Write the Future with Code Poets!

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November 4, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Write the Future with Code Poets!


BERLIN, Germany - Friends, Romans, countrymen: look on our works, ye mighty, and despair of finding better software development! Code Poets are writing some of the best code in the game, and this Pangea powerhouse prides themselves on their ability to get even the toughest projects on the right track. Hope springs eternal at Code Poets!

All That Is Gold

Code Poets put their pens together in 2013, opening their headquarters in Wrocław, Poland. Rather than focusing on jack of all trades, master of none programmers, the company primarily hires developers who know their languages so well that they can make their writing sing. Co-founder and CEO Adrian Zamorski waxes poetic on the subject:

“Knowing the language and knowing how to code are two different things entirely. That's why we've named ourselves Code Poets—if you’re a poet, all you need for creating poetry in Spanish is to learn that language. Easy. But it doesn’t work the other way: knowing Spanish, German, English, Polish or Japanese won’t make you an artist unless you have that unique touch. We believe the same applies to programming: the people we’re trying to gather around us are not polyglots, they are poets. Our goal is to offer a tech team of such coders to people with brilliant ideas.”

This approach has served them well; their laundry list of past clients is as illustrious as it is impressive. After successfully completing projects for multinational pharmaceutical giant EMD Millipore Corporation (Merck), decentralized computing node Golem Factory, university admissions experts Admitster (College Match), ice cream connoisseurs Polish Lody, and Norwegian language learning tool Norsk er goy, it’s clear to see that Code Poets have got the write stuff.

And that's not even mentioning their masterful work on recent projects like contributing to the Ethereum Foundation’s smart-contract Solidity language, building the system architecture for blockchain startup Centi, and helping L7 Informatics develop their Enterprise Science Platform. With such impressive and cutting edge verve, it should come as no surprise that they earned their Pangea Score of 8.5/10.0! Read on to find out how...

Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day

Whether you’re a seed, series A, or series B++ startup, or even a full-size enterprise, Code Poets do not go gentle into that good night. Primarily working in pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and education management, the company surges ahead of the competition with their tight turnaround times, excellent communication, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their Pangea Client Insights Score is rounded out by 88% satisfaction in process maturity, only slightly edging out their 8.7/10.0 score in both project management and tech expertise!

But their success isn’t just a metaphor; the satisfied CEO of a food and beverage startup sings their praises:

”Great project management and technical expertise. Code Poets take ownership and have a proactive approach. I highly recommend them!”

Ron Rubin, CEO at Admitster (College Match), doesn’t mince words when it comes to his experience with the team:

”Very capable and smart group. I highly recommend them.”

Another education management startup CEO adds:

”Great company, perfect for those who don't have a clue about IT - they can solve all problems.”

A glimpse into a team meeting

Bring in the Prose

The team at Code Poets is full of good scribes. The 20+ full time employees have an average of 7 years’ experience, and their Pangea Team Health Score boasts a 91% satisfaction rate in both company culture and advocacy. It’s the 9.3/10.0 peer rapport score, though, that likely contributes to the stellar 90% first year retention rate and 80% overall retention rate. Longtime team member Radosław Wyrzykowski in HR spells it out:

“We educate our clients about...problem[s] and place a great importance on our programmers’ skills and experience. Realizing that they are the absolute core and driving force of our business was the first step into implementing all the other actions that help us find, attract, hire and, most importantly, keep our best specialists for years. We put a lot of effort into caring for our teammates.”

Valuing team members is a fundamental part of structuring everyday operations. Code Poets Project Manager Alicja Habiniak makes sure that everyone’s time is respected and put to the utmost use:

“We never breed meetings unnecessarily and always make sure to follow an agenda in the name of being efficient.”

A happy team is an ambitious team, and developer Katarzyna Rzęsikowska has been enjoying the projects coming across her desk. She writes:

“We have to admit, creating meaningful, valuable software is really addictive, so naturally, we’re looking for more.”

The mark of a truly great company is its commitment to constantly improving both its external and internal rhyme and rhythms. CEO Adrian admits:

We believe in self-organization. No one will manage the company as efficiently as its members, because a room full of people is always smarter than the smartest person in that room. Over the past couple of years many people have been changing Code Poets for the better. While the company was growing, we were introducing more and more freedom. And with freedom always comes responsibility — everyone here understands that. Being able to make our own decisions and have real impact on the organization's direction motivates us to do our best work every day.”

Some CodePoets demonstrating their dexterity

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

How do Code Poets succeed? Let us count the ways. Whether it’s new product development or team augmentation, their technology stack has not just an expert for every language, but a poet in each. Their team includes masters of Python, Django, Angular, Docker, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, Java C++, Jenkins, and Ansible. Primarily, the company works in web apps, artificial intelligence, and crypto and blockchain projects.

Ethereum Foundation, one of the world’s leading blockchain platforms, is currently one of Code Poets’ biggest clients; they are hard at work on the Solidity Project, using a bespoke programming language to facilitate smart contracts. In just 3 months, one of their team members has made it onto the top 10 list of Solidity contributors—a true Poet!

As we reach the denouement, let us remember that Code Poets are here to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield until they’ve given the best results possible. We return to the words of CEO Adrian, who wants potential clients to know:

“Most software development partners have enough technical skills to do the job well. We add something else to the table: a deep understanding of what you want to achieve.”

Such dedication to the craft is exemplified in their stated values of self-organization, a can-do attitude, responsibility, transparency, and respect. You are the master of your fate; Code Poets can write you into the future!


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Texas-born Afro-Latina poet, performance artist, and dancer. With a theatre degree, two books, and an Australian Poetry Slam Championship under her belt, Arielle explores the interplay between spoken word and the body, merging elements of dance and physical theatre with written poetry to create multidisciplinary short works that she has toured through Texas, Australia, and Southeast Asia, from the pubs of Melbourne to the cafes of Singapore to the Sydney Opera House.

During her free time, she enjoys editing and contributing to content at Pangea.ai and other sites.

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