Up(p)scale Your Business with UppLabs

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November 18, 2021

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June 10, 2024

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Up(p)scale Your Business with UppLabs


BERLIN, Germany - Attention all those who want to reach the top: We welcome the software engineering studio UppLabs! Based in the US and Ukraine, this talented bunch will develop the finest software, the most refined code, and an ingenious system for your niche business. What are you waiting for? Go all the way UPP!

Gear Up For New Adventures

UppLabs was founded in 2014 by tech experts who had previously worked with the world's largest fintech companies and wanted to start their own new adventure in the digital landscape. The founders' intent was to apply the knowledge and best practices they had acquired at the leading financial software companies to their own startup specializing in niche industries. No sooner said than done!

For more than 7 years now, UppLabs has been helping tech companies around the world become #1 in their respective niches. The software engineering studio is a US-based company with a research and development center in Kyiv, Ukraine. UppLabs offers web and mobile app development that supports any business with best-in-class, user-friendly solutions. The eager team has completed 150 successful projects, successfully implemented more than 1000 solutions, and assembled more than 50 dedicated development teams to date.

CEO and founder Vitaliy Dyachenko—one of the TOP 50 tech visionaries in the US according to InterCon—has this to say about why his company is so great:

“We have won the trust by delivering more than 150 successful projects for clients from almost all over the world. Our team provides full-cycle web and mobile applications development that facilitates your business with top-notch user-friendly solutions.”

With so many successful projects, it should come as no surprise that UppLabs earned some excellent scores going through Pangea's demanding verification process! UppLabs can now give themselves a pat on the back, having achieved an excellent Pangea score of 9.1/10.0!

Buckle Up, Future Clients

UppLabs is all about trusted collaboration and networking. Loyalty is paramount here, and the team strives to keep companies they've helped in the past coming back for another go (or five) at their world-class technical services.

UppLabs typically takes small to medium-sized niche companies under their wing, particularly focusing on the following industries: Financial Services/FinTech, Health, Wellness and Fitness, Real Estate. That said, their extensive list of clients certainly includes some big names like Disney, Limehome, Hairmax, and MMI Direct, to name a few.

According to some of the happy customers we spoke to, UppLabs deserves a perfect 10/10 in no less than five different Client Insight indicators: UI/UX design, Project Management, Tech Expertise, Quality Assurance, and Documentation Level. Just look at the euphoric testimonials from past clients to know that these outstanding scores are no fluke:

”Great communication, all engineers are superstars. We will be happy to scale our team with UppLabs.”

- Ben Yaniv Chechik, CTO @ TenureX

”UppLabs team is highly reliable! Responsive and honest, they carefully approach the task and take into account all the details. They know how to schedule important tasks and stick to the agreed-upon timeline. Highly-skilled software developers!”

- Anonymous

”UppLabs immediately understood our needs and goals. They have assembled a team of top notch experts that helped to bring the project on track.”

- CEO @ Consultancy

The UppLabs team hard at work

Rise Up Together

Upgrade your team with the folks over at UppLabs—and you'll find the latest, greatest version of your business possible. Currently, the company counts 50+ tech experts and a full-cycle capacity to handle software development projects from business analysis to DevOps.

The team particularly values the flat corporate structure that leads to less bureaucracy and more freedom. UppLab's claim: No bosses—only team players. Everyone at UppLabs is on the same level, from CEO to developer to project manager, back-end dev to QA specialist. Employees are responsible for their own work, make independent decisions, and thus decide what role they want to play within the company—or as Iryna Korkishko, Head of Marketing, says:

“As we all are autonomous within our departments, it's always nice to know that you can do whatever YOU believe is the best to drive improvements and success.”

Whether it's amusing small talk or the occasional more serious conversation, CEO Vitaliy is just as ready to help as any other employee at UppLabs. Employees with an average of 4.6 years of work experience are happy to give their younger colleagues a helping hand—or vice versa. UppLabs will also support you if you plan to change careers as Alex Levchenko, Team Lead, confirms:

“Here you can try to change roles within the company – (...) and everyone will support you. UppLabs is a place where talented people get a second chance for professional realization.”

It is therefore not surprising that Team Health scores like Peer Rapport (8.8/10.0), Personal Growth, and Feedback & Recognition (both 8.9/10.0) are among the best rated among UppLabs’ employees.​​

A game break for the UppLabs team

It’s Time For an UppDate!

Remember UppLabs if you think it's about time to update your company's tech, whether developing a new exciting product, augmenting your team, upping your support & maintenance.

The team at UppLabs is particularly knowledgeable about backend, Big Data, CMS, CRM and databases. The programming languages, cloud systems and frameworks most frequently used by the tech gurus are: .NET, AWS, JavaScript, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL, Server, MongoDB, Node.js, React Native, React.js, and Swift.

To sum it all UPP: UppLabs is a company with cutting-edge technology and a flat corporate structure with no bosses, but only team players. Autonomous decision-making within teams is UppLabs' superpower, eliminating bureaucracy and speeding up processes.

With company values of communicating clearly and effectively with clients and colleagues, delivering TOP services, pursuing growth and learning, doing more with less, they have won us over and will win you and your team over too! Team up with UppLabs now to make your business ideas a reality—contact us directly or visit their profile page to schedule an initial meeting.


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