The Software Development Gem That Is Valens

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October 21, 2022

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June 10, 2024

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The Software Development Gem That Is Valens


BERLIN, Germany - Meet Valens, a precious gem of a vendor who is ready to take on all your end-to-end software development needs! Whether you’re looking to sharpen your startup business or develop software with the latest technology, this company is ready to cut down to business. We have the honor of introducing you to Valens, who will have your project shining in no time!

Our Lens on Valens

We are sharply focused on welcoming Valens into the community and are thrilled that they have been a trusty partner of ours as of 2022. The company has an excellent Overall Pangea Score of 9.8/10.0 and we’re excited to show you why!

Headquartered in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valens was founded in 2019 to provide top-tier web development, mobile application, and software development services for global clients. Whether you need assistance growing an existing project or ideating from scratch, the team at Valens is here to assist no matter where your project is in its life cycle.

CEO Branco Simic has this punchy greeting for clients that sums up the ethos of Valens:

“In a quickly evolving marketplace, founders need software development with rapid and Agile delivery. We can help you to identify key features, create a plan of product development and get the project ready to launch using 8-week-long cycles. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand, our team is here for you.”

Everstox, LiveBuy, and TaskTility are only a few of Valens’ highly reputable clients. Company values and mottos include Innovation, Data Nerds, Value Delivery, High-Performing, and Challenge Everything. The team uses knowledge to not only perform well but to question technologies and processes along the way, which helps them grow and improve.

Team Valor = Product Victories

Two employees are laughing and shaking hands with a large Valens logo on the wall in the background.

Humor is a Key Component of Success!

Just as diamonds are formed under heat and pressure, the thirty-seven full-time employees at Valens know how to tackle and chisel a client’s project, no matter how large the project or short the timeline. Their developers and consultants welcome ideas and questions with patience, curiosity, and offer clarity. Project assignments are tailored to build on the strengths of employees.

A Team Health Score of 9.9/10.0 illustrates the incredible camaraderie and strong company culture of Valens! Ability to work remotely, transparency, trust, respect, and the opportunity for salary increases every six months. Whether a team member is cutting their teeth into the software development industry or has decades of experience, all employees are treated with kindness, generosity, and respect. Back-end Engineer Lejla commended the opportunities to learn from one another and also confirmed the equal treatment of employees:

“I like the projects, people and atmosphere! I feel like we have a lot of interesting projects with different tech stacks, it's always interesting to share problems and learnings with each other. Also, I feel like there is no hierarchy and it's easy to raise any problems or day-to-day difficulties you encounter, and you will be met with understanding…Before, I was working mostly on enterprise projects with a big hierarchy where it was hard to switch teams, not to say projects. Now I am working for an ecommerce startup which is at a really interesting phase of growth where you encounter interesting performance and architectural questions and I am able to learn a lot…”

Back-end Developer Azra, echoed the feeling that everyone is respected for their unique experience:

“What kept me in Valens is that I am part of a team that knows that everyone's role is important and valued.”

Senior Front-end Developer Dalila remarked on the incredible opportunities for Personal Growth (10.0/10.0) and Feedback & Recognition (9.8/10.0), as well as the excellent Peer Rapport (10.0/10.0), feelings of Wellbeing (9.8/10.0), and sense of Satisfaction (9.6/10.0) generated from working at Valens:

“Valens has offered me all of the resources in any form to develop my career. Starting from the amazing equipment, great workspace, supportive colleagues, and access to online courses, platforms and books we are interested in…I love having such experienced people by my side that can guide me through my career. Aside from the experience, they are caring and always quickly respond to any request anyone might have. Also, team buildings are always amazing and very frequent!”

Clients Feel Zen With Valens

Valens’ philosophy for working with clients is to work with great drive as well as a sense of calm and confidence. Consultants and developers prioritize a strong foundational relationship with the client that is built on trust, proven results, kindness, as well as room for improvement. Receiving a stellar 9.7/10.0 for its Client Insights Score, Valens also scored a perfect 10.0/10.0 for Project Management and a remarkable 9.8/10.0 for UI / UX Design, Tech Expertise, Business Maturity, and Process Maturity.

Dino Pasic, the Head of Engineering at ViewPoint Feedback Ltd. lauded Valens’ professionalism, flexibility, speedy delivery, and his overall Customer Journey (9.4/10.0):

“After evaluating a few outsourcers I decided to work with Valens because of their professional approach and ability to integrate with our existing development team. They helped us deliver the new product way before expected.”

Ned Zadat, the CTO of Upstack appreciated the openness and efficiency of working with Valens:

“They are a well-organized company with super honesty and a transparent culture. Everything was delivered on time and without any issues.”

Valens works mainly within the following industries: Financial Services, Computer Software, and Consumer Services. Generally speaking, when tackling a new project, team members help clients name key aspects of their project, create a detailed plan around development and implementation, as well as focus on launching in cycles lasting 8 weeks at a time.

Sharply Tailored Technology

One team member is standing and pointing to a whiteboard with sticky notes while four other employees are sitting and listening in

Brainstorming New Technologies with Older Technologies (Post-Its on a Whiteboard)

As mentioned on their website, Valens’ vision is to provide the most up-to-date technologies in cost-effective manners that optimize digital practices and solutions. By saving time with improved technologies, clients can focus on other important tasks. The company believes in employing free, open-source technologies.

Valens typically works within the following domains: Back-end Development, Front-end Development, Implementation of Features, Mobile Development, MVP Development, Project Management, QA & Testing, Research and Development, Support and Rescue of Projects, and Web Development. Best suited for New Product Development, Team Augmentation, and Support And Maintenance, the company’s engagement types continue to expand.

A sampling of their tech stack includes JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, React.js, React Native, Flask, Node.js, C#, and PostgreSQL (to name a few!) While working with the pioneer of luxury travel Abercrombie & Kent on their website, Valens employed C#, .NET, Umbraco, MSSQL, Elastic Search and Redis. The client’s highly interactive and navigable website was a success for many reasons, one of which is due to the technologies applied.

Valens’ developers and consultants will guide you toward actionable ideas for the bright gem that is your project. So what do you say, shall we introduce you to Valens?


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