When A Project Knocks, Choose Inoxoft

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May 27, 2022

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June 10, 2024

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When A Project Knocks, Choose Inoxoft


BERLIN, Germany - International software development company Inoxoft is known to knock their clients’ socks off and we’re here to tell you why. A highly-regarded market player, Inoxoft helps design, build, test, and release premiere software for clients all around the globe. Read on to see why Inoxoft could be the perfect vendor to help you realize your idea.

Inoxoft Will Knock Your Project’s Socks Off

Inoxoft joined Pangea in 2022, making the company one of our newest vendors. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine (with offices in Philadelphia and Tel Aviv), Inoxoft offers a variety of services including software development, web and mobile development, and premier services in Discovery Phase, Quality Assurance, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, IT Consulting, Cloud Development, and UI/UX Design. Inoxoft was recognized as a “Top Web Developer” out of countless companies, marking it as a leader in its field. With all this considered, Inoxoft garners an impressive Overall Pangea Score of 8.8/10. They really know how to create products and processes that allow their clients to shine!

With top clients such as Toshiba, Nivea, Vim, and Sandmilk, it’s no wonder that Inoxoft is a big market player. We are excited to be a top talent provider to Inoxoft - a company that, in turn, provides software development teams who are friendly, reliable, and impressive. Let’s meet the stellar team and company culture behind this award-winning vendor.

A Little Inception at the Inoxoft Party

Opportunities To Grow Are Knocking at Inoxoft

Inoxoft is made up of a dedicated team of over 210+ full-time employees who, despite their impressive population, inspire a strong and warm company culture — one that scores 8.8/10 on Pangaea’s Overall Team Health Score. Inoxoft also boasts an impressive 9.1/10.0 for Management Rapport. To build a successful company, active and open conversations should regularly occur between management and employees to allow for transparency. Head of People Operations Iryna is enthusiastic about her role and wonderfully summarizes what the company stands for:

“…it's about people (atmosphere, care, openness), development (quality, expertise, hard skills), opportunities (challenges, flexibility, freshness).”

The management at Inoxoft also cares deeply about employees’ self-development and expansion, allowing employees’ soft and hard skills to grow significantly through courses and yes - even a personal educational budget. Yet even while the company is thriving, Inoxoft knows there can always be room for improvement. Senior QA Engineer David remarks:

“I get honest recognition of my work and constructive feedback from a team and company, which really increases my motivation and helps in my personal growth.”

The encouraging and empowering environment at Inoxoft is another reason why employees love working there. Middle UI/UX Designer Valeriia also cherishes the freedom to present and run with possibilities:

“The Inoxoft team is always open to new ideas. Whenever I get something new in my head…the team and my manager take into account my suggestions and I get a green light to proceed with it. With each new project or task, I feel that I have a space to move, grow and get new experiences.

Not only does Inoxoft consist of a team that cares greatly about each other and their clients, but they also contribute to the world at large as part of their social responsibility. In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine this year, Inoxoft’s website homepage has a bright link in the shape of the Ukrainian flag that says “Support Ukraine.” Upon clicking, visitors are encouraged to donate to a list of charities, check out trusted news sources, as well as help in other ways.

Interpreting the Inquiry

The Ox-Like Dedication of Inoxoft’s Clients

Clients consistently have high praises for Inoxoft, a vendor that goes above and beyond with an overall Client Insights Score of 8.8/10.0. Inoxoft works with various industries including but not limited to Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, Logistics, and Fin Tech. Head of Software at Vim, Michael Moshkovitz remarks:

”It's a pleasure to work with Inoxoft. From Katerina who assists us in managing and taking care of the team, through Liobomyr, our partner, and to the great technical folks on our team in the Ukraine, working as diligently through the war as ever!”

The CTO at Gurru Solutions Robert Gurr echoes the sentiment, saying:

”We have worked with Inoxoft for 6 years and they are an integral partner to our business. With Inoxoft's support, we have been able to produce high quality products, that exceed market expectations. Liubomyr and his team are great to work with.”

In the areas of Quality Assurance and Customer Journey, Inoxoft received an excellent 9.5/10.0 rating that shows the care that is extended to the customer’s needs and the value of the product. Rated 9/10.0 in the categories of UI / UX Design, Project Management, and Tech Expertise, Inoxoft is clearly a winner when it comes to the look and feel of the products as well as the know-hows behind it. At Inoxoft, ideas are easily, speedily and thoroughly materialized to satisfy the client.

The Ox-Like Strength of Inoxoft’s Expertise

Curious about the technologies Inoxoft employs to carry out clients’ projects? We can help! Inoxoft has an impressive array of projects being carried out at any given time with their top-tier software.

Inoxoft’s main tech stack and programming languages include (but aren’t limited to): AWS and Microsoft Azure; React Native, Flutter, Android, and iOS to build mobile applications; Python, and Node.js, .NET Core, React.js, Angular.js, and Kotlin. Their top engagement types and strengths include New Product Development and Team Augmentation.

It would be difficult to list all the interesting projects that the Inoxoft team is working on but we’re happy to share one! Inoxoft is proud to have helped Clarus Art materialize a custom art data platform that allows artists, collectors, gallerists, and art enthusiasts to gauge the value of a work of art based on data collection and visualization.

The team spirit, rewarding work environment, and excellent skills of the employees at Inoxoft make it a company that clients can trust and believe in as their ideas are actualized from start to finish. Inoxoft exemplifies its mission and vision, going above and beyond to provide innovative, custom services that tackle tech global issues, no matter how big or small, one client at a time. Its values - Realize, Improve, Care, Be Sharp - ring true for all facets of the company. Inoxoft CEO Liubomyr Pohreliuk knows it’s important to build trust with everyone involved in an Inoxoft project. He describes the company as:

“...a close-knit team of professionals who are driven by challenges. Our company's improving every day…we want you to know that we've got your back.”

We are beyond thrilled to have Inoxoft on board in the Pangea universe. We also understand if you have cold feet around selecting a vendor for your project, so we are here to assuage any anxieties. Contact us if you’d like to work with Inoxoft, a market leader that promises to knock your socks off and keep you warm with their affable and excellent demeanor.


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