Stage Coding Is All The Rage

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June 15, 2023

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June 7, 2024

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Stage Coding Is All The Rage


BERLIN, Germany - If you’re looking to develop an innovative, functional and sleek modern web or mobile app — look no further than Stage Coding. A software development company led by passionate developers, Stage Coding is committed to making quality products that make an actual difference in this technology-ridden world. We’re excited to open the curtains and introduce our sensational vendor, Stage Coding.

Stage’s Beginning Stages

Headquartered in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stage Coding was founded in 2020 and we enthusiastically onboarded them in 2023. The company offers a comprehensive array of full-cycle mobile and web app development services that include addressing design and product strategy, measuring performance and growth, researching and prototyping, and designing aesthetically satisfying apps through UX design and brand design.

Stage Coding collaborates with clients at all stages – no one is left alone on an empty stage, no matter how complex their product or desired solution is. As with any satisfying denouement, Stage Coding brings all the threads of the project together for a brilliant end product. Top-tier clients such as CalCon Mobile, Usefuze, and ThePrehabGuys can attest to this.

With an Overall Pangea Score of 9.1/10.0and company values such as Collaboration, Agility, Creativity, Customer-centric, and Passion; Stage Coding consists of a remarkable team with a well-rounded ethos that will not disappoint you.

Code of Collaboration

6 employees (4 facing camera, 2 with their backs to us) are chatting over a meal.

Team Bonding Over a Meal

A highly impressive Pangea Team Health Score of 9.5/10.0 is not surprising to those who work at Stage Coding. With 13 full-time employees, the team has been slowly expanding with the same goal: to deliver quality products and services with transparency, commitment and passion.

Mobile Developer Benjamin speaks to the company’s fantastic Management Rapport (9.8/10.0) and his overall Satisfaction (9.3/10.0) working at Stage Coding:

“The company provides ample training and resources…I've benefited from mentorship and guidance from more experienced team members who have helped me grow as a developer.”

Stage’s nourishing and supportive Peer Rapport (9.7/10.0) is essential for Mobile Developer Zerina’s Well-being (9.4/10.0) at the company:

“Collaboration is also a crucial aspect…By working closely with my colleagues and clients, I have been able to develop strong communication and interpersonal skills.”

Software Engineer Ajdin is one of many employees who love the company’s Culture (9.6/10.0) and the importance placed on Personal Growth (9.7/10.0) opportunities:

“I [am] impressed by the team's collaborative and supportive spirit, as well as the emphasis on work-life balance. What has kept me at the company is the opportunity for growth and development.”

A Company that Sets the Stage

To provide quality products and services, Stage Coding focuses on cultivating solid, long-term relationships with clients, who are mainly from the following industries: Apparel & Fashion, Financial Services, and Hospital & Health Care.

The company’s creative strategies are executed with enthusiasm, integrity and dedication. Based on the remarks below, Stage Coding rightfully earned an excellent Client Insights Score of 8.6/10.0.

Aida Makas, the founder of Ark International, illustrates the company’s solid Tech Expertise (8.8/10.0) and Project Management (8.8/10.0):

“They are very professional, [with a] high level of communication, project management, commitment and technical expertise. Recommending Stage Coding to my business network.”

Echoing the enthusiasm, Michael Lau, the Founder of The Prehab Guys LLC sings high praises for the UI / UX Design (8.8/10.0) and his overall satisfied Customer Journey (8.8/10.0):

“Stage Coding has the utmost experience with Flutter development…they were finally the team that got it right and was able to allow us to launch our product successfully!!”

Technology That Cracks The Code

2 employees are looking at a computer and working.

Diligent Work at the Office

Stage Coding leverages the latest, most exciting technologies – a surefire indication of a bright future for the company (no stage lights needed!) Their main tech stackconsists of Flutter, Firebase, JavaScript, React.js, Java, and Node.js. The technologies used are contingent on the project’s needs as well as team availability. A blend of new technologies, as well as trusted older technologies, are combined to serve up the most advanced products and solutions for clients.

Stage Coding is best suited for engagement types such as New Product Development and Support And Maintenance. They typically work with Backend Development, Frontend Development, MVP Development, Project Management, Prototyping and Proof of Concepts, as well as Web Development.In backend Cloud development, team members work on building scalable infrastructure using Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, to name a few examples.

One notable project is the speed reader app Stage Reader, which enables users to read up to three times faster by training the eye. Words are displayed in the center of the screen, which eliminates the distance the eye has to travel and allows one to read more and faster. The time saved by reading enables users to focus on other matters they might have neglected in the past.

Like watching a brilliant performance at the theater, working with Stage Coding means being part of an interactive, colorful collaboration that will help you turn the next page on your project. If you would like to get started, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about how to proceed with this stunning company, where the top-notch show never ends.


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