We Say Yes to Agilno and Its Agile Ways

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December 15, 2021

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June 10, 2024

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We Say Yes to Agilno and Its Agile Ways


BERLIN, Germany - Here, the name says it all! Agilno is Croatian for "agile"—and that is exactly what the software development company stands for: fast, flexible, and cross-functional work. The Croatian tech firm was selected into the Pangea elite in 2021 and specialises in the agile development of data-driven software solutions for business partners around the world. Let’s learn more about them!

From Croatia With Love

When you think of Croatia, you probably think of beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages, delicious food, and friendly people. Well, now there is one more thing you should remember about the land of a thousand islands: Agilno, a software company based in Split. Since 2016, they have been on a mission to help businesses remove potential risk and complexity from building digital products, all with an agile approach.

With a lot of love and patience, Agilno has perfected its agile craft since its formation and found a way to create high quality software solutions on time and within budget. To hear CEO Petar Vukasinovic tell it:

“Agilno was started to help companies run complex business operations focused around creating complex digital products to produce revenue, reduce costs and acquire more customers. [...] We pride ourselves in building successful, long-lasting, and profitable products that evolve our clients’ businesses.”

The eager team is constantly working to remove the barrier between technology and innovation so that they can focus on what matters most: providing the best customer service and value to their clients. Whether it's a startup with fresh ideas or an established business looking to transform, Agilno is ready to provide solutions that can take any business to the next level. So far, Agilno has many companies level up, including Vetster, 44 north or Dikitale.

All this and much more has earned Agilno an overall Pangea Score of 8.2/10.0—let’s dive in and see what exactly went into making that score!

Aspire to Inspire

Agilno aspires to inspire the business partners they work with and enable their customers to realise their full potential through the use of world-class technology. The software company has helped its clients grow from small start-ups to scalable large enterprises—cheering every launch and success with them. They typically work with companies in the following industries: Computer Hardware, Information Technology and Services, and Investment Management.

Past clients speak only highly of Agilno and rave about what makes the Croatian company so exceptional. Here are just a few of the many examples:

”Agilno doesn't simply build software but they build products. They greatly helped us in a time of need.”

- Dmitri Melamed, CTO at Big Digital Corp

”Agilno helped the team to successfully launch on the Apple Store a meaningful health application. They delivered, on time, on budget, a health application that received great feedback on the UI/UX by our A/B testers, peers, VC and now users.”

- P.K., Seed to Series A Startup

”From the start of our project, the Agilno team has been flexible, knowledgeable and best-practice oriented. ”

- C.V., Head of Engineering

These testimonials are backed up by a solid Pangea Client Insights Score of 8.2/10.0, buoyed by top scores in both Business and Process Maturity (8.5/10.0). Feeling inspired yet?

One of the Agilno team hard at work

Agile Minds At Work

At Agilno, you'll find a team of 24 like-minded, friendly, collaborative and constantly evolving employees who are passionate about data and developing data-driven software solutions.

The company culture is all about customer service, leadership and empowerment. Here, managers lead by example, enabling employees to do their best while getting work done and advancing their careers. In this way, Agilno turns the employee pyramid on its head and focuses on people who create value—successfully so! After all, first year retention rate is 94%, the overall retention rate is even better at 96%.

Right from the start, all Agilno employees enjoy flexible working hours, a free Friday lunch and a two-hour company meeting to share ideas and knowledge. In addition, they are entitled to many benefits and perks including team building, parties, monthly surprises, drinks, snacks, travel, and education budgets.

The experienced team, with a seniority level of 3.9 years, rewards their company with a Pangea Team Health Score that is easy to be proud of: 8.3/10.0. Particularly noteworthy are Management Rapport (8.9/10.0) and Feedback & Recognition (8.5/10.0)—or to put it in the warm words of the employees themselves:

“Our daily work is agile and things happen dynamically. (...) I love the flexibility of my job and the amount of freedom in making decisions and implementing new activities and processes.”

- Karla Goleš, HR Manager

“Team members are always working together and working for each other. We can trust each other, we have respect for each other and open communication.”

- Silvija Bešker, QA Engineer

“The office has a very pleasant and casual atmosphere, and everyone is always lighthearted. My colleagues are friendly and helpful and are always cracking jokes.”

- Marin Tadin, Fullstack Developer

Agilno celebrating at a company party

Fast, Faster, Agilno

Agilno takes great pride in developing successful, durable and profitable products in no time at all. The ambitious team offers not only first-class software development, but also meticulous quality assurance, top-notch data and analytics services and back-end development, as well as well-structured project management, and much more. The programmers are particularly experienced in technologies like Native, React.js, Python, Django, Node.js, TypeScript, AWS, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

And of course, the company would not live up to its name if it did not also work with agile methods such as Agile Development Methodology, Scrum Development Methodology or Waterfall. Agilno uses these methods skilfully to work with their customers on completely new product developments or as part of the support & maintenance of existing products and services. Agilno also supports you when it comes to expanding your team!

To round things off, let's take a look at the company values: Agilno stands for integrity, personal responsibility, willingness to change, cooperation and—last but not least—a large dose of passion. Let’s return to CEO Petar who lays out the vision of the company since its inception:

“Agilno was founded in 2016, by a young dreamer inspired by the fact that a programmer can change the world. Since then, we dream to inspire and enable companies to achieve their full potential using technology. We live to help companies produce value.”

Get in touch with Pangea to connect with Croatia's best tech talent—and say "yes" to Agilno and their agile methods too!


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