For Digital Solutions, Expert Network is a Catch

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February 27, 2023

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June 7, 2024

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For Digital Solutions, Expert Network is a Catch


BERLIN, Germany - Finding digital solutions with the precision of a fine mesh net, Expert Network is excited to meet your web, mobile or business application and cheer on your creative vision through development, design, and maintenance. “Dream Big. Think (C)loud” reads the banner on a few of their social media pages. There’s a plethora of praise we have for Expert Network and their impressive cloud of work. What follows is but an excerpt of what the visionaries at this company have done and what they can do for you!

Dreaming Big. Thinking (C)loud.

Helping clients ideate and actualize their visions since 2004, Expert Network is a network of ICT (Information and Communications and Technology) companies that excels at finding top-tier end-to-end digital solutions for clients. We knew the company was a catch when we onboarded them in 2023. With headquarters in Iasi, Romania, and an additional office in Antwerpen, Belgium, the company bridges together ideas, people, and technology in a symbiotic way – to date they’ve delivered over 120 projects in almost 20 years. With modest beginnings, the company started in a 3-bedroom apartment with the first 3 employees who worked as the client sat behind them.

As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Azure & AWS Specialist, as well as a company that works with an Agile & DevOps Mindset, Expert Network sets itself apart from the rest. They rightfully earn their fantastic Overall Pangea Score of 8.2/10.0 with their all-inclusive services include Software Development, Cloud Solutions, Ideation, Design and UX, DevOps, Software Architecture, and Quality Assurance. Top clients such as Customer Care 4 All, Carconnex, and Workero are just a few of Expert Network’s clients, which come in all sizes – from small businesses to large corporations.

Company Values in Action

A Network of Excellence

A team of autonomous and multi-disciplinary aces, the 100+ employees at Expert Network have a First Year Retention Rate of 95%, which is just one characteristic that explains the company’s solid Team Health Score of 8.5/10.0. About 45% of employees have been working in the field for more than 5 years. The company is also enthusiastic about its interns, who get the hands-on opportunity to work in 9 editions of Full Stack .NET internships and 6 editions of QA internships alongside the rest of the team.

Business Development Manager Alex speaks fondly of the Management Rapport (8.5/10.0) and opportunities for Personal Growth (8.9/10.0):

“My work is rewarding because I have a dynamic role. I get to interact with a lot of people, work with all tech layers, start new projects, and take on various challenges. As part of the leadership team, I contribute to the company's future and to the decision-making process and my input is valued.”

Here’s a company where passions have turned into careers and one can be appropriately challenged in a flat organizational structure. Additionally, the office boasts a pool in their backyard – they know how to work under heat and cool off to celebrate! HR Generalist Sabina shares her Satisfaction (8.2/10.0) with the company’s Culture (8.5/10.0) as well as her sense of Wellbeing (8.7/10.0) which is fostered by the wonderful Peer Rapport (8.6/10.0) easily available to her:

“The people here are warm, smart, open-minded, and real… I've also found very interesting perspectives that made me reassess my assumptions. I've been impressed by how analytical and curious my colleagues are. And I like that we are all different, with unique traits, passions, and peculiar hobbies.”

Relaxing by the Famed Office Pool

Discipline Lead for Mobile Development Andrei appreciates the Feedback & Recognition: (8.6/10.0) which he feels is aplenty at the company:

“The management encourages me to have a high impact at the company level, providing me with the right tools and proper channels for this. Expert Network supported my growth from developer to department lead, each step of the way.”

Clients: Expert Network is a Catch

Regarding the company’s mission, CEO Vlad Pitaru says:

“Expert Network's mission is to solve digital problems through tailored and innovative solutions. To drive our partners’ success stories, we work hand-in-hand, listen to their pains, needs, and future goals, to define the winning strategy together.”

Clients come from a variety of industries, the main ones being: Automotive, Banking, Entertainment, Education Management, and Financial Services. Many of them have been working with Expert Network for over a decade!

Alert to and well-versed in their clients’ needs, employees build a reliable roadmap to tackle every assignment in a collaborative way. Cees de Jong, the CEO at CONTACTCENTER4ALL, speaks highly of the company’s Process Maturity (8.0/10.0) and his Customer Journey (9.0/10.0):

“Expert Network is very people-oriented, has a number of outstanding developers and very mature processes. They are easy and pleasant to work with and flexible in adapting to customers’ needs. They prefer quality over quantity.”

With their excellent attention to detail, the employees at this company are careful not to let mishaps slip through the net of their client’s projects. Bjorn Ielegems rates Project Management (8.0/10.0) as one of Expert Network’s strengths. As the Project Manager at DP World Antwerp, he knows when projects are handles skillfully and thoroughly:

“Working with Expert Network gives you good value for money. They are no-nonsense to work with and take proper ownership over the project.”

No matter what services you need or your level of knowledge about software development, know that the team will place a premium on clarity and transparency when it comes to communicating with you.

Big Fish Come To Their (Digital) Net

The Expert Network team is a net(work) full of professionals who know the latest technologies and practices that mesh well with the demands of any project. They’ll make use of their impressive tech stack for a tailored approach to each unique client. Their most frequently used technologies include .NET Core, ASP.NET, Microsoft Azure, React.js, Laravel, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, React Native, and Cypress.

Expert Network works mostly within the following domains: Autonomous Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Chatbots and Cloud Computing. If you collaborate with Expert Network (and we hope you will!), know that they are best suited to New Product Development and Team Augmentation.

One fascinating project Expert Network has worked on is Psihoprofile, a psychological assessment and counseling platform that was built using the following technologies:, VB and jQuery. This project has allowed psychologists and HR specialists to carry out evaluation services in a simplified, efficient and automated manner that saves them from getting caught up in detailed, administrative work. As a result, more patients can be seen and assisted from this much-needed streamlined platform.

Company values such as Collaboration & Trust, Passion, Reliability, and Respect & Integrity beautifully outline the ethos by which Expert Network functions. When in doubt about the shape of your vision, the team acts as a gentle yet driven guide for any fears or doubts. Expect the best digital solutions with Expert Network, an amazing catch in the sea of software development companies and one to whom we’d be thrilled to introduce you.


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