Take Digital Innovation to the Next Level with Hypernova Labs

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August 13, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Take Digital Innovation to the Next Level with Hypernova Labs


BERLIN, Germany — Meet Hypernova Labs, the latest addition to Pangea’s trusted global network of partners. This Latin American software development lab effectively transforms ideas into digital solutions, backed by highly trained and committed personnel. Need help with your next project? Put on your lab coat, and step into HyperNova Labs to explore the possibilities!

Conducting Innovative Tech Experiments Since 2013

Hypernova Labs was born in 2013 with the aim of simplifying technology problems for a range of companies. Fast-forward to 2021 and numerous milestones later, they are accomplishing their mission of becoming one of the best software developers in the region ­– having earned their stripes working with Cochez, Ralph Lauren, and Club Activo. From their humble beginnings as a dynamic duo of tech specialists, Hypernova Labs has evolved into a fully-fledged IT provider across Central America, Colombia, and Panama.

Hypernova Labs’ HQ in Panama City, houses a thriving hub of software developers who glide seamlessly between web, mobile app, and product development; cloud services; and web systems solutions. But don’t be fooled by the glossy, high-tech exterior: at their core, Hypernova Labs’ values of honesty, responsibility, trust, honor, and family are decidedly human-centered. As CEO Axel De Leon illustrates, their approachable modus operandi extends to their clients:

Our vision is to be able to simplify the technology problems of each company. Make their concern, ours. That way we can help them and give them the tranquility they are looking for. Our work is our letter of introduction, for this reason, we are at our best disposal to give you the solution you are looking for.”

We were thrilled to welcome this Latin American powerhouse to the Pangea family. Read on to discover what makes Hypernova Labs such an ideal and trustworthy partner, certified by us with a Pangea Overall Score of 8.1/10.0.

The Winning Formula

Hypernova Labs attracts some of the region’s best talents, known for their deep software expertise. As a testament to this, their diverse team of 50+ people hails from 12 countries; speaks four languages, and is not limited to tech scientists and engineers. You’ll find math geniuses, standup comedians, crossfit trainers, activists, competitive motorcyclists, and keen sportsmen who even started their own company soccer team.

Account Executive Recruit Ana Cristina Arias sums up the qualities of this multi-talented bunch:

“The team here is supportive, friendly, flexible, and what I consider to be the most important quality: they are all available to help and teach whenever someone needs it. It truly is an environment that fosters growth and makes you believe in yourself.”

Hypernova Labs’ reputation in Panama as an exceptional place to work is totally well-founded, as seen from their investment in employees — starting from a competitive salary and performance bonuses; through to high-speed internet and the latest tech gear of choice (aka a software professional’s lifeblood!).

Teamwork, professional growth, and personal development are the pillars of company culture. With a strong emphasis on learning and growing, much of the company’s budget is allocated towards courses (including English language certifications), reading, and work materials. The team has access to proprietary training systems and mentors on a variety of leading technologies.

Hypernova Labs’ winning formula clearly produces a positive chemical reaction — securing an average employee retention rate of 65%, and resulting in a Team Health Score of 7.8/10.0. In this compound, the winning elements are culture and personal growth (both rated 8.2/10.0) and management rapport (8.1/10.0).

But what truly stands out is their employee’s commitment and responsibility to their clients. With average seniority of 4.1 years, they are more than capable of tackling the challenging development needs of Silicon Valleys’s most demanding firms. This unit will work tirelessly to help you build your own company, and always with a collaborative and friendly approach.

Full Stack Developer Lucas Cabrales, who joined in 2016, shares:

“Here at Hypernova Labs, our knowledge is composite, we all complement each other in every field and resource. There is always someone that knows something that will help you overcome any obstacles you might encounter.”

