning, and NLP to analyze your requirements. With these technologies, marketing teams can create content that aligns with brand goals.


  • It can be integrated with voice assistants
  • Helps to overcome writer's block
  • Produces content in over 25 languages


  • It cannot be used for subject matter experts (SMEs) and long-form content

Netbase Quid: Best Consumer and Market Intelligence Tool

Pricing: Obtainable on contact

Consumer research is the foundation of a quality marketing strategy. Without this, brands can't penetrate the market and overtake the competition. This is where Netbase Quid comes in. With advanced AI, Netbase Quid processes billions of consumer insights from various networks, including social media channels, product reviews, the patent database, and blogs.

Coca-Cola, for instance, uses Quid to penetrate its target market and pull out actionable, accurate, and fast insights on its customers. With this tool, they could determine their customers' unique needs across different locations, understand their preferences, and how they consume their products.


  • Gathers frequent product updates based on user feedback
  • The app is very intuitive, with well-detailed visuals


  • It has a steep learning curve

Arya: Best For Recruiting Talent

Pricing: $995 for ten jobs/mo

Attracting and recruiting the best talent is critical in scaling your business revenue and ensuring its success. Thanks to Arya, brands and HR managers can streamline job applications, filter unqualified candidates and focus on hiring the best talent. Specifically, this AI software uses ML to identify similar sourcing patterns to separate qualified candidates using your current resume database.

Other perks of this AI tool are how it schedules a real-time interview with successful candidates, answers questions, and send follow-up messages.


  • It is user-friendly and affordable
  • Provides unbiased recruiting strategies


  • Workflows are not customizable

MarketMuse: Best Content Research and SEO Tool

Pricing: Free and paid plans ($12,000/yr)

Marketmuse is an AI content research and SEO Tool that scans millions of search results using ML, NLP, and natural language generation to discover the content that aligns with customers' search intent and search engines. This tool also analyses competitor content and provides recommendations on improving yours.


  • Helps to create optimized content briefs and outlines
  • Provides detailed suggestions that help to improve rankings on SERP.


  • It doesn’t provide deep keyword research like other SEO tools

Seamless AI: Best for Generating Sales Leads

Pricing: $147/mo

Seamless is an AI software that helps B2B companies to find accurate sales leads, eliminating the costs and mistakes of manual labor. This tool uses AI to crawl thousands of Web pages, collecting vital data on your prospect database.

Seamless AI is a search engine compared to other lead generation software, and users can constantly generate accurate information on sales leads. Sales professionals can use this tool to fill up sales lists, discover up-to-date customer information and focus on closing deals!


  • Allows up to 50 integrations on the app
  • Reduces time spent on collecting prospect data


  • With time, the website can become irresponsive
  • The contact information needs to be verified


Q1. What is AI used for in business?

AI is used to improve the business-customer relationship, detect threats and fraudulent activities, segment audiences for enhanced targeting, and many more. The global AI market size is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 38.1% from 2022 to 2030, according to Grand View Research. This points to one fact: AI isn’t an experiential technology for brands seeking to stay relevant.

Q2. What are the 4 types of AI?

The four types of AI, according to Benard Marr, are reactive, limited memory, theory of the mind, and self-aware AI. Let's discuss each in detail.

  • Reactive AI: This type of AI cannot learn or predict the future. It is programmed to deliver according to the data it receives. This implies that it'll perform the same tasks in identical situations. A perfect example is the Netflix recommendation machine.
  • Limited Memory AI: This is the most common type of AI we see today. It absorbs data from the past coupled with preprogrammed information to solve complex tasks. This AI is common in self-driving cars.
  • Theory of Mind AI: With this type of AI, machines can make decisions like human beings. They can understand and remember emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Although, research is still ongoing on how to develop this type of AI. An example of the theory of mind AI is Sophia, a humanoid robot created in 2016. She can process speeches and respond to conversations using NLP.
  • Self-aware AI: This type of AI only exists hypothetically and is predicted to be smarter than the human mind. Self-aware AI is the type of AI where machines can identify human emotions and theirs.

Q3. What is an example of AI in business?

A perfect example of AI in business is how it helps to track customer behavior and improve the success of marketing campaigns. For instance, Amazon uses AI to track customer spending behavior. This helps to determine how many units of products the customer intends to buy.


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