Soar to new heights with Soamee!

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March 3, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Soar to new heights with Soamee!


BERLIN, Germany - Today Pangea is honored to introduce the world to the latest addition to our universe, Soamee, a boutique provider of “handcrafted” software based in the heart of Madrid. A close-knit team of front-end and full-stack coding ninjas, we have no doubt that the sky's the limit for this Spanish squad!

Delivering With A Zen-like Focus

"You come with an idea. We make it real with handcrafted software.”

Headquartered at a stone's throw from Madrid’s iconic Puerta del Sol, the boutique software development company - Soamee - was conceived during a visit to Kyoto. Co-founders Javier Manzano (CEO) and Juan Gutiérrez Ortega (COO) were inspired by the elegance and aesthetics of Zen rock gardens and decided to name their company after the Japanese painter and landscape architect, Sōami. The calm and orderly components of his gardens matched the kind of clean and quality software they wanted to create together. To hear Javi describe it:

“Our most valuable vision is that we love delivering great software. That's why we said we develop Handcrafted Software. Although we believe in technology, we don't forget about other values like communication, humanity, and how important a great team is.”

Although they are relatively new to the scene, Soamee is growing by leaps and bounds. Despite the global pandemic, they’ve managed to double their team in the past year! With backgrounds in the startup and consulting world, they initially focused on helping new companies but have since broadened their horizons to include all kinds of enterprises. Whether the project is large or small, Soamee promises to deliver to code as layered and immaculate as a freshly sliced plate of sushi (after all, they almost named the company after Tataki, the Japanese art of preparing fish)!

We recently paid the Japanophiles a visit at their office in Madrid and came away very impressed by Soamee’s professionalism and passion for their craft. Overall, this netted them an excellent Pangea Score of 8.8/10.0 which is particularly impressive considering the company’s relatively short age and intimate size.

Javier Manzano and Juan Gutiérrez at the Zen rock gardens in Kyoto

Compatriots in Coffee

A tight-knit team of just ten employees, Soamee feels less like a job and more like a family, as demonstrated by their amazing Team Health Score of 8.8/10.0. The team members we spoke with particularly appreciated the internal peer rapport (9.3/10.0) and the culture (9.0/10.0) of the company, which is fostered through frequent and honest communication. Even during these times of COVID-19, they’ve managed to maintain weekly coffee meet-ups and even organized a group painting night!

Overall, the company is evenly split between men and women, who have an average of 2.59 years of seniority between them. During our chats with the multidisciplinary Soamee team, we were struck by the camaraderie and unified vision of the company; everyone clearly enjoys working within such a close and like-minded group of colleagues:

“In addition to wanting interesting projects that involved learning and ongoing challenges, I was concerned about the human aspect and the ability to work as a team, avoiding the unhealthy competitiveness that sometimes dominates large companies. With Soamee, I was able to find excellent colleagues who understood the company in the same way as I do.”

- Ana Montiaga, front-end engineer, coffee lover, and amateur fashion designer

Soamee makes it really easy to grow because of the many varied projects to work on. Every member of the team has something to offer, so it is very fruitful to learn and thrive as a professional web developer. I feel like nowadays my knowledge in the field is miles ahead of where I was when I started working here.

- Rubén Vallejo, back-end badass and voracious reader

“The best thing about Soamee is the great relationship between colleagues. My fellow workers stand out for being good people, always ready to help you out. They also have very interesting backgrounds and personalities.”

- Marina Couso, a “refactored” front-end developer with a passion for dance

A True “Pleasure” To Work With

Delivering awesome products and providing value to their clients is written in Soamee’s DNA. Adaptable and flexible with an emphasis on transparency and communication, they are the perfect partner for companies of all sizes. They have collaborated with clients in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, e-learning, food/beverages, and motion pictures. And although the majority of these have been domestically located in Spain and Andorra, the company is poised to make the leap to having an international presence.

With a formidable Client Score of 8.8/10.0, their existing customers have been universally pleased with Soamee’s service, especially noting their Technical Expertise (9.3/10.0), UI/UX Design, Project Management, and Customer Journey (all 9.0/10.0).

“Soamee is a great team that always works for excellence. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

- Jesús León, Owner @ Digital Fruit SL

“It's been a pleasure to share with Soamee the growth path we've followed at Goxo from the first MVP we created in 2017 to the last app developments in 2020. It wouldn't have been possible to reach our current state with their expertise and dedication.”

- CEO @ Seed to Series A Startup

“Soamee is a pleasure to work with. From the beginning they helped us with the application development process by providing ideas and fixing bugs efficiently. Their greatest virtue is their knowledge of startups and the support they give to help them.”

- CEO @ Enterprise/Corporation

Team members from Soamee enjoying an after-work beer

Coding Ninjas and Software Samurai

When Soamee first started, they explored all the latest technologies available—ranging from Kotlin to Swift—but eventually decided to focus on deploying applications in a full Javascript stack. On the front-end, they tend to use React and Vue.js, but are also experimenting with GraphQL, while on the back-end they primarily rely on Node.js and are adept at microservices architecture.

Moreover, they are fully capable of developing mobile apps whether in Android, iOS, or a hybrid application with React Native or Flutter. Rounding out their tech stack, they have experience with a number of other languages like Docker, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. Plus, since continuous learning is heavily integrated into Soamee's culture, they are always investigating new technologies such as Google Cloud Vision, PostGIS, and TensorFlow.

Clearly capable of a slew of services ranging from Data Visualization to Feature Implementation, Soamee can handle whatever your project needs. Here at Pangea, we feel they are best suited to New Product Development and Team Augmentation, but take a closer look at their Engagement Page to see for yourself.

Should you choose to engage with Soamee, you are guaranteed to have a dedicated team that will give their utmost to see your project through from start to finish. Let’s return for a moment to Soamee’s CEO Javi, who explains that this nurturing philosophy has been one of his company’s guiding principles since its inception:

"One of the main reasons for founding Soamee was the satisfaction of working on new products and seeing them grow. And that's one of the things we strongly believe in: We've seen lots of successful products grow with us. Our expertise includes contributing to each of the multiple phases of product design.”

With company values of continuous learning, transparency, communication, the Soamee samurais enjoy the little details that make products awesome. Engage with them, and you know you are in capable hands! We here at Pangea are incredibly excited to add this lean, mean development machine to our universe; we have no doubt that they will take the world by storm!


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