Spice Up Client Affairs With the Passion of Salt & Pepper

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June 7, 2021

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June 11, 2024

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Spice Up Client Affairs With the Passion of Salt & Pepper


BERLIN, Germany - Recognizing the difference simple spices can make to a recipe, Salt & Pepper looks to develop simple solutions to complex problems. This newest member of the Pangea universe describes themselves as multi-skilled, curious, passionate, and always on the lookout for a challenge to solve. So for your next project, why not add a little Salt & Pepper?

Infusing Brands With Sizzling Flavor

In operation since 2016, Salt & Pepper call Cluj-Napoca, Romania their home. Salt & Pepper’s main desire is to learn and grow alongside their clients. They are open-minded and enthusiastic, preferring to find the nuances hidden amongst the grey instead of looking at the world as black and white. They value integrity above all else and like to keep it simple while constantly raising the standard they previously met delivering the most efficient solutions.

But beyond the romancing of lofty ideals, Salt & Pepper can get down to brass tacks. With mobile app design and development, business-oriented web solutions, and creative design among their assets, Salt & Pepper’s CEO Cristin Iosif sums up his company as:

“Salt & Pepper is a full-service software development company that provides a complete range of services required for building great products: consulting, business analysis, UI/UX design, web & mobile development, and quality assurance. We consider ourselves to be a new generation company, a mix between the world of big organizations and the startup ecosystem.”

Pangea was eager to welcome this enticing European company into our fold after they earned a Pangea Score of 9.2/10.0. Read on to learn exactly why Salt & Pepper makes for such an alluring partner!

Captivating Ingredients

A swanky time with Salt & Pepper

Boasting 45+ members of committed professionals, Salt & Pepper is devoted to engaging in its employee’s health and well-being. Social events, company retreats, laser tag, rafting, team-building activities, gaming, and movie nights are all part of their self-care regimen. These treatments are complemented with yearly Christmas and Halloween parties to ensure the team retains all the spice for life that expresses their company’s spirit.

This joie de vivre is best exemplified in a company retreat that involved a week on a yacht in Greece. With this sumptuous and indulging amount of self-love, Pangea's Team Health Score of 8.9/10.0 hardly seems like an overstatement. Dialing down into this excellent score a bit more, the company actually earned above 90% in the categories of management rapport, culture, and personal growth.

Indeed, the company fully recognizes the importance of training in making a fertile working environment and attracting the right partners. Salt & Pepper connects employees with mentors within the company and offers a vast library of learning resources at their office and in their cloud. Regular coaching between seniors and juniors on various topics also keeps the company primed for their future encounters.

Salt & Pepper's secret spice has always been its team which is proactive and passionate about their work. Recruiting open-minded individuals and allowing them to be themselves ensures the team is always open to learning new things and challenging the status quo. Radu Imandi, React Native Developer, shares with us his recruitment experience:

“I simply decided to open up my perspective. I’ve interviewed here and there, but when Anda (the HR Manager of S&P) called me, I could feel her energy through the phone, and I simply liked the interaction.

I loved that I could be myself during both the HR and the technical interview.”

Similarly, Denisa Sicoe, Front-end Developer, confides how she felt like the spark she felt with the company was almost astrological providence:

“It’s like the planets aligned (laughs). I was looking for a place to develop my skills, and I really felt like I fitted into this team quite well. I loved the atmosphere at the office, and I just knew, day by day, that I enjoyed coming to work. It wasn’t a struggle, I didn’t feel the need to say things like ‘Isn’t it Friday already?’ (laughs). So, I would honestly say that the planets aligned.”

Just as in their client relationships, Salt & Pepper recognizes that communication and listening to one another’s needs is an essential part of their employee relations. Madalina Marincas, Head of Project Management asserts:

“I spend a great deal of time talking and listening to my colleagues because I want them to know that they can always come to me with anything. “

Being listened to and cared for creates trust, as the team at Salt & Pepper well know. Full-stack JavaScrip developer Alessandro Merola describes the company’s reciprocity and welcoming nature:

“Usually, it takes a lot of time before I can put my trust in someone or an organization, but here, I’ve been greeted with trust, so I think it was a natural process that made me reciprocate that towards the entire team.”

Wooing Clients

Salt & Pepper may be a company of young individuals, but they are a well-seasoned and experienced partner that brings nimbleness to their client partnerships. When we asked their varied and diverse clientele to talk about the company, they all unanimously proclaimed how head over heels they are for Salt & Pepper. The company earned a chart-topping Client Insight Score of 9.6/10.0, with perfect 10’s in technical expertise and documentation!

Ethan Mayers, CEO of ChalkNotes proclaims their prowess:

“Excellent hiring practices. Flexible. Great communication. They figure out how to get things done.”

They are not just effective and capable allies, but also compliment their partners and ensure they feel they are in a committed relationship. Andrei Peters, CIO of Creditors Relief assures us that:

“From day one, we felt as [if we were] part of the team. The PM helped us on board, gave us the technical knowledge we were missing, provided documentation to understand future steps, and was always there for our questions. Above and beyond I would say.”

Being attentive to their partner’s needs is in the end the foundation to what provides their customer satisfaction. The COO of AI Exchange Ltd feeds us the testimony of their enjoyable experience:

“Cristin and his team are highly dedicated operators - they wear the jersey of the firm they are focused on, own the project, and deliver quality every time. They are a true pleasure to work with.”

Nothing wins over client’s hearts like a Serenade

Something for Every Taste

Whether you are looking for an ample mobile technology stack or a well-rounded back-end developer, Salt & Pepper has something for every taste. Their direction in terms of technology strives to look for the best technologies available to build digital products that matter. They strive to serve their clients with the best quality of technologies while also offering enjoyable challenges to their tech team because a long-lasting relationship requires both sides to be satiated. This balance has developed their expertise in React Native, React.JS, HTML/HTML5, CSS, AWS Lambda, Python, PHP, Java, Swift, and Objective-C

Their chosen technology for your project will be determined by their team’s expertise, talent availability, and last but not least, the team's preferences. The client’s openness to experimentation of course plays a major role in the spiciness of the collaboration and often translates into learning opportunities for the team. This open-mindedness has led to Salt&Pepper’s developing familiarity with less common languages like Kubernetes, Golang, and Rust.

Just as salt and pepper are a must for just about every meal, Salt & Pepper is able to handle just about any job! If you are curious to contract with this tasty team of movers and shakers just head over to their engagement page and we’ll be happy to connect you with a member of the Salt & Pepper family. In closing, we return to the words of CEO Cristin, who identifies his company’s vision as follows:

We can help change the world around us for the better by using design & technology to build digital products.

A lofty ambition, but with company values that include leadership by example, ambition to succeed, teamwork, and learning/growing we here at Pangea feel like they are well on their way to adding a bit more flavor to the digital world!


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