Tech387 Is Quite the Number!

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December 7, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Tech387 Is Quite the Number!


BERLIN, Germany - You don’t need to do the math because we already have the right number for you: it's 387! Tech387 has been offering innovative and customised software solutions since 2017. The company from Bosina and Herzegovina will help you turn your ideas into data-driven products in no time!

Cracking the Code to Success

Tech387, based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is on a mission for nothing less than greatness. Since the company's founding in 2017, the team has helped many businesses, large and small, on their journey to success—and may soon help you with the same! Just ask their , co-founder and CEO, Arslan Hajdarević, who has a warm welcome for all potential clients:

“Our passion lies in supporting you in your road to success and this is the foundation of our integrity. [...] Tech 387 is a big family, and we welcome you as our most valuable member.”

One of the company's core beliefs is honest and open communication, whether with external partners or their own employees. The ambitious team listens to the needs of its business partners and works with the highest level of efficiency and commitment so that companies can achieve precisely the great results they want.

And indeed, this approach has proven itself in many cases; Tech387 is trusted by companies such as SpartanApps, Unifai, Samsung, Huawei, Volkswagen and many more. We took all of the factors above into our equation, and our calculations resulted in an overall Pangea score of an impressive 9.6/10.0—a true testament to Tech387's culture of success!

Satisfied Clients Across Industries—and the Globe!

From start-ups and scale-ups to small and medium-sized companies, a significant number of clients have already placed their trust in Tech387. The company has helped clients around the world implement digital transformation in various industries, such as automotive, computer software, financial services, food and beverage, and food production.

The following are just a few of many enthusiastic reviews from their international clients. Regular customer and longtime Tech387 fan David Rogosky, CEO at Diamond App Group LLC, tells us:

”Over the last 4 years, Tech387 has built a best-in-class backend infrastructure for our mobile fitness apps, as well as amazing features such as a customized training plan algorithm and a calorie tracking feature. UI/UX is amazing. Highly recommend it.”

Jonathan Jansen, Founder at Wobbl, echos this enthusiasm and reports:

”One of the most critical aspects to building a successful technology is finding your developer. Tech387 have gone over and above to deliver on incredible projects. I will be a lifelong customer.”

Diving into the numbers, Tech387 impresses with an overall Pangea Client Health Score of 9.7/10.0, an excellent score buyed by perfect scores in both Quality Assurance and Process Maturity to go along with a whopping 9.6/10.0 in five different metrics: Customer Journey, UI / UX Design, Project Management, Tech Expertise and Business Maturity! Clearly Tech387 has numbers that convince!

Collaboration is key at Tech387

People Count More Than Numbers

Yet far more important to the Bosnian company than any number or figure, are its valuable employees. There are 30 of them, to be exact, and they form a family that sticks together. The corporate culture can be described as positive, dynamic and encouraging. Every employee, regardless of position, is given the chance to contribute to the achievement of their personal and professional goals.

All employees are carefully selected by management and trained in work ethics and cultural sensitivity. The stories of all team members are given space and aligned with the company culture. Attention is paid to diversity and inclusion, as both are seen as a source of innovation. Mensur Mesanovic, Financial Controller, highlights the diversity of the Tech387 team and its benefits as follows:

“My favourite thing about Tech387 are the people who I share the office spaces with. Coming from different backgrounds and interests, every day I have countless opportunities to learn from them and expand my horizons.”

With a shared desire to push the boundaries of creative minds and innovative technologies, employees are the driving force behind Tech387's success. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Pangea Team Health scores are also outstanding: the overall score is 9.5/10.0, with Culture and Management Rapport (9.6/10.0) and Personal Growth (9.7/10.0) scoring particularly well. On the last point, Lead Engineer Faruk Cidic comments on the opportunity to learn and grow at Tech387:

“Tech387 has offered me an opportunity to develop, both personally and on a professional level. I joined the team as an intern, and over a relatively short period of time I have risen up the ranks to become a Lead Developer.”

Moreover, Edin Sahinovic, Graphic Designer, sums up Tech387’s spirit in 3 words and elaborates:

“The three words that best describe Tech387 are teamwork, unity and passion. We are all passionately united towards the same goal, and we constantly strive to achieve our objectives by operating as a unified team.”

Part of the Tec387 team at a company gathering

Take On the 387 Approach

There are many areas in which Tech387's talented team is experienced, including Artificial Intelligence, Backend, Big Data, CMS, Data Analytics, and Visualisation. Mostly, they implement projects using a best-in-class tech stack of AWS, Google Cloud Console, Python, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Golang, Angular, React Native, and Kubernetes.

Take on the 387 approach when you want to develop a completely new product, need someone to take care of a project handover, or need urgent support & maintenance with existing systems. With integrity, communication & teamwork, commitment, goal orientation and innovation, they will tackle all your challenges because these are the very values that make up the company.

If you feel inspired now and think that Tech387 could be a good choice to turn your next ideas into data-driven digital products, keep this hot number in mind—or to sum it up in the words of CEO Arslan:

“We stand together with you from beginning to end, regardless of circumstances. Empowering your business with finest and innovative technologies is our driving force. We trade knowledge, ideas and opinions for something bigger. With passion, focus and efficiency, together we will enter a world of infinite possibilities.”


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