The Magnitude of Apps from Tapptitude

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October 11, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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The Magnitude of Apps from Tapptitude


BERLIN, Germany - Some refer to Tapptitude as a product studio, while others call it a full-stack app development team or a product partner. Regardless of the label, this exciting company is run by developers, designers, and specialists with a magnitude of talent for creating impact-driven digital products that matter. Clients are international and range from funded start-ups to top-tier brands who come to Tapptitude for guaranteed results. Let us ignite your curiosity and tell you why you should consider tapping into the world of Tapptitude.

Scaling a Product, Building a Business

In operation since 2013, Tapptitude is headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania with additional offices in New York City, Amsterdam, and London. We excitedly onboarded this mobile application development team in 2022 when it quickly became clear to us that this tech partner belongs in our community’s DNA.

Tapptitude works with iOS and Android mobile apps from ideation to product launch and all the steps in between, such as assessment, strategy, definition, design (including UI/UX design), development, and QA testing. With an impressive Overall Pangea Score of 8.9/10.0, it’s no wonder why Tapptitude boasts highly-respected clients such as Glorify, Wellory (more on this client later), and Imobiliare to name a few.

Gabriel Dombri, the CEO at Tapptitude, has the following to say about the impact of Tapptitude’s products:

“In Tapptitude, we believe that product innovation can emerge from anywhere and anyone can be a great founder if they have a deep passion for an important problem, humbles and a curiosity. We're here to empower such founders to build, validate & scale products that can help many people live better lives. ”

Tapptitude’s company values go beyond work-first platitudes, emphasizing the importance of centering the employee’s well-being and work-life balance. Values include Your Life First, Manage Yourself, Make Yourself Heard, Propose Solutions, and Create Meaning. One can see on the Tapptitude’s homepage that the company has won a bevy of accolades, including “Top Mobile App Developer” on Clutch in 2020, five stars from GoodFirms, a feature on Business of Apps, as well as a Best Mobile App Award.

A Team That Taps Into Action

Lovingly referring to themselves as the #TappSquad, the 105 (and counting) full-time employees at Tapptitude are driven, tapped into their clients’ needs, and proactive about seeing a high-quality product thoroughly from start to finish. This is a dedicated company that grew from 4 co-founders to an entire product team in less than 8 years and scored an excellent 8.4/10.0 for their Overall Team Health Score!

Relaxing After Hours

Team-building is a strong component that adds to the Well-being (8.5/10.0), Culture (8.5/10.0), Peer Rapport (8.7/10.0), and Personal Growth (8.7/10.0) of the team. Outings consist of games, campfire jams, photoshoots, and other team-bonding activities. iOS Tech Lead Catalin, who has been at Tapptitude since the beginning, spoke to the bi-directional rapport between the increasing number of employees:

“The thing that encourages me is that people of a certain kind, attract people of that same kind. Thus, even if I may not know everybody, and they may not know me, I trust that in every team member’s area of influence, there is someone that shares the same vision, goals and mindset that once lead to the foundation of Tapptitude, and that in these small circles, people are growing together.”

QA Engineer Adina also spoke joyfully of her co-workers:

“Tapptitude has a unique feel to it. The people here are the ideal blend of professionals who are fun, dedicated, and creative. We’re here to build and deliver fantastic products, exchange expertise, and learn new things. Not to forget about the memorable memes that will crack you up every day.”

Other aspects, such as transparency, inclusivity, diversity, and creative collaboration are also crucial aspects of what makes Tapptitude a magnificent company to work for. Full-stack Developer Rares gave us a nifty glimpse into the sorts of projects he’s proud to have worked on:

“At Tapptitude, I’ve had the opportunity to work on lots of projects with amazing people. I’ve worked on meditation-oriented apps to dating apps with start-ups from the UK, The Netherlands and even El Salvador! The diversity in projects is the main reason Tapptitude kept me engaged for all this time because, with each new project, I learn a lot of new things, and it contributes immensely to my personal development.”

Clients’ Tidal Wave of Gratitude

The team at Tapptitude has won over clients’ hearts as evidenced by an excellent Client Insights score of 9.4/10.0! Whether it’s attending to a client’s business goal, such as increasing and retaining user engagement or solving problems in a streamlined manner, Tapptitude places an equal premium on people and performance. The top industry they work within is Consumer Services, while other industries have included Fitness, Healthcare, Education, E-commerce, Banking, Retail, Restaurants, Real Estate, Finance, Logistics, AR, SaaS, and IoT.

Speaking of performance, they scored a perfect 10.0/10.0 for UI/UX Design and Business Maturity, in addition to an impressive 9.3/10.0 for Tech Expertise, Quality Assurance, and Process Maturity. Ian Moore, the CEO of DEMI, expressed his awe at the team’s knowledge as well as his loyalty to them:

“Gabriel and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. They are a partner of ours and not outsourced guns for hire. Tapptitude has been with us from day one and will be with us for a long, long time.”

Myles Munro, the Founder of Slite, remarked on the stellar Customer Journey (9.3/10.0) and Project Management (9.3/10.0) that the team provided for Slite:

“Tapptitude are exceptional developers. They have been invaluable in scoping, designing and implementing our vision. They are highly competent and I could not recommend them more.”

Appetite for Technology

The technological prowess behind the team at Tapptitude goes beyond an aptitude for technology. Here, you’ll find an insatiable hunger for the latest research and development needed to build quality, lasting digital products.

tapptitude teamwork

Teamwork for the Best Digital Solution(s)

Speaking of appetite, Tapptitude is proud to have worked on the wellness app Wellory, which connects users with nutrition coaches to design personalized food plans that go against the grain of diet culture. The team worked on MVPs for the client and coach, as well as a web admin that streamlines administrative tasks, which solved the issues that the old SMS system posed. For those invested in nurturing their long-term relationship with food (which, in turn, informs one’s mental wellness), this app is a must!

Tapptitude is best suited for New Product Development and Team Augmentation. Their services and the domains they work with include Back-end Development, Front-end Development, ML/AI Services, Mobile Development, MVP Development, Project Management, Prototyping and Proof of Concepts, QA & Testing, Research and Development, Strategy Consulting, UX/UI Design, and Web Development.

Their main tech stack consists of Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Angular.js, Flutter, React Native, AWS, and SQL to name a few!

So we’re hungry to know: Are you interested in dipping into the world of Tapptitude for your digital project? If so, write to us and we’d be thrilled to introduce the two of you to each other. This is a wave you’ll definitely want to catch.


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