Q agency is here to shake up the status quo!

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January 27, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Q agency is here to shake up the status quo!


BERLIN, Germany – The Pangea team is quite excited to welcome Q agency to the ranks of the top 7% of all companies in the world! A unique software design & development company devoted to addressing the needs of clients ranging from unproven startups to established global brands, Q agency can provide top-notch support with transparency, innovation, and collaboration.

Quick, Quality, and (Slightly) Quirky

Started in 2013 with three passionate guys from Zagreb, Q agency has gone on to become one of the fastest-growing software development and design agencies in Central Europe (per Deloitte). With offices in Zagreb, New York, Belfast, and Zürich, Q agency has a worldwide reach and has taken on projects spanning 22 countries for industry leaders and major global brands. Moreover, their revenue has increased 70x over the past six years, including a 53.4% increase from last year!

Explaining the reasons behind such success, CEO Filip Ljubic speaks with great pride about his company and its people:

“Q is a highly dynamic community, ready to go that extra mile to