Take the Trip of a Lifetime with Railwaymen

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September 5, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Take the Trip of a Lifetime with Railwaymen


BERLIN, Germany - This is your conductor speaking, please fasten your seatbelts for a journey through the world of technology with Railwaymen. On this ride, your ideas will be turned into customised apps and software. You will see a versatile and experienced team mixed with a full load of enthusiasm for innovation. Pangea has been privileged enough to support this quest for success since 2018. Bon voyage!

All Aboard The Railwaymen Train!

Railwaymen's adventurous journey began in 2009 when three friends who share the same unconditional love for Ruby on Rails embarked on a venture of their own. Railwaymen has been on track for over a decade, delivering the best software to any destination in the world from Krakow, Poland.

Indeed, Railwaymen has already made stops all over the world, convincing multitudes of people with its award-winning approach to building software. Just some of their satisfied passengers, so to speak, have included top players such as ProEst, ProTenders, Apple Seeds, CostTracker, and Crowdcreate.

CEO, Łukasz Mlynek, tells us why everyone should jump on board with Railywaymen:

“Our mission is to focus on building functional, user-friendly, and fully-tested custom web and mobile applications. We nurture the positive atmosphere in our team, and as a result, we manage to have the best development talents on board. Having more than 10 years of experience in​ the market, we have successfully delivered over 100 projects worldwide.”

Pangea welcomes Railwaymen to the top percentile of software companies worldwide and urges those just boarding to pay close attention to what else this savvy Polish software company has to offer—sit back and relax!

First Stop: The Land of Employee Satisfaction

When passing by Railwaymen, you will find a vast land of 51 truly delighted railwaymen and women. The team is a mix of experience and innovation, of colleagues and friends, of professional( yet fun) people. The team is a close-knit group that enjoys spending time together, even outside of work or at one of the many merry team events. It is this team spirit that helps employees to be more creative and efficient at work, and that holds everything together.

Working at Railwaymen has a lot of goodies in store, such as weekly tech talks hosted by one of the staff on a current topic, a sports subscription, a healthcare package, free pizza, and much more.

With an average seniority level of 3.5 years, employees are happy to share their knowledge and skills, e.g. by writing articles for the community or organising internal workshops to inspire each other. Looking at their Team Health score, Railwaymen’s ratings in Peer Rapport and Advocacy (both 8.2/10.0) are particularly noteworthy. A retention rate of 80% shows that Railwaymen employees really enjoy the journey the company takes them on!

Tomek, Senior Ruby on Rails Developer, confirms why he has stayed with the company for so long:

“It is the best place where I can develop my skills.”

Asia, Junior QA Engineer, cheerfully adds what she likes best about working at Railwaymen:

“There are friendly programmers working here. I can ask them simple or complex questions and they will always answer it or give me the support I need.”

Railwaymen employees preparing for a group meal

Next Stop: The Road to Success

At Railwaymen, there is nothing more important than the client's success. And the company has a big stake in exactly this success of its customers. So far, they have developed more than 125 web and mobile apps for renowned companies, startups, agencies, venture builders or innovation hubs. Along the way, they have taken aboard companies from the construction, food and beverage, financial services, education management, or design sectors. Indeed, they leave no one out on their travels!

The fact that Railwaymen successfully gets all projects from A to B is demonstrated not only by a Pangea Client Insights Score of 8.3/10.0 but also by the enthusiastic reviews of their customers:

“When they commit to something, they deliver it. They adjusted the team size according to our needs. They’re not like many teams I’ve worked with. (…) They do more than just code, they’ve become part of the team.”

- Karim Helal, CEO @ ProTenders

“Railwaymen are extremely professional, up-to-date on technology trends, and a true reliable partner that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for development firms.”

- Taylor Hou, Founder/Head of Product @ Remark

“They have done everything from helping us to develop the scope of our work, through specifications, to doing design. (…) They are great not just at executing but also contributing out-of-the-box ideas!”

- Cory Azzalino, CEO @ Rally Charge & Safe Driving

Additionally, Railwaymen gets top marks in the areas of Customer Journey (8.6/10.0), Project Management (8.7/10.0), and—last but not least—for its sophisticated technical skills (8.5/10.0), the key factor on the road to their and their client’s success.

The morning standup in full forst

… Final Stop, or Just the Beginning?

You have a brilliant idea, let Railwaymen take care of creating and implementing your software! They can inspire your train of thought with their wide range of digital services and drive your business forward. The skilled team will help you with everything mobile, create world-class apps, assist you with CRM, design and SaaS projects.

When it comes to their tech stack, It goes without saying that one of their most commonly used programming languages is Ruby on Rails (hence the name). In addition, the engineers are proficient in React.js, Node.js, Swift, Kotlin, React Native, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, and Java—leaving nothing to be desired.

Whether you need assistance with the development of a new product, support with the maintenance of your software or want to strengthen your team, Railwaymen will be your trusted partner and travel companion.

CEO, Łukasz, explains to us why with Railwaymen you are not just in transit but will have a long-term partner by your side:

“Most of our projects are long-term partnerships, where we advise our clients on the business side, build the software, and then support & develop it for years! So what you get with us is a stable, highly engaged development team, which gains greater, and a greater understanding of your business each day.”

Let's take a look at the company's values, the wagons that never let Railwaymen go off the rails: Railwaymen offers excellent and high-quality products, builds long-term customer partnerships, truly understands the needs of their partners, and fosters a friendly atmosphere while maintaining a professional environment.

At Pangea, we're sure that this is not the end of the line, but just the beginning of an ever-growing and successful tech company to keep an eye on. Contact us directly or have a look at their engagement page—and get on board with Railwaymen to drive your business to success!


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