Recent recruit and front-end developer Alek Rutherford also personifies the company’s can-do attitude:

“I have had the opportunity to work on several projects, which have shown me that it is fundamental to be flexible with the different frameworks that one works. Previously, I preferred to be in my comfort zone and work with what I know, but thanks to the opportunities that have been presented to me, I have been able to learn new technologies and work methodologies that will be very useful in the rest of my professional life.”

The Hypernova team out for a company dinner

The Right Client Chemistry

In Hypernova Labs’ periodic table of elements, tech expertise scores highly, leading to a chart-topping 10.0/10.0 in Pangea’s Client Insight Score! Their UI / UX Design score is a whopping 9.3/10.0 — resulting in an overall score of 8.4/10.0.

We asked some of the enterprises and corporations that work with Hypernova Labs—particularly those in the building materials industry — to enlighten us. How has the team reached and maintained equilibrium with their clients, resulting in excellent customer satisfaction?

The CTO of Ralph Lauren Latin America, Julio Arrocha, credits the company for playing a pivotal role in digitizing an esteemed, global household brand:

They played a very important role in our digital transformation, they supported us a lot with innovation in the order-taking processes for the Wholesale business [MOU1] in Latam. ”

Raul Ramsay, VP of Technology of Club Activo 20–30 Panama, shines the spotlight on the team’s outstanding approach to client relations and emotional intelligence:

”Hypernova Labs is a very client-oriented and experienced service provider. We have a very pleasant experience working with them making our projects a reality. I would also highlight their availability and openness to overcome challenges.”

Last but not least, another client has found a real asset in Hypernova Labs , and a long-term partner to spur their innovation:

”We have worked on several projects with Hypernova Labs during the last couple of years. They have finished all the projects, always meeting or exceeding our expectations. We plan on working with them as long as we keep innovating in our company. ”

Even the sales meetings at Hypernova are colorful

Offering Ideal Tech Solutions

If you are looking for scalable tech solutions developed to the highest lab standards, look no further than Hypernova Labs. While their support extends to Team Augmentation and Firefighting Response, they are masters in Backend, Frontend, Large Cloud Infrastructures, and Mobile Development.

There’s nothing Hypernova Labs loves more than the thrill of bringing their clients’ ideas to life, which is why they specialize in New Product Development. Their mobile team takes pride in tackling the most difficult challenges and bringing them to life on Android and iOS devices. On the backend side, they serve clients with API development services and DevOps implementation.

By leveraging the latest technologies on both the back-end and the front-end side, Hypernova Labs creates real-time, scalable, and efficient solutions that can move your business to the next level. Over the years, they have cultivated an ample tech stack that covers languages like Angular, NET Core, Java, Microsoft Azure, MongoDB, Node.js, React Native, and Salesforce. They continue to conduct tech-focused experiments in new directions with the likes of Python, Amazon Alexa for Business and Amazon API Gateway, and more.

As with any lab, staying organized is imperative to ensure safety and productivity — and Hypernova Labs is no exception. They rely on the tried-and-tested working processes that include Agile Development Methodology, Kanban, and Scrum Development Methodology; combined with a client-centric approach. Real-time collaboration is achieved via daily SCRUM videoconference to keep on top of completed tasks and proactively solve any problems.

This unique combination of factors enables the successful, real-time alignment between clients and Hypernova Labs’ highly-skilled network of tech engineers, to deliver the highest customer value.

Let’s return to the words of CEO Axel De Leon, who encapsulates the company’s vision as follows:

“We would like to welcome you to HYPERNOVA LABS. Our mission as a company is not to be seen as a client, but as part of your company and willing to help you and give you the tranquility you are looking for.”

All in all, Hypernova Labs’ focused dedication and top-notch tech skills — combined with company values of honesty, responsibility, trust, honor, family —  create a truly unique and well-calibrated blend of technology and humanity that has won us over, along with their growing client base. We have no doubt that the best is yet to come for them!

If you have an idea that needs translating into concrete form, and you feel there would be good chemistry with Hypernova Labs, hop on over to their engagement page and we’ll be happy to bind you two together for an introduction!


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