QueensLab Rules!

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October 21, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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QueensLab Rules!


BERLIN, Germany - Meet QueensLab, the crown jewel of the Swedish tech empire. The mobile-first consulting agency with a regal approach to development, UX, and design has been added to the majestic list of Pangea vendors in 2021. With QueensLab, you are sure to get the royal treatment!

Don’t Stop Them Now

Established in 2017, QueensLab has become one of Sweden’s reigning players in design, UX, and development. From their palatial headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, they have already completed numerous noble projects and gained a long list of satisfied clients in their ever-growing portfolio.

Demonstrating the company's outstanding work, QueensLab is known to be one of the fastest-growing companies in all of Sweden. When you work with QueensLab, you can expect nothing less than well-engineered products, brilliant designs, and an elite team. So far, QueensLab has added their very own Midas-like touch to companies like Happy at Work, Structsales AB, and Ambine AB.

To crown it all, Pangea has awarded them an exquisite overall score of 9.4/10.0 based on excellent ratings by both clients and employees. So what are you waiting for? Get anointed by the sheer excellence of QueensLabs and their innovative, regal approach today!

The Customer is King

QueensLab not only knows how to bridge the gap between technology and design but also how to amaze their customers and treat them like royalty. This has earned the diligent team at QueensLab a Pangea Client Score of 9.5/10.0. In particular, pleased customers highlight Customer Journey (9.6/10.0), Technical Expertise, and Documentation Level (both 10/10)—results par excellence!

QueensLab typically works with agencies, corporations, and start-ups in the following industries: automotive, computer software, financial services, furniture, information technology & services. Read on for some rave testimonials and yet another reason to adopt the queenly approach:

“QueensLab have exceptional knowledge in coding and building websites. They are easy to work with and always deliver outstanding performance.”

- Robin Berglund, Project Manager @ Structsales AB

”QueensLab is an excellent tech partner for us, they take ownership of the product and focus on delivering business-driven products. They had a team of developers and designers who had been flexible for us.”

- Andre Frncois, CEO @ Happy at Work

“When working with the Queens not only is the end-result way above average but the process leading us there is top-notch. I would gladly recommend QueensLab to anyone who needs help within IT and visual design.”

- Christian Holmstrand, Founder @ Ambine AB

The Queens busy ruling their domain

All Hail the Queen(s)

The fact that QueensLab has arrived on the throne of the Swedish digital world is largely thanks to their impressive staff, the Queens. These 55 employees are highly valued and always strive to improve and innovate. Management supports a Queen with everything they need—

Zane Neikena, developer at the company, shares:

“I am very lucky to have a management that can and will make all kinds of solutions happen for me. (...) QueensLab will cheer me on.”

To encourage knowledge transfer, they have created InLab. At InLab, all Queens meet every week for 10% of their working time and help each other to improve themselves and the whole company. With an average of 6.6 years of professional experience, they can pass on a wide range of skills and knowledge to their co-workers and co-Queens. Max Gustafsson, Lead Software Architect, confirms:

“I rarely go a day without learning something new from a colleague or having a problem looked at from a different point of view.”

Unlike in other monarchies, the hierarchy in this kingdom is very flat. Moreover, transparency is one of the key factors of the company culture. In weekly meetings, the entire company comes together and decides on important matters, beckoning them another triumphant victory. You can be sure that there will never be a dull day at QueensLab, as Krum Valkov, developer at the company, explains:

“The unique combination of the working environment and the people in the company are the most exciting part of QueensLab. It makes it feel like a small adventure everyday. This kind of variety makes it so interesting and exciting for me to come to the office and be part of the daily life at QueensLab.”

At QueensLab, you can be whoever you want to be and the team will help you achieve what you desire. This and more results in an overall Pangea Team Health score of 9.3/10.0, featuring a Personal Growth and Culture cores of 9.4/10.0 and a Peer Rapport rating of 9.6/10. Royal indeed!

A team that exercises together stays together!

Make it Reign

QueensLab will help turn your idea into a noble product worthy of the aristocracy. They assist you when you are in the process of developing a first-class new product, support when you need to strengthen your team, or help out should you need a project handover.

The QueensLab team follows a mobile-first approach wherein the starting point for development or design is always a smartphone. The Queens of tech also know their way around artificial intelligence, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, backend and big data.

Over the years, they’ve amassed a formidable tech stack that includes only the finest programming languages and frameworks, such as Angular, .NET Core, Docker, ElasticSearch, Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, Python, React.js, and Vue.js.

With company values like "Always innovate", "Long-term thinking", "Transparency", "People & culture first" and "Continuous learning", the Queens know how to put the finishing touches on your products and put you on the throne—or in the words of CEO, Stefan Trailovic:

“We founded QueensLab because we want a world where designers and developers bridge the gap and work in harmony to create a new innovative world the next generation deserves. We believe that a strong culture with transparency and long-term thinking creates the best conditions to innovate and reach our vision.”

Get in touch with QueensLab on their profile page or contact us directly—and maybe soon they will begin to help your business rule too!


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