Hiring a Web Development Company: Everything You Need to Know

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May 19, 2023

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March 7, 2024

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Hiring a Web Development Company: Everything You Need to Know


Hiring an excellent web development company may seem like a huge challenge, but it’s a lot easier than it first sounds. Whether you’re looking specifically for a top .Net development company or you just want to put some feelers out there and see what’s available, this post will help you take your search to the next step and get the ball rolling. Carry on reading and we’ll help you determine what type of developer will best suit your project, the best way to find top-quality talent, and how to cultivate a natural rapport with your development team that will benefit you both.

Why do you need a web development company?

The first step in hiring a stellar web development company is determining why you need one in the first place. Are you launching a brand new project? Or are you improving an existing one? Do you have a deadline that the project must be completed by? What is the scope of the work and what are you expecting to get in return for your money?

For everything to run smoothly, you need to have a clear idea of what you want that you can convey to your chosen web development company.

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Required skills

One web development company isn’t the same as another. Each organization is made up of individuals with specific, specialized skills. It’s important you know what skills you’re looking for to complete your project.

Front-end developers

Front-end developers work on the front of your site. It’s their job to make sure users can interact with it easily. Some of the languages they work with include:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Node.JS
  • Angular 8
  • React.JS

Back-end developers

Back-end developers change the website’s architecture. It’s their job to make sure the website works smoothly with no errors. Some of the languages they work with include:

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • Java

Full-stack developers

Full-stack developers work on both the front-end and back-end of a website. Because of their skills, full-stack developers are often more expensive than front-end or back-end developers. But since they can take on both roles, it’s often cheaper to hire one full-stack developer instead of two developers that focus on either front-end or back-end.

In-house, freelance, or outsource?

Answering the previous question will help you decide whether you want someone from a web development company working for you as an employee, or a freelancer, or whether you want to outsource the project completely. Here’s a quick definition of each to help you decide:

In-house employee

Hiring an in-house web developer who is fully committed to your project is the most traditional option. When you hire an in-house employee, you’re responsible for the working environment, insurance, personal benefits, equipment, etc. This option is often only best for well-established businesses with large budgets.


There’s a vast number of freelancers that work for development companies, giving you plenty to choose from. It’s important to remember that when you’re working with a freelancer, you’re working with an experienced professional — but it’s almost certain they’re working on other projects for other clients simultaneously. Hiring a freelancer is a great balance that gives you access to top-quality talent for a reasonable rate.


Outsourcing a project to a highly-rated web development company is the most popular option today. Outsourcing allows you to hand over your complete project to an external company that will work on it until it’s complete. They generally work on a per-project basis and often dedicate team members to specific clients, so the same individuals will usually work on your project from start to finish.

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Your requirements

What requirements do you have for a web development company that are non-negotiable? Some things you may want to think about include:

  • Country in which they're based
  • Level of web development experience
  • Related qualifications
  • Tech skills
  • Soft skills
  • Price

Do you want a simple WordPress site or a complex independent platform? Highlight the requirements you’re happy to compromise on and the ones that are non-negotiable. This will make the next step easier.

Make a shortlist

With all this information at hand, start browsing through web development companies and make a shortlist of the ones you’d be happy to work with. While you can use Google to discover web dev companies, you may find it easier to use a third-party website that lists the best-rated Angular development companies, Java development companies, etc. Having all the information in one place could save you days of research.

Do research

When you’ve made your shortlist, review each of them in turn. Check out their website, browse their portfolio, and see how they compare to the competition. If you use a website like Pangea.ai to scan the best web dev companies, you’ll have all of this important information in one place.

Contact them

The last step in hiring an excellent web development team is to contact your favorites to determine whether or not you can work well together. Getting in touch with each firm will give you the chance to ask any questions that haven’t already been answered and find out if you’re a good fit for each other.

Web development company FAQs

Q1. How to hire a web development company

The best way to hire a great team is to use a trusted source like Pangea.ai which lists the top web development companies with a proven track record.

This way you can learn all the most important things about the company, see the individuals who make up the team, and read testimonials from previous clients. You can see how each company compares against others, exactly which services they offer, and even view important information, such as company handbooks and their recruitment strategy.

When you’ve got all this information in one place, it’s easy to make a well-informed decision and choose the best web development company that will deliver amazing results.

Q2. How do I hire the best web development company?

You need to outline your business needs, determine the skills you’re looking for, and compare them with a list of top-rated web development companies. Make a shortlist and contact your favorites to determine which is the best fit for your business and project. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  1. Determine exactly what your business needs for this project
  2. Work out what skills your ideal developer team needs to have
  3. Choose between an in-house team, freelancers, or an outsourced team
  4. Define your requirements that are non-negotiable
  5. Make a shortlist of the best companies
  6. Research your favorites by viewing their websites, checking out their portfolios, and seeing how they compare to the competition
  7. Contact a small number of them to determine which is the best fit

Q3. How much does it cost to build a site?

It can cost $2,000-$9,000 for a web development company to build you a small website, according to Forbes. But the work web development companies do is only one part of owning a website that you need to budget for. Other things you need to take into account include monthly or annual rates for a domain name, SSL certificate, website hosting, and theme or template, to name a few.

You can save money by building your website yourself. But the learning curve is incredibly steep and you may find that it costs more money in the long run. For a professional, up-to-date website that performs exactly how you want it to, it’s best to go with a professional web development company.


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