5 Reasons Why Companies Choose Bosnia and Herzegovina for IT Outsourcing

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April 7, 2022

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March 12, 2024

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5 Reasons Why Companies Choose Bosnia and Herzegovina for IT Outsourcing


Outsourcing to Europe is more popular and profitable than ever. According to Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey, 65% of companies who outsource do so in Europe. Countries in South-Eastern Europe are increasingly attractive to companies seeking to cut costs without sacrificing the quality of output.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the more interesting options as a business process outsourcing destination.

The level of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina is high, especially in key areas such as engineering and technology. The talent pool is deep and English is widely spoken. This lets businesses focus on more complex tasks with greater impact, such as innovation. The region’s appeal also stems from the cultural alignment and nearshore proximity to Western Europe.

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1. Quality Of Workforce and high level of education

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with a significant number of bilingual or trilingual highly educated professionals that have a strong understanding of western culture, both on a personal and professional level.

Although being a relatively small country Bosnia and Herzegovina’s educational system is highly esteemed and recognised internationally, while students undertake a broad range of studies, including the English language which is mandatory through the schooling system.

The availability of educated and competitive professionals, excellent IT infrastructure, a great geostrategic location, and inexpensive labor rates are just some of the strong points that make Bosnia and Herzegovina an attractive labor market.

2. Small Culture Gap

English is a standard in Bosnian schools, so our programmers usually use it very well. Also, a lot of software houses provide English courses to their teams. You shouldn’t be afraid of communication problems. To be honest, we probably watch more American and English TV series than local ones, so we have the western culture at the fingertips

3. Experienced Programmers

BiH has one of the best programmers in Europe. Regardless of the fact that it is a small country, the percentage of developers is very high and here you can find a large number of all types and levels of knowledge of IT professionals. When looking for the right destination, you should focus on finding the best software developers, and Bosnia can provide them.

Developers in Bosnia have a lot of experience working with German companies in working on large projects because of the trust that German companies have towards partners from this country.

4. Cost savings and high-quality code

Bosnia has one of the lowest labor costs among the European countries. You can find and hire highly experienced Bosnian developers at a lower price than almost all European countries. The average salary in Bosnia and Herzegovina is lower than in Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, etc.

5. Location

Bosnia’s strategic position is advantageous. It allows both clients and developers to find solutions in a quite short time. Outsourcing to Bosnia from Germany, Sweden, the UK, and Denmark means practically no time zone differences because it’s just one hour or the same time zone.

What’s more, Sarajevo, where Ankora is located, has a convenient location and can be easily reached by plane from the EU (1-2 hour flight) and USA (around 8 hours from the East Coast).

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Choose Ankora as your partner

If you are still struggling with the challenges of choosing a remote development vendor, we at Ankora will do our best to turn up with the most reasonable IT outsourcing or outstaffing solution for your business requirements.

Ankora has 5 years of experience in remote work and management of remote teams based in Bosnia and Herzegovina for clients in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, the USA, and the Middle East under an outsourcing and outstaffing model.

We know exactly how to ensure your business can continue to function optimally.

Explore how we work and deliver Agile software development teams, or drop us a line, and we’ll be more than glad to discuss your project.


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