The Best Web Development Company in the UK: Here’s the List

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October 29, 2022

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July 3, 2024

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The Best Web Development Company in the UK: Here’s the List


Searching for the best web development company in the UK? We understand what you need. In the digital world, a company’s digital presence is integral to its success, and a well-created website is the pillar of that presence. A responsive and well-designed website is necessary to impact the audience and attract them to your services in the most accessible manner.

Therefore, a perfect website benefits from greater exposure, lead generation, brand awareness, and customer experience. However, it is quite challenging to build a perfect one, and that’s why some companies specialize in web development to ease your work and grow your business.

You won’t need to stress about finding those on your own because we have compiled a list of the best web development companies in the UK for you. So, here we go with the list of web dev UK companies, which includes their description, location, past clients, and industries they work for. Read on to find the right one for your business.

Moove Agency

  • HQ: London, United Kingdom
  • Founded: In 2010
  • Top Clients: Sony Mobile, Toyota, JLL

Moove Agency is a WordPress agency with a team of about 10 experts in web development. They also help with web design and UX/UI design services. Generally, their clients are mid-size companies and offer services like WordPress development, support packages, API integrations, code review, and web design.


  • HQ: London, United Kingdom
  • Founded: In 2010
  • Top Clients: MyTrees, Bulb, Foodstuff, Penso Power, MOTH

NEVERBLAND is a web development company in the UK (London). They assist with web development & design, custom software development, UI/UX design, and more. They work with industries like art, music & entertainment, medical, eCommerce, customer products, and services. In addition, they have received excellent feedback from their clients.

Neurons Lab

  • HQ: London, United Kingdom
  • Founded: In 2019
  • Top Clients: iplena, Essence Smartcare, Chordx

Neurons Lab is a globally distributed AI R&D company that helps deep tech innovators accelerate data-driven product development and launch. The team has expertise in fundamental sciences, full-stack AI/ML engineering, and product design. They operate within a proprietary delivery framework tailored to the innovation environment: fierce competition, tight timelines, little-to-none datasets, and the lack of novel solutions.

Angry Creative

  • HQ: Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Founded: In 2012
  • Top Clients: Biabed, Beano, Plan International

Angry Creative is a web agency that understands complex processes and tools. They offer web development services, specializing in WordPress and WooCommerce. They work with eCommerce and service-providing businesses. In addition, they work on every size of the project, from small to large.

Burst Digital

  • HQ: London, United Kingdom
  • Founded: In 2018
  • Top Clients: Convivia, Vivienne Westwood, Nomad, Clean Kitchen Club

Burst Digital is one of the fastest-growing web development companies in London. They offer web development services, including web design, graphic design, digital strategy, and more. Their reviews and client testimonials will convince you to work with them. Usually, they work with business services, eCommerce, hospitality and leisure, non-profits, IT, media, retail, and customer products & services.

Web Bureau

  • HQ: Belfast, United Kingdom
  • Founded: In 2005
  • Top Clients: Harry Corry, Floor Monster, Kingspan Environmental, Choice

Web Bureau is a web development company in the UK that also offers services like pay-per-click and web design for small and mid-size businesses. They also help with Search Engine Optimization for mobile and web, local search, and other methods.

Web Bureau was awarded Ireland’s Digital Agency of the Year, 2016-17. They are headquartered in the UK but also have an office in Ireland. They work with businesses that offer services and are in advertising & marketing, eCommerce, IT, hospitality & leisure, non-profit, and retail industries.

Tech Alchemy

  • HQ: London, United Kingdom
  • Founded: In 2016
  • Top Clients: TOAD, Ocean Bottle, MyBricks, Moviecoin

Tech Alchemy is an award-winning development studio that has a team of about 10 employees specializing in web development. It has two locations based in London and offers services such as UI/UX design, and mobile app & web development for small-size companies. Generally, they work with advertising & marketing, hospitality & leisure, real estate, financial, and customer products and services industries. Don’t forget to check out their reviews and feedback; you will be amazed.

