Watch Rubicon Become an Icon of the Tech World

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July 19, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Watch Rubicon Become an Icon of the Tech World


BERLIN, Germany - We are pleased to introduce you to RUBICON who has been a shining star in our Pangea universe since 2019. Based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, RUBICON is willing to cast the die and commits to each and every project. So make some room for RUBICON and let their amazingly competent team surprise you with quality software and code!

Can You Name a More (Rub)iconic Duo?

We are in 2011, two tech-savvy friends with comprehensive experience in software development have this one brilliant idea that will change their lives forever: Why not start their own software company with their own rules? No sooner said than done! Based in the historic capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, this very company has made history itself over the past 10 years and is known as RUBICON.

CEO of RUBICON—and one half of the aforementioned iconic duo—Adin Poprzanovic can today proudly report on his work and his talented team:

“RUBICON is a team of like-minded individuals; we’re enthusiastic about what we do. We are dedicated to finding the best possible software solutions and tackling exciting challenges that come our way using cutting-edge technologies. Every day is a new learning experience,​ and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

From small start-ups to renowned companies, RUBICON has shared its extensive knowledge of full-cycle software development with a wide range of international clients over the past decade, including Henkel, Dynaudio, Making Moves B.V., and Libratone.

With RUBICON's goal in mind to make software development simple and easily accessible for their users, it was a no-brainer for us to award them with an overall Pangea score of 8.3/10.0 when we assessed them back in 2019. Keep reading to learn more about RUBICON—a company not only building customized software and solutions but an icon in the making!

Every Company's Shining Star: Their Team

The heart of RUBICON is their young and diverse team of over 30 employees, consisting of engineers, designers, and product managers. From top management to beginners, they all work diligently together and share the same ambitious goals and commendable values.

When employees feel like one big family, you realise that each and every employee is treated with nothing but respect. RUBICON employees are given the chance to develop and reach their full potential with personalised career paths in an inclusive, team-oriented, and fun environment. RUBICON's CEO confirms:

“I ensure that my team is working and growing in a positive and collaborative environment. (...) I strive towards supporting my team and creating an optimistic company culture.”

With an optimistic company culture supported by open communication, trustworthy relationships, continuous growth & learning opportunities, it is easy to achieve a Pangea Team Health Score of 8.7/10.0. Digging deeper, RUBICON achieves top scores in advocacy (9.8/10.0), feedback and recognition (9.1/10.0), and culture (9.0/10.0).

RUBICON employees enjoying some after work drinks

Winning Clients All Over the World

RUBICON brings together a variety of remarkable clients across the globe; these include agencies, renowned corporations, and SMEs alike. They have experience in industries such as financial services, human resources, industrial automation, consumer goods, and electronics.

Based on their client-first approach, RUBICON’s top priority is to create a positive experience for their users by developing a relationship based on integrity and trust. This is reflected in the Pangea Client Insight Score of 8.3/10.0. With a claim to deliver the ultimate product, RUBICON is able to impress with its excellent technical expertise (9.0/10.0) in particular, but not just that. RUBICON also offers a user-friendly customer journey and well-structured project management—both of which are rated 8.7/10.0.

Let's take a look at how these numbers translate into words and what their satisfied customers have told us:

“Since we started our partnership with RUBICON our product became more professional, and we started growing in the search engines too. This resulted in the successful start-up​ we are now.”

- Ingmar van Maurik, CEO @ Making Moves B.V.

“We have had outstanding experience by partnering with RUBICON as our strategic nearshore partner. Their ability to deliver end-2-end and assist us in all areas has been crucial to our core business and to deliver towards our end customers.”

- CEO @ Seed to Series A Startup

“Excellent and trustworthy partner.”

- Bo Kjelde, Tech Lead @ Dynaudio A/S

A glimpse inside the RUBICON offices

Going Down in Tech History

RUBICON's technological know-how is as broad as their client base. The team's expertise ranges from high-quality UI/UX design to skilled mobile development, from impeccable backend development to IoT or web apps. RUBICON knows their stuff!

If you ever need assistance with a new product launch or project handover, think RUBICON. With cross-functional teams and an agile way of working, they'll support you from start to finish, turning even your vaguest ideas into world-class products. Rest assured that everything RUBICON touches turns to gold as their tech stack includes core competencies in cloud, mobile, and IoT development across Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud by supporting .NET, node.js, Python, Kotlin, Swift, TypeScript, and JavaScript.

RUBICON has set out to design and develop powerful software solutions that transform businesses large and small. And indeed, thanks to company values like passion, leadership, continuous learning, innovation, and fun, RUBICON has already achieved a tremendous amount of success in the last decade. They have started to immortalise themselves with outstanding and innovative software solutions that satisfy their customers to the maximum - or as RUBICON's CEO Adin puts it:

“Our team is exceptionally passionate when it comes to crafting custom software solutions for our clients. From start to finish, we work autonomously with our clients, dedicating ourselves and caring for their products as if they are our own. We value building authentic long-term relationships where we spend time getting to understand the client, their competitive market, business needs, and innovative ideas.

We transform our clients' ideas into compelling, high-quality, and user-friendly software that delivers real-world results in the market. We do what we love,​ and we love what we do.”

Visit their engagement page or contact us directly if you want to become part of their (Rub)iconic story!


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