7 Troubling Concerns about Cyber Security Consulting Firms

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August 5, 2022

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May 6, 2024

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7 Troubling Concerns about Cyber Security Consulting Firms


In 2019, more than 43% of data breach victims were small businesses. By 2021, cyber security consulting firms were to account for well over 50% of budgets. As you can see, hiring the right cyber security service will be a tough nut to crack.

It compares to hiring a PHP developer. Unlike PHP developers, cyber security protocols operate 24/7 to arrest cyber attacks and guarantee company assets' safety and clientele information.

You need to ascertain the competence of the security firm you'll work with as you cannot risk choosing the wrong firm. Working with the right security service is imperative to your company's progress, and its sustainability depends on your choice.

Would You Need A Cyber Security Consulting Firm at All?

Categorically, repairing or resolving malware consequences in 2021 costs around $800,000. These are entirely avoidable costs and data breaches if, as a business, you have the right cyber security consulting firm to turn to.

Ponemon Institute report revealed how US companies lost more than $14.5 million to phishing attacks in 2021 alone. These attacks are far from over. They keep rising like tides. Surviving as a company requires critical security measures and proactiveness in your approaches to cyber security.

How Cyber Security Consulting Firms Help Your Business?

The right cyber security consultants usually have unique approaches to your company's security. While it's best to get out of their way and let them work, it is equally important to understand how they help your business, especially when creating a secure Android app or hybrid and cross-platform, and to understand what cyber security skills are vital to getting the job done. These must-have cyber security skills help you stay in business.

Ethical Hacking

On the 15th of July, 2020, Twitter got hacked, and in less than 3 hours, they lost $121,000. Hack cases aren't new. It happens to the best of companies. To prevent or resolve it, you need hackers of your own - ethical hackers who can test for, find, and fix software loopholes.

Your cybersecurity workforce should prepare to deal with any malware slippage proactively or reactively.

Network Security

The popular belief is that cyber security only deals with external and internal, malicious or accidental threats. Nothing could be further from the truth. An excellent and secured network is a lesson in helping your business prevent data loss by regulating your network access control. With cyber security, you can enact rules and policies that help you avoid vulnerability to any device with access to your network.

Cloud Security & Big Data Analysis

Extensive data analysis and cloud security are essential to cybersecurity. Big data analysis helps make sense of complex data trends and as due diligence to fetch errors within software or code. Also, since most businesses have already divested to cloud storage, having a team that can secure cloud data is the next best thing in your cybersecurity arsenal.

Patching and Software Management

Businesses that store big data on the premise of their personal data centers would regularly need to update their software by creating patches that resolve existing software issues by patching new solutions to already software stage storage. Patch and software management helps prevent malicious actors from attacking your software and cloud storage. It helps protect against possible vulnerabilities.

Soft Skills

Regarding cybersecurity firms, complex/technical skills are not the only skills you should seek. Skills like effective communication and patience are just as equally important. Most times, you'd need their expertise at an unpleasant time.

Working as a cybersecurity person requires loads of teamwork and collaborative work culture. That ensures that information is passed and effectively communicated.

Risk Management

A cyber security consultant needs a premium understanding of risk management than being tech-savvy or having a Flutter framework. He knows the best route and hoot methods if things hit the fence.

Generally, risk management entails having reliable strategies and unique approaches to address uprising security issues. These strategies should loosely involve: how a consultant can help you reduce the risk of an attack and how to sabotage and trouble if an attack has been successful.

There are other skills to look out for and several ways cybersecurity consulting firms come in handy. Finding all the answers would take too much of your company's time. You don't have to do it when you've got the proper cybersecurity consulting firms.

Save Company's Costs on Hiring Cybersecurity Staff

A third-party cybersecurity firm is always more cost-effective than hiring an in-house cybersecurity team. Presently, cybersecurity professionals and teams are “roof-high” expensive, and it's due to the high demand for cybersecurity professionals.

For small/medium-sized companies who can't afford the premium of hiring and retaining employees in a cybersecurity role, it's more intelligent and more advisable to hire a cybersecurity firm as it helps them save a lot more on fees, cost of hiring, health benefits and allowances for in-person hire.

Interest saving on cost doesn't rob you of quality as cybersecurity consulting firms offer just as excellent cyber protection services.

Why Should You Choose Cyber Security Firms?

Businesses have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to cyber security choices. These are not at all easy picks. But, there are two reasons why choosing cybersecurity firms is the best line of action.

Reduces Insurance Premiums

Cybersecurity firms provide a bird's eye view of associated risks with cybersecurity. Making it possible to reduce these cybersecurity risks alongside the insurance premiums associated with them.

In all, cybersecurity firms can help you avoid under insurance, as that leaves you vulnerable after an oversized breach.

Perform Audit and Backups

An in-house cybersecurity team can be many things but cannot operate as an individual body. They are subject to your company rules and do as they are told. On the other hand, a cyber security firm does what needs to be done to ensure the safety of your assets. This includes proper auditing and backing up files, which helps identify performance-related shortcomings.

Usually, a minute up-skill in these areas leads to massive turnovers and your company's productivity.


Regardless of your view, there are no straight-jacket answers to what cybersecurity is worth. But they can often, in an extended short, help save your business and protect your data and resources.

Q1. What is cyber security consulting?

Cyber security consultants help evaluate a problem, assess the potential risk, and identify the security issues that could have taken you by storm. It also provides a reasonable solution that helps your company fight against possible malware and defends the company network and computer systems.

Q2. What is a security consulting company?

Primarily, the responsibility of a security consulting company was to develop and apply practical security plans and policies. It takes it further by protecting an organization's assets and employees.

In many cases, Security Consultants may also be responsible for investigating security breaches and developing incident response plans. Generally speaking, typical duties for Security Consultants include the following: Investigating a client's assets to determine the level of security needed, designing security protocols, plans, and systems, and implementing security measures. They also need to coordinate with the rest of the security team and assign tasks as required.

Q3. What is Cyber Security Deloitte?

Cyber security Deloitte is a global leader in cybersecurity consulting. They primarily investigate exposure and cybersecurity risks. As elite consultants, they provide solutions and empower companies to help fight breaches and cyber attacks.


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