Your Roadmap to Success With AtlasApps

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October 28, 2022

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June 10, 2024

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Your Roadmap to Success With AtlasApps


BERLIN, Germany - We’re here to put AtlasApps on the software development map! This savvy company creates quality digital products with an ocean of solutions and technological wisdom and care. We’re laying out the grid of AtlasApps, where consultants and developers provide the digital compass needed for your project to succeed!

Mapping Out AtlasApps

Headquartered in Wroclaw, Poland, AtlasApps has been in operation since 2018 and joined our community in 2022. With over 20 full-time employees, many of whom have been in the IT industry for over a decade, the company collaborates with a diverse spectrum of clients ranging from startups and global brands to enterprise-level businesses. Developers and consultants work with other top professionals and embark on new and existing projects in addition to working with other development teams. Top-tier clients of the company have included, and to name a few.

Numbers and data points can map out a well-trodden path and AtlasApps’ statistics illustrate a path of impressive success! Since its inception, AtlasApps has worked with over 50 clients and finished over 50,000 hours of work for over 100 contracts. A few projects have been worth more than $100 million while dozens have been worth over $10 million. AtlasApps also boasts a fantastic 9.4/10.0 for their Overall Pangea Score (an average of the Team Health Score and the Client Insights Score).

Any team member will tell you that shared success is the best kind of success and with company values such as Hard Work, Honesty, Transparency, Dedication, and Trust, it’s easy to see why this company is thriving! Their ethos lends itself to repeat clients who are encouraged to get as involved as they want to during the transparent and streamlined development of their product or project.

An Agile and Egalitarian Team

The team at AtlasApp can tell you that no day resembles another! Each day is an adventure full of freedom, collaboration, discoveries and camaraderie that lends itself to an excellent Team Health Score of 9.2/10.0.

4 employees are standing around a lunch table with colorful dishes. Two are talking to each other and the other two are getting food.

Team Members Chatting during a Food Adventure

Lead Project Manager Eugeniu beamed about the Wellbeing (9.2/10.0), Satisfaction (9.3/10.0), Culture (9.2/10.0), and Feedback & Recognition (9.2/10.0) opportunities at AtlasApps:

“A great agile environment that provides a lot of opportunities to take part in different product development. A great team of professionals helps you grow and see how your input into delivery makes a difference. The excellent company culture and care of the team, as well as care about the customer, make me believe this is a great place to work.”

Lead UI/UX Designer Lara also remarked on the culture of care, praising the Peer Rapport (9.3/10.0) and Personal Growth (9.3/10.0) she has experienced there:

“I am lucky that I work with responsive people who are ready to answer all my questions if I need to. The developers on my team told me a lot about the technicalities of translating design into code. This allowed us to optimize the processes associated with the design. Long communication with business analysts allowed me to improve my UX skills. Each new project is a challenge, and by taking on it, I open up the possibility of learning something new.”

What sets AtlasApps apart from other software development companies is that it is self-governed with no hierarchy or C-level management. This ensures a safe, democratic environment in which all employees are treated well and respected for their work, not their position or salary. Decisions are made collectively regarding the direction of the company and which industries, clients, and technologies to collaborate with.

Fellow Lead UI/UX Designer Bohdan attested to this Advocacy (9.3/10.0), freedom, openness, and ease with which his voice is heard at AtlasApps:

“I like to work closely with product managers and receive feedback from a client, as it is important for me to clearly understand where we are moving and what problems we need to solve for the client. I am glad that independence and curiosity are valued here, there are no restrictions on the choice of tools, and I can safely propose and discuss options that I see appropriate for solving certain problems.”

Clients: AtlasApps is a Legend

AtlasApps scored a fantastic 9.6/10.0 for their Client Insights Score, proving their legendary status among global clients. Employees pride themselves on working with not 100% but 101% transparency in industries such as Education Management, Financial Services, Food Production, Gambling & Casinos, and Hospital & Health Care.

Stewart Rasmussen, the CEO at Syncly, lauded his Customer Journey (10.0/10.0) and the UI/UX Design (9.3/10.0) of the product AtlasApps helped create:

“The team at Atlas has a LOT of pride in their work. We gave them very little guidance, and asked them to take initiative. In the end, they designed something that we constantly get great feedback for. It’s unreal how much passion they put in!”

Client F.Z. applauded the momentum AtlasApps inspired in the throes of Project Management (10.0/10.0) and the Quality Assurance (10.0/10.0) that ensued:

“Atlas has been exceptional in delivering high-quality resources to grow our development team on very short notice, allowing us to push projects forward where otherwise we would stagnate in the progress made.”

Trusty Terrain of Technology

8 employees are gathered around a laptop as one employee shows their work.

The Team’s Territory of All-Things-Tech!

With AtlasApps, you can trust that their Tech Expertise (9.3/10.0) goes above and beyond to create premiere products that both the team and clients are equally thrilled about! Within their tech stack, AtlasApps’ most frequently used technologies are Flutter, Java, Kotlin, Node.js, PHP, React Native, React.js, and Swift. This fast-track company works mainly within the domains of Crypto & Blockchain, Design (UI/UX), Mobile, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Web Apps. Their strongest suits include New Product Development and Team Augmentation among other technological terrains.

One of AtlasApps’ recent projects, Collector Crypt, aims to change the world of collectibles by allowing users to digitize and trade real-world collectibles. The project’s development was a success from ideation to the final product, largely due to the diligent and collaborative team that fostered a friendly environment to work within.

With AtlasApps, you can move forward knowing that AtlasApps has the terrain and contours of your project ideas and questions covered. Contact us and we’d be thrilled to help get your quest started!


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