Wolfpack Digital Marks Its Territory in the Land of Tech

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March 14, 2022

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June 10, 2024

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Wolfpack Digital Marks Its Territory in the Land of Tech


BERLIN, Germany - Hear that howl from afar? That would be Wolfpack Digital—Pangea's latest addition to the prestigious list of tech vendors. The award-winning agency has been holding territory in the land of tech for some time now and might soon be helping you develop your app from start to finish. Awooo!

The She-wolf and Her Pack

CEO Gina founded Wolfpack Digital in 2015, named after her surname "Lupu," Latin for wolf. She swiftly fulfilled her position as alpha she-wolf of the smart pack—an important and often woefully uncommon position in tech environments. The Romanian company, headquartered in Cluj, has been dedicated to designing, developing and distributing powerful web and mobile apps end-to-end ever since. Wolfpack Digital's apps have helped businesses connect with their users, solving personal and social problems alike; presenting apps ranging from investment to healthcare to housecleaning — facilitating life in domestic, business, and luxury.

From its Romanian den, Wolfpack Digital supports companies in a wide range of industries, always with an excellent end result in mind. Inspired by the characteristics of a "wolf pack"—powerful, agile, dedicated, united and playfulWolfpack Digital strives to help its partners achieve their goals while creating a great working environment.

Roaming the land of tech with top clients such as Storyball, Sephora, Makerist and Amplicare by their side, Wolfpack has proven they are something to bark about. With numerous awards and certificates in CSS design, UI and UX design and app development, their tech team has impressed Pangea with a client score of 9.4/10, 5.4% over average!

Interested in knowing how this pack serves a bite to beware of? Keep reading.

A Plan of Attack

Wolfpack Digital has sunk its teeth into many industries, such as FinTech, HealthTech, BeautyTech and other sectors. Their hungry clients range from startups to enterprises, from innovation hubs to big brands. Like a wolf is known for its life on the move, Wolfpack Digital's services travel the world, reaching partners in Europe, the US, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

With their ambitious plan of attack, Wolfpack Digital rounds up a full 10/10.0 in Customer Journey and Process Maturity. Product manager at Transreport Limited, Niki Chan, shares:

“Wolfpack has been a trustworthy partner to us over the years, everyone who worked on the projects are passionate and professional. The customer experience and communication is great, they always try to help in any way to help us achieve the goal.”

Adding to the cacophony of appreciation for Wolfpack Digital’s diligence pertaining to customer care; Johnny Chirvasoiu, the Project Manager at OpenHealth Group, stated:

“It's a pleasure working with Wolfpack, their commitment, knowledge and experience helped us in delivering end-to-end digital projects using their capable hands and expertise. Their values and procedures work hand in hand with ours. You're in good hands!”

To further expound on the instant competency and community vibe, R. A., the Product Owner at Enterprise/Corporation, adds:

“I have never felt like I was working with a partner, I felt like this was my team already.”

Showing off the company @ Slush Shanghai

In the Company of Wolves

The pack consists of 72 eager wolves, guided by the company's values and mission to become the most valued strategic partner for startups and scaleups. The friendly and diverse team of highly skilled professionals brings together strategists, creatives, designers and thought leaders; each with their specific role within the community, each indispensable.

Vica, Senior iOS Developer and Scrum Master, finds it important to constantly evolve and try new, unknown territories from time to time. She is glad that she had the opportunity to do just that at Wolfpack Digital and reports:

“At Wolfpack Digital I can keep learning and be up to date with the latest technologies and at the same time I had the opportunity to develop a new role, as a Scrum Master, with the full support of the company.”

A good nose for the latest technical products and solutions that improve people's lives is something that should feel like the natural habitat for every employee and is crucial when selecting new pack members. One of these pack members is Christian, UX/UI Designer—he says about Wolfpack Digital:

“What I found, and kept me here, was enthusiasm, a bunch of people really enjoying their work and all the support they need in order to do that.”

The high-performing team has a seniority level of 3.4 years, which together with an open feedback culture and a large dose of motivation results in the zealous team always achieving the best results. Viktor, Head of Web Development, confirms:

“I am glad that I found what I was looking for: a team that understands how to deliver high quality client work while also facilitating growth (...).”

A great result is also achieved in the Pangea Team Health Score—a very wild, very presentable 9.6/10.0. The Culture Score (9.8/10.0), Management and Peer Rapport (9.6/10.0) and Personal Growth as well as Feedback & Recognition (9.7/10.0) stand out in particular.

Teams that ride together, stay together

… Hungry for More?

Sharp senses, high endurance and intelligence make the wolf the most iconic predator in the animal kingdom—and it makes Wolfpack Digital the company it is today. On the hunt for the latest tech trends, they support you in the realms of backend and frontend development, mobile development and MVP development, the implementation of slick new features, and well-structured project management.

Being oriented towards agile methods such as Scrum or the Lean Development Philosophy makes their working methods elegant and dynamic. With their skills in Rails, Vue.js, Kotlin, Swift, Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, and Flutter, they certainly don't have to hide in the depths of the woods and may soon be helping you to develop new exciting products, in a firefighting response, or with support and maintenance of existing products.

Wolfpack Digital's company values of High-Performance, Dedication, Transparency and Playfulness leave us hungry for more. The closing words of CEO, Gina Lupu Florian, also make for a very appetising read:

“As an award-winning team who is fully dedicated to performance & beauty in technology, we are here to design & develop powerful web and mobile apps, while making the experience enjoyable for both our partners and our team. The wolfpack looks forward to meeting you!”

You no longer have to be a lone wolf—contact us directly and go on the hunt for success with Wolfpack Digital now!


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