Anything But Droid: Lloyds Digital Brings Your Project To Life

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June 30, 2023

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March 13, 2024

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Anything But Droid: Lloyds Digital Brings Your Project To Life


BERLIN, Germany - Croatia's top-tier digital agency Lloyds Digital is here to transform your digital dreams into reality. They're top-notch digital artisans with a tenacious team that thrives on challenges and weaving seamless customer journeys across digital landscapes. This agency is guaranteed to animate and awaken those digital projects you’ve been sitting on for too long!

Rise of a Digital Dynamo

Founded in 2014 and hailing from the scenic town of Labin, Croatia, Lloyds Digital is a potent force in the realm of digital solutions. The digital agency joined the Pangea universe in 2023 and meticulously crafts mobile applications, custom-made software, web applications, and brands. Their award-winning services range from strategy development, UX/UI design, and branding to mobile and web applications.

Imbued with an ethos of creativity, dedication, and effectiveness, Lloyds Digital has earned the respect and trust of top-tier clients such as TP Line, Gligora, and Meneghetti. The company's passionate dedication to problem-solving is aptly encapsulated in the words of its CEO Domagoj Ostović:

“Once we understand what you’re dealing with, our team of designers and developers hit the problem. Hard. Throwing all of our skills, knowledge, and resources at it..."

This passion and commitment are reflected in Lloyds Digital’s outstanding Pangea Score of 4.6/5.0. The agency boasts an impressive list of awards and recognitions, asserting its quality and dominance in the industry. In 2022, the company received multiple accolades, which are listed on their lively website. In entrusting Lloyds Digital with your digital needs, you are partnering with the best.

A Kaleidoscope of Talent, Wit, and Warmth

4 employees are relaxing in the kitchen over drinks. One of them is wearing an animal mask and the others are laughing

Balancing a spirit of work and play while away from the desk

At Lloyds Digital, you'll find a vibrant team of 30+ experts, wielding skills in UX/UI design, database architecture, development, and performance optimization. They're a bunch of wall breakers, unafraid to topple tradition with their innovative digital tools. A first-year retention rate of 93% show that once you join the Lloyds Digital family, you're very likely to stay. A smashing 4.8/5.0 overall Team Health score is proof of their commitment to their team’s Wellbeing (4.7/5.0) and Satisfaction (4.6/5.0). Mid Mobile app developer Masimo Orbanic, enthusiastically speaks to this:

“A good atmosphere in the office and challenging projects keep me in the company. Also people in lloyds are fun to work with.”

High fives all around for a stellar Peer Rapport (4.8/5.0) and Personal Growth score (4.8/5.0) – a testament to the agency’s belief that communication is key and friendships at work make every challenge easier. Project Manager Vedrana Ruzic speaks to the excellent Management Rapport score (4.85/5.0):

“Every person is individual and we as project managers need to have specific communication with people and team[s]. The most challenging of course is to combine happy people and happy clients.”

In her role as Communications & Partnerships Manager, Lelys Hrvatin Jugovac emphasizes the importance of cultivating strong relationships with partners and sponsors:

“[In] my role…I am dedicated to ensuring that…all partnerships are managed efficiently and effectively.”

Lloyds Digital scores big in Feedback & Recognition (4.7/5.0) and Advocacy (4.75/5.0) too, highlighting a culture where every voice matters. Lloyds Digital isn’t just a team, they’re a close-knit digital family.

Loyal Encore Clients

Lloyds Digital boasts a diverse client base across various industries, including Travel Tech, Retail Tech, Health Tech, Creative Media, and Food Tech. Praised for their professionalism, creativity, and helpfulness, the team consistently delivers exceptional results, as reflected in their glowing testimonials. Client Matteo Moscarda summarizes the agency’s strengths:

“Very professional, creative, and helpful.”

This sentiment is enthusiastically echoed by a project manager of another client:

“Lloyds has a…very passionate and skilled team ready to help at every step of the project. They were…always willing to listen and acknowledge our wishes.”

These testimonials, coupled with a formidable Pangea Client Insights Score of 4.5/5.0, reveal a clear picture of Lloyds Digital’s unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Their proficiency is evident in their perfect score in Tech Expertise (5.0/5.0) and high scores in UI/UX Design (4.65/5.0) and Project Management (4.65/5.0).

The team's commitment to a smooth Customer Journey (4.35/5.0), Quality Assurance (4.35/5.0), Documentation Level (4.35/5.0), and Business Maturity (4.35/5.0) and Process Maturity (4.35/5.0) rounds out their impressive ratings. Lloyds Digital is indeed a partner of choice for organizations seeking a youthful, passionate, and highly skilled team.

Cutting-Edge Tech Magic at Its Best

Two female employees are smiling at each other while seated in front of their laptops

Collaboration is key to a successful working environment

Lloyds Digital is full of tech superheroes equipped with a solid tech stack that includes HTML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, Laravel, PHP, React Native, TypeScript, and MySQL. They’re acing the art of both frontend and backend development, whether it's conjuring up a snazzy mobile app or crafting a killer website.

One such mobile app is the TP Line app, developed for one of the largest tour operators in Croatia. The app facilitates easy ticket purchasing and enables passengers to share traffic conditions. The app, built using Laravel PHP for the backend and React Native for the mobile app, offers a modern solution to enhance the passenger experience in coastal transport.

And they're not just code charmers! Their top-notch skills extend into QA & Testing, Project Management, Mobile Development, Frontend Development, and Backend Development. Lloyds Digital brings the latest tech to the table, with a dash of pizzazz and dedication. They’re ready to help bring your digital project to fruition, so don’t hesitate to contact us for the next steps!


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