To Infinity Mesh and Beyond!

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December 20, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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To Infinity Mesh and Beyond!


BERLIN, Germany - Enter the next dimension of success with Infinity Mesh! This brand new member of the Pangea universe is hyper-skilled, ambitious, and ready to blast off. Let them take your next project to unquantifiable heights!

From Here to Eternity

Legends are built in perpetuity, and Infinity Mesh opened for business in 2016, carving a new shape onto the tech landscape of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their expertise and panache quickly landed them a massive multinational clientele, including luxury car brand Lexus, business transformation specialist Valtech, and consumer goods giant Unilever. What is the secret to their success? Their CEO Avdo Hercegovac attributes it to their boundless capacity for growth and progress:

“Infinity Mesh guarantees solutions that will yield you greater innovation, higher velocity, and return on investment that has a major impact on your bottom line. Our business-first structure positions you to achieve fast growth and acquire the strategies you need to grow revenue and protect enterprise value. Our value-creation solutions identify and then eliminate the obstacles that threaten your growth potential. We specialize in startup, mid-market, and mature-market transformations that support you through your growth lifecycle and enhance business reach and impact.”

With a Pangea Score of 9.3/10.0, this company is pushing the limits of victory! Let’s investigate what helped Infinity Mesh earn such an impressive score.

Watch This Space

Although they are flexible enough to work with companies of any size, Infinity Mesh shines brightest when they partner with agencies, enterprises, and full-size corporations. Their endless talents are best applied to computer games and software, consumer goods, marketing and advertising, and semiconductors, and their clients in each of these industries have limitless praise for their professionalism and quality of work. Matthe Vandermolen, VP of Technology at Valtech, tells us why they come to Infinity Mesh again and again:

“I've now worked with Infinity Mesh at 3 separate companies. I do this because I can truly rely on them and because they are easy to work with. I always know what I'm getting, which is top quality engineers.”

Digital connectivity experts 4R Digital are no stranger to pushing the limits of possibility into new realms, and their CTO John Kattenhorn recognizes Infinity Mesh as a truly likeminded partner in this respect, saying:

“Infinity Mesh are an exceptional technical partner; we work on the cutting edge of digital and climate finance where no previous solutions exist. Infinity Mesh bring technical expertise and lateral thinking to help us create innovative solutions.”

This lateral thinking makes even the toughest of tests an eternal breeze. Sam Furr, CEO over at UK-based mobile app and gaming specialist Tappable, adds:

“Every challenge we have thrown at the team, they’ve overcome. Great to work with, superb communicators and go above and beyond to deliver everything in the timelines needed. Engineering has extremely high standards too.”

With such limitless praise, it should be utterly unsurprising that their Pangea Client Insights Score was a smashing 9.3/10.0, with unmatched 10.0/10.0 satisfaction rankings in customer journey and tech expertise and 9.5/10.0 in process maturity and documentation levels.

A glimpse inside an Infinity Mesh meeting

Talent Ad Infinitum

No company would have such absolute success without a stellar team driving their achievements, and the 34 full-time employees at Infinity Mesh are in a league of their own. With a company-wide seniority level of 2.1 years of experience, they are infinitely innovative and ambitious, as CEO Avdo describes when talking about his company’s culture:

“Our most precious resource at Infinity Mesh is our people, who come from a wide range of backgrounds, ideas, perspectives, and life experiences. We are all passionate about our individual set of skills that collectively come together to form a multi-dimensional presence. We endeavor to maintain an open and friendly culture for everyone, from our varied workforce to team-building programs. Our culture is one that encourages, supports, and celebrates our diversity and looks to expand and build it constantly.”

Bold words, to be sure, but they are backed up by a staggering overall retention rate of 90%, and for new hires, the results are even higher; the first year retention rate stands at a whopping 97% across divisions. Their overall Pangea Team Health Score is a stand-out 9.4/10.0, with the highest internal satisfaction rankings appearing in culture and personal growth at 9.6/10.0, only slightly edging out wellbeing, feedback, and recognition at 9.5/10.0. Harris, one of the Lead Software Engineers, tells us:

“As a software engineer and as a person, the most important thing for me is to feel safe, accepted and relaxed. All of this was made possible for me as an Infinity Mesh employee.”

Their colleague and fellow Lead Software Engineer Mirza goes into further detail on the unique synergy of the office:

“Teamwork - I can't emphasize enough how good it is to be part of the team and the amount of teamwork that's involved. At any point, any help that you need, either from colleagues or company, you will probably be taken care of. Each team member will go the extra mile to support their teammates.”

Merim, the Senior Lead Software Engineer, worked their way up over the years, and every step of the way has been a source of satisfaction and gratification:

“[A]part from technical skills, I mostly stuck because I appreciated how the projects I was involved with were being managed. Engineers had a larger degree of control here, and emphasis was placed on requirements analysis, compromising when an ideal solution was not available, and communicating potential risks as early as possible. This usually led to very good communication with clients, and as long as expectations are properly managed in these transactions they always end up being a great success.”

A team white water trip in warmer weather

Alpha and Omega

The final building block of Infinity Mesh’s limitless success is, of course, their tech expertise. Having completed outstanding projects in artificial intelligence, backend, big data, cloud computing, and CMS, the company brings bottomless experience to all of their clients’ projects. Above all, they are best suited to new product development, team augmentation, and support and maintenance for ongoing existing projects. Their main tech stack is built for speed and savvy, and their most frequently used languages include .NET, .NET Core, .NET Entity Framework, .NET NuGet, .NET Framework, Angular, Vue.js, Flutter, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Azure.

Counted among their greatest accomplishments is their work for Unilever. The British-Dutch company is one of the oldest multinational corporations in the world, and their consumer goods are available in over 190 countries. With such a huge network of projects that only increase in number, management logistics were becoming impossibly complex.

Infinity Mesh was brought in to sort out consolidating massive amounts of data and delivering project status updates to clients all over the globe. Wrangling all this information into one tool was a challenge of gargantuan magnitude, but the Infinity Mesh team was undaunted. Within a few weeks of the initial kickoff meeting, they had comprised an elegant solution of a custom project management tool that seamlessly integrated with their existing web portal, streamlining data inputs and reducing user clicks by grouping types of information intuitively into one place.

Working with Infinity Mesh would be beneficial for anyone looking to maximize their business’s opportunities and efficiency. The company deeply values their excellence in the field, their trusted partners, their collaboration, and their commitment to innovation. Their CEO Avdo leaves us with these words:

“Infinity Mesh is based on a lifelong passion for programming and its ability to change the face of enterprise. Our goal was to collect our professional passion for programming and build digital products that share our expertise and help our clients around the world solve digital problems and grow.”

If this sounds like the partner for you, check out our profile page to connect with a member of their team. Expand your project’s horizons with Infinity Mesh today!


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