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August 23, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Zoom In With Apzumi


BERLIN, Germany - With a commitment to great work and improving healthcare, Apzumi is illuminating MedTech solutions that will change the landscape of digital wellness. The legacy member of Pangea pulls focus to mobile and web app development that creates the best results for a brighter future. Zoom in on Apzumi today!

Zum, Zum

Apzumi was founded in 2013 in Poznań, Poland, and has since expanded to have satellite offices in the US and Germany, making their team an international powerhouse of experience. They focus on the quality of products rather than quantity, and their team balances reliability with innovation by keeping up-to-date with tech developments.

But don’t take our word for it; founder and CEO Łukasz Andrzejczyk attests to the team’s expertise:

“Apzumi is a software house that specialises in building software solutions for the Medical Industry. We cooperate with MedTech startups, helping them to create product strategy and to build MVPs, and with medical entities like hospitals or private clinics to build advanced data storage and data processing systems for them. The Multiple projects that we have created will convince you that we are ready to tackle the most challenging tasks in the healthcare software world. We are familiar with all the various functionalities of medical apps, wearable devices, data processing and security. Finally we have carefully combed through complicated legal documents, procedures and requirements. We know how to deliver a compliant and resilient system. We are looking forward to sharing our skills with you!”

Not just limited to medical tech, top clients of the veteran company include automotive titans Volkswagen AG and Audi AG, entertainment conglomerate Cineworld Cinemas, Duke University, and Bounty. Part of the Pangea universe since 2019, Apzumi earned a solid overall Pangea Score of 7.8/10.0, proving that the Polish healthcare experts are zooming along just fine!

Breakthrough Crew

With a team of 45 full-time employees who boast average seniority of 6 years experience, CEO Łukasz has nothing but glowing praise for his crew:

​Apzumi attracts creative, talented, and ambitious people aligned on our vision to become business partners for our clients. We focus our work on exciting projects that are full of challenges and new technologies. We strive to work in a transparent & comfortable environment, with a team that is passionate about what we do.”

Above all else, Apzumi values proactive attitudes, transparency, and working in partnership, so it should come as no surprise that their first-year retention rate clocks in at 90%. During our employee surveys, the company scored highest in Advocacy (7.5/10.0) and Wellbeing (7.4/10.0), with a Pangea Team Health Score of 7.0/10.0.

Some Apzumi employees reluctantly posing for a group shot

The Buzz

Having been in business for eight years and completed over 80 projects, Apzumi works with a variety of companies, ranging in size from seed and Series A startups to full-blown enterprises and corporations. They host week-long hackathons to help startups and innovation hubs to bring MVPs to agencies, fostering work that will filter into new applications across the board.

Hector Gomez Espinosa, CEO of telemedicine platform Gubler, says of their MVP development process for startups:

“Apzumi was definitively a great enabler for Gubler to start our project and bring our prototype to life.”

CTO and Co-Founder of banking and FinTech app Rewire Saar Yahalom had even more effusive praise for the app developer:

“Rewire used Apzumi as an outsourced developer of our mobile application. We saved time and money by using them as experts in UI/UX design, application development (both front-end and back-end), and full-stack design and implementation. We highly recommend them, and will certainly look to use them again for our development needs.”

In the early parts of the development process, Apzumi provides top-tier support; Ella Flicking, product manager at Cineworld Cinemas, extols their ease of access and expertise:

“Although we’re still working with the initial project engagement - Apzumi have been flexible and accommodating with the technical challenges Cineworld Cinemas has experienced internally. Overall we have a good working relationship. I’m in regular contact with PMs and our tech developers are comfortable discussing issues directly with Apzumi’s technical lead, as well.”

Even Duke University, one of the top research facilities in the world, has high praise for Apzumi from Sophia Smith, Associate Professor at the Duke School of Nursing:

“Lukasz and his team (specifically Sebastian) have been extremely responsive to my requests and his products are of the highest quality. My research team at Duke University intends on using Lukasz’s company for all of our future IT-related projects. We thank them for their ongoing support!”

Although they often focus on the health, wellness, and fitness industries, Apzumi is by no means limited to one area; in addition, they have completed projects for consumer goods providers, developed apps for automotive enterprises and industrial automation, and streamlined platforms for insurance companies. Their Pangea Client Insights Score of 8.6/10.0 is bolstered by their Tech Expertise score of 9.1/10.0 and a chart-topping Project Management score of 9.3/10.0!

Apzumi reps taking a breather from a packed conference

Data Zip

Although Apzumi is primarily focused on SaaS and mobile and web apps for medical use, they have also successfully expanded into virtual and augmented reality software with Apzumi Spatial. With the augmented reality headset and holo-lens, automotive workers can view the inner workings of a vehicle from outside, allow trainees to simulate working with parts safely and precisely, and determine logistics of specialized parts containers. Their packed technology stack comprises Java, Spring, Angular, Swift, JavaScript, MySQL, Apache Tomcat, Docker, AWS, and Unity, enabling the company to fulfill a massive array of tech needs.

Most recently, the company partnered with Global Second Opinion, a telemedicine platform developed for cancer patients and their families to seek second opinions and treatment options internationally in addition to their local oncologists, with support from Harvard-affiliated cancer centers. Apzumi was involved from the very beginning, working out data anonymization in accordance with international medical privacy standards like HIPAA and GDPR, large-file sharing for test results, and integrating professional medical translators. They started in the early stages with a design workshop, moving through prototyping and development stages into the launch, offering ongoing maintenance as the user base continues to grow.

With all the savvy of a highly experienced team and a dedication to innovation across many industries, Apzumi can handle even the most complex of projects! If you are interested in working with a company that values sharing their expertise, proactive collaboration based in partnership, and taking responsibility for quality and the final product, visit their engagement page at Pangea today to connect with them! In closing, we hear from CEO Łukasz once again, who describes the company’s drive and ambition:

“At Apzumi, we build digital solutions that exceed expectations and empower businesses. We use new and mature technologies, delivering innovative products and services that improve capabilities, save costs, and create growth.​”

Take this member of the Pangea family out for a spin!


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