Sparks Fly With Sparkbit

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September 17, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Sparks Fly With Sparkbit


BERLIN, Germany - Strike a match and light up your next project with Sparkbit! Ease your backend burdens with a team trained in working through ever-changing conditions with skill and aplomb. This longtime member of Pangea brings ample experience and a positive attitude to every assignment on the table, so Sparkbit a fire today!

Kindling a Flame

The spark for the Warsaw, Poland-based company flared to life in 2014 with a vision - building bespoke systems with an individualized approach to every client. They are flexible and focused, adapting to new challenges in creative and original approaches. But why them? CEO Michał Kręglewski goes into further detail:

We work in close cooperation with you at each stage of our work. This allows us to build bespoke software solutions that are maximally suited to your needs and the specific character of the sector. Thanks to the many years of work on software projects in various areas, we have built up invaluable technical competencies, which we use and develop further in the course of working on new assignments. We attach great importance to the quality of our work. In everything we do, we follow the industry's best practices and standards of today. We develop custom-made software to help you boost your business!​”

With the explosive success that comes from this level of specificity and attention to detail, it comes as no surprise that some of their top clients have included industry giants like workplace mental health platform DearEmployee, German smart-mobility app Altermobili, and direct-to-consumer fashion importer Italist. Check out their Pangea Score today!

Sparking Joy

The team itself at Sparkbit is made up of highly trained, exceptionally experienced engineers, project managers, and business consultants; the average employee has over 11 years of experience in their field, and as CEO Michał points out, they continue to grow:

“Sparkbit employs talented and aspiring specialists who aim to create world-class products. We see learning as a lifetime process. The tech world changes so rapidly; it’s essential to be up to date with the newest and latest. We share our experience and encourage you to expand your skills and knowledge. We’ve created a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels appreciated and belongs to​ the organization. We value transparent and open forms of communication. We know how important it is to listen to every person's ideas.”

Company Jenga!

Valuing each and every individual at the company is key to a healthy workplace environment, so a day in the life of a Sparkbit employee starts with a company-wide common breakfast, a recently introduced tradition that has already lit a fire for team morale. Between coffee, sandwiches, and Friday treats of sweet croissants, Cini the dev dog will likely stop by for pats and potential snacks. There is no waiting period for employee benefits, either; they start the day that new employees start, which likely factors into Sparkbit’s stunning first year and overall retention rates of 95% success. After-work drinks on the terrace regularly take place, so it comes as no surprise that the Peer Rapport portion of their Pangea Team Health Score tops the list of criteria at 8.7/10.0! The company blog encourages employees:

“Don’t worry to ask questions. As we all know – ‘who asks, doesn’t wander’. We guarantee that everyone will be ready to help you.”

The flexibility that Sparkbit applies to their project approaches extends to their employees, as well; however a team member feels most comfortable working, they have a position that fits their preference:

“In our software house, if you only want to, you would be given the chance to check yourself in many different projects, gain new experience in different areas and develop your skills in new directions and technologies. But in case you prefer working with one customer for a longer time and regular development of his/her product or solution – we will also have a proposal for you.”

Most of all, Sparkbit encourages growth, skills acquisition, and knowledge expansion with their team, and they mean business:

“We also share knowledge – anyone can prepare training or presentation for other developers. In this way, you earn points as part of our Sparkbit development program, which you can spend on conferences, external training or obtaining certificates, which is simply your personal development. We also have a company library with interesting positions from our industry, which we are constantly expanding with the latest worth of reading books.”

Come to the Spark Side

A wealth of experience and expanding knowledge allows for an unmatched amount of adaptability that Sparkbit can bring to the table for their clients, and with a 90% client satisfaction rate in the Tech Expertise metrics for their Pangea Client Insights Score, companies of every size can find what they are looking for with this team. Whether you’re a consultancy, a large enterprise, an innovation hub, or a startup anywhere in the seed to series B++ range, Sparkbit has the know-how to kindle a new project to life and set existing projects on fire. An IT services client beams with praise for their reliability:

“If they promise something, they will really come through. Sparkbit applied their technical expertise to understanding complex specifications. They worked around the clock to deliver quality products; they offered valuable insights to optimize the solution.”

A senior consultant working with a management consulting corporation had more glowing reviews for the quality of the company’s products:

“Sparkbit delivered a new system with superior features and better scalability than our previous vendor. The system earned overwhelming praise from internal stakeholders for its functionality and scalability. Sparkbit delivered an excellent product on time and at great value. The team demonstrated responsiveness, in-depth knowledge, and excellent project organization from start to finish.”

Mapping out clients around the world!

The best and brightest commendation yet comes from the VP of engineering at a series A retail startup, celebrating the ease with which their team integrated into their workflow:

“They’ve made our collaboration effortless and pleasant; we can’t imagine working without them now. The team reliably delivers excellent products on time, leading to more work for Sparkbit. They make the collaboration seamless, providing creative solutions and critical insights while communicating efficiently and keeping long-term goals in mind. Executive engagement ensures a smooth process.”

Satisfied clients come in many forms, from banking and financial services to leisure, travel, and tourism, from software to IT services. How can Sparkbit adapt to your sparkle?

Scintillating Systems

Sparkbit’s reliability and quality results are not just a flash in the pan; they back up their work with a glittering tech stack that includes Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, Apache Cassandra, Kotlin, AWS, React Native, TypeScript, TensorFlow, and of course, the classics of Java and Python. They apply their versatile skills across a range of tech fields, including but not limited to artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning and image recognition, IoT, and bespoke backend systems.

Of their myriad projects, their artificial intelligence work on analyzing driving behaviors is lighting up the field of motor safety. Rather than rely on existing AI platforms’ methodologies, Sparkbit honed in on precisely contextual data gleaned from a camera. Using real-time image processing from a mounted smartphone camera, the team constructed a deep learning module that could analyze common dangerous situations on the road, like speeding near pedestrian areas, tailgating, and haphazardly changing lanes.

Whether you’re working on new product development, talking team augmentation, or pursuing a project handover, Sparkbit has the matches ready to strike! Have a flicker through their engagement page, and we can connect you with their team today. To close, we hear once again from CEO Michał, who describes the burning passions and values of the company:

Delivering high-quality code, Team cooperation and sharing of knowledge, Respecting client needs and Delivering ergonomic and functional products.”

From the tiniest sparks grow the biggest blazes, and Sparkbit is ready to explode!


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