Start your digital evolution with Commencis!

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January 12, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Start your digital evolution with Commencis!


BERLIN, Germany – We are delighted to welcome Turkey-based - Commencis - to the Pangea family, joining the ranks of the top 7% of software development vendors worldwide. A proven player in fintech, data analytics, UX/UI design, and mobile app development, Commencis has helped leading brands grow and scale their digital presence for over 15 years!

Spinning a world-wide-web

From their humble beginnings in 2000, Commencis has grown steadily over the past two decades to become one of the most well-respected software development companies in Turkey and beyond. Commanding 187 full-time employees (FTE) spread across offices in Istanbul, London, and Berlin, Commencis has achieved marked success both home and abroad.

In 2018, Commencis took the top prize at Turkey’s prestigious Altın Örümcek (Golden Spider) Web Awards for their outstanding work with Pegasus Airlines and followed it up last year by snagging the Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner of the Year for the country. Indeed, their cloud products and robust data analytics are relied upon by major financial services, insurance, and retail brands across more than 20 countries!

Recently, we at Pangea had the privilege to visit Commencis and truly evaluate the company during the verification process - we were quite pleased with our findings!

Team members discussing a project at Commencis HQ

A welcoming work-place

At 187 FTE and growing, Commencis remains committed to their employees. Fostering a supportive and educational work culture that is evidenced by their overall Team Health Score of 8.3/10. The company maintains a 90% overall retention rate with the average employee having 4.8 years of experience, so it comes as no surprise that personal growth and a rapport between peers were rated particularly strongly among the “Commencers” we interviewed in our assessment:

Importantly, Commencis welcomes talent from across the age and gender spectrum. Take Murat Özkan—veteran software engineer, tennis junkie, and would-be starship captain—who recently joined the company due to its mix of “corporate culture, and its start-up ‘soul’.” After 25 years of engineering experience (including founding his own start-up a decade ago), you might think he’d seen it all, but Murat was still blown away by the “warm welcome” he received at the company.

Decades his junior, QA superstar Arda Özerten also had nothing but good things to say about the company culture and team-building events (which included an epic Brazillian Samba dance show), listing a seemingly endless slew of reasons for what keeps him at Commencis ranging from a sense of “friendship and community in the company” to the “encouragement that the company provides to try new approaches''. Clearly, the management team is doing something right to keep such effusive employees:

“At Commencis we strive to learn and grow together. That’s why we have presentation sessions called Commencer Sessions where we share our knowledge and experience with our colleagues.”

- Cemre Yalvaç, “legendary” business analyst with the soul of an actress

“Commencis is a great workplace and a tight-knit community where like-minded people come together and try to do something that has not been done before.”

- Aslı Yerci Eren, master business strategist, foodie, and global adventurer

“Commencis is a leading technology company in digital transformation with top talent and individuals who are empowered to use a diversified set of new technology and tools. I always wanted to be a part of a company that considers both emerging technologies and employee quality.”

- Pınar Ersoy, passionate data scientist, and talented charcoal sketch artist

The Commencers relaxing at a cooking class

“Not just a vendor”

The employees aren’t the only ones that hold the company in high esteem; Boasting an average Client Score of 8.9/10, Commencis has clearly left a lasting impression on their clients. Their UI/UX Design was particularly appreciated by the four clients surveyed, netting a score of 9.3/10 and driving home their ability to thrive in areas outside of their main data-driven focus.

By maintaining “fair, transparent, direct, and open” lines of communication with all their clients, Commencis has built long-lasting and meaningful relationship with all their stakeholders:

“We’ve been working with Commencis for many years and they have a great team, They are now a partner for us, no longer just a vendor”

- Head of Software, Enterprise/Corporation

“Commencis boosted the process [of finding new/reliable financial technologies] for banks with great knowledge and talent.”

- Serci Yildr, Product Owner, Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş.

Want to know more?

How do you know if Commencis is the right partner for you?

The company strives for a balanced output of services to ensure the right scope tech stack is chosen for a given project; to that end, they have a diverse pool of engineers fluent in multiple languages and software ecosystems, the full list of which can be found in our Tech Focus area. With their tech-driven design team collaborating hand in hand with their engineering team, Commencis has an integrated and interdisciplinary workforce that can cater to their clients’ every need.

Due to their diversity and “technology agnostic” perspective, they are more than equipped to handle your UX/UI Design, Cloud Services, Data Visualization, and Front-end or Mobile Development needs. But those are certainly not the only services they can provide; a group of self-professed technology enthusiasts, the Commencis team is continuously learning new techniques in order to make smart and purposeful choices in what products they can offer To get a sense of their full capability, average kick-off time, and engagement value, pop over to the Engagement details area and have a look around!

Here at Pangea, we have no doubt that Commencis will continue to provide top-notch services for any engagement that necessitates the resources of a versatile company. With an already impressive record of transforming businesses, we have no doubt that Commencis will stay relevant and push boundaries in a demanding and ever-changing digital world.

Welcome to the Pangea team, Commencers!


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