3SIX5 Digital

  • HQ: Maidstone, United Kingdom
  • Founded: In 2016
  • Top Clients: The City of London Corporation, WWF, Generation Home

3SIX5 Digital is a Webflow & No Code agency that has worked with some of the greatest companies in the world. They work with multiple industries, including government or NGOs, financial technology, healthcare, and leisure services. Furthermore, they offer Webflow, design, marketing, and UI/UX services. You can also get an instant quote from them using a button on their home page.

Avamae Software Solutions Ltd

  • HQ: London, United Kingdom
  • Founded: In 2011
  • Top Clients: BetDSI, Clever, Strengthscope, Buyfair

Avamae is a software solutions agency offering excellent services to startups, SMEs, and enterprises. They focus on building everything around security, scalability, transparency, and ownership. They offer web and mobile development services to various industries, including automotive, eCommerce, education, finance, gambling, medical, GPS navigation & GIS, art & entertainment, and more. Avamae has worked with multiple clients and has received highly positive feedback from their past clients. It’s definitely going to convince you!!

Brave Bear Marketing Ltd

  • HQ: Hednesford, United Kingdom
  • Founded: In 2019
  • Top Clients: Automotive Addiction, Zzoomm, Komelon, NCMD

Brave Bear is an agency offering website development, web design, advertising, and social media marketing services. Their team has over 25 years of experience, and they have got you covered when it comes to complex web-build aspirations. Brave Bear works for multiple industries, including automotive, eCommerce, manufacturing, media, retail, and advertising & marketing services. Their work portfolio is enough to persuade your mind to work with them.


  • HQ: London, United Kingdom
  • Founded: In 2017
  • Top Clients: Pepsi Co, Holland & Barrett, Seatedly, Venturi Group

Laracle specializes in creating bespoke software solutions using robust frameworks. They work with various SMEs across sectors and offer web and mobile development, web and mobile design, complex software, and UI/UX design services. Working with Laracle is like bringing ideas to life that embrace innovation. The feedback from their past clients says a lot about them. Furthermore, they work with various industries, including eCommerce, finance, government, customer products or services, education, and art & entertainment.

Final Thoughts

At first, building or developing a website might look like a clear, straightforward thing that even a newbie can do. That’s too far from the reality where even good companies often fail to develop a high-quality website. Many unskilled developers begin developing a website immediately without attention to crucial details.

So, there are a few things to consider even after outsourcing it to a web development company in the UK. Ensure they understand your target audience, objectives, purposes, and design ideas that the website should satisfy. The best thing a web dev company can do is develop a website that is clear, simple, functional, and yet attractive & creative.

We recommend you focus on the past experiences of the companies. Looking out for someone with excellent experience in this sphere would be best. For more personalized support, you can tell us about your business needs and project, and we’ll match you with the one that can turn your idea into a touching reality.


Q1. Are web developers in demand UK?

Web developers are definitely in demand in the United Kingdom because many businesses rely on their website as their primary means of attracting customers and generating leads.

Therefore, they need their site to be well-designed, attractive, and functional which only a web developer can do. So if you're thinking about a career in web development, the UK is definitely a good place to start.

Q2. How much do web developers charge in the UK?

The average hourly rate for a web developer in the United Kingdom is between £10 and £100 per hour or between £70 and £750+ per day. The rates vary depending on the level of experience and expertise. Generally, the more experienced and expert the web developer, the higher the rate. Some web developers also offer packages that include additional services such as website maintenance, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. These services can add to the overall cost of the project.

Q3. How can I find web development companies in the UK?

You can  tell us what you need and we will connect you with the 5 best companies within 72 hours that fit your business needs. You can also search for specific keywords related to web development, such as "website design" or "eCommerce development” on Google. However, it can take ample time and that’s why we have a list ready in this article to find a web development company in the UK for you.


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