The Software Revolution Starts With DVC Solutions

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September 3, 2022

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June 10, 2024

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The Software Revolution Starts With DVC Solutions


BERLIN, Germany - The birth of custom software development company DVC Solutions helped mark Bosnia and Herzegovina as a burgeoning IT hub in Europe. With its excellent track record of creating streamlined products that maximize impact, the company quickly gained recognition as a go-to for technological expertise when it comes to innovative product strategy and advanced software solutions. We extend a warm salutation to DVC and are excited to share a bit more about this revolutionary company with you!

The Rise of DVC Solutions

At the very bottom of their crisp and beautifully navigable website, DVC expresses joy at being part of the Pangea community and we echo the sentiment! The company joined Pangea in 2022 and was founded in 2013. Headquartered in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, DVC also boasts impressive offices in Sweden (Halmstad) and the United States (Chicago, Illinois).

DVC provides advanced software solutions through an iterative process of working with the client from the beginning stages of product ideation to development. They also work to improve and accelerate existing software solutions through upgrades and optimization. The company works strictly in-house and won’t outsource projects to inexpensive developers so as to have complete creative and technological control over the final product.

DVC assists clients within a plethora of industries and we’ll try to give you a sense of the kinds of impressive projects they’ve taken on! Within the Logistics industry, DVC has tackled projects relating to supply chain management, centralized marketplaces, e-Commerce, fleet management software, rideshare apps, and ERP solutions. The company is excellent in developing communications apps, such as those for social networks, news portals, CRM solutions, automated sales tools, parental control apps, and smart reporting solutions. If that wasn’t enough, DVC also helps companies with Data Science! This includes data warehousing, data mining, and data modeling.

Top clients of the company include Pepper Interactive Inc. and FIND MY KiTA GmbH. DVC also frequently collaborates with Bornfight, another Pangea vendor. With an Overall Pangea Score of 8.9/10.0, DVC ranks highly amongst our vendors for its expertise in technological utility and extensive knowledge regarding all stages of quality problem-solving product development.

Solutions through Solidarity

DVC: Diverse Visionaries Creating

For us, DVC might as well stand for Diverse Visionaries Creating. The team at DVC is unique, encouraging, dedicated, supremely talented, and innovative – just to name a few characteristics. The company has 27 full-time employees, with a lion’s share of them being engineers (about 17 employees). The company scored an impressive 9.3/10.0 for their Pangea Team Health Score with a 9.6/10.0 for Personal Growth and 9.5/10.0 for Peer Rapport. The following employee insights will clearly indicate why!

Sales assistant, Jovana, illustrates DVC’s commitment to employees’ personal and professional growth. She says:

“Job training and continuing education helps to fuel my career growth. DVC has established a mentoring program [that]...transfer[s] the knowledge from tenured team members. Company's management encourages team members to pursue relevant business courses and workshops that will further their career advancement, through in-house training. I attended different courses and I truly value [those] given opportunities.”

Legal Assistant, Natasa, echoes the sentiment that DVC is committed to helping employees’ professional growth, adding that her fellow employees are incredibly supportive:

“The most exciting aspect of working at DVC Solutions is that I constantly have the opportunity to grow and learn new things…Another exciting thing is that I work with people who are a great inspiration to me, from whom I can learn a lot, and who are always ready to explain and help me…I can express my desire for additional education and…the company will enable me to do so because DVC Solutions is very committed to the advancement of its employees.”

Scrum Master, Kristina, shares that the overall encouraging and wholesome experience of working at DVC is her favorite aspect of working there as well:

“What I love most about DVC Solutions is definitely the attitude towards people. The pleasant atmosphere really motivates me every day to always do my best at work. Interesting projects, friendships, and excellent people are the best that DVC Solutions offers to me.”

Dedication and Dearness

Clients Give A Hard Yes to DVC’s Ingenious Software

With its proven history of ushering in the highest caliber of software technological care and excellence, DVC earns top praises from its clients who are mostly within the Communication, Logistics, and Data Science industries.

One client, the CEO of an enterprise, praised the robust expertise and support that the DVC team provided:

“Requesting the MVP development at DVC Solutions was the best decision that we as a company made in the early beginning. The DVC team understood fast and clearly our expectations and [they were] supported very well from the beginning.”

Robert J. Wagner, the CEO at Sikirapay, enthusiastically added a few qualities that DVC exemplified:

“Excellent project management, flexibility, ingenuity, punctuality, availability, skillful developers, etc…characteristics I can wholeheartedly attribute to these guys. You can be sure that they deliver what is agreed upon on time.”

With this beaming testimonial, it’s no surprise that DVC has scored a wonderful 8.7/10.0 in the following Client Insights categories: Customer Journey, UI/UX Design, Project Management, Tech Expertise, Documentation Level, and Process Maturity. Countless other testimonials can be found on DVC’s website.

Technology Comes Easily to DVC

Technological mastery is one of the characteristics that allows for DVC’s high-performance solutions. Products are not just coded, but engineered thoroughly through the tools of this company’s trade.

They typically work within the domains of Back-end Development, Business Intelligence, Cyber Security, Front-end Development, Mobile Development, and MVP Development. The company’s impressive tech stack consists of, but is not limited to, Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, Swift, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. They’re best suited for New Product Development, Team Augmentation, and Project Handover.

When interviewed, Product Manager and VP at DVC, Branko, told us about his favorite project at the company - a health and fitness app for a start-up in Germany that controls the EMS suit that the startup created. An EMS (electro muscle stimulation) suit is worn over workout clothing and incorporates muscle-activating electrode technology that enhances the effects of one’s workout. Users can use the app to customize the intensity of the electrodes and watch additional helpful videos via the app.

DVC’s holistic vision and mission to curate a stellar team and chisel exceptional products is exemplified by the company’s values – Accuracy and reliability, Transparency, Rational thinking, Loyalty, and Family values. DVC’s CEO, Bojan Vukovic, says:

“The power of dedication and technological excellence allows us to fantasize endlessly and create amazing changes. As a technology company, we want to create products that will set new boundaries. It will be our great pleasure to push those boundaries together.”

Together with DVC, we’d be more than thrilled to help you actualize your unique product – whether that’s a website, mobile application, or custom software. We’re looking forward to helping you take the next step to contact DVC, a top leader in the software development revolution.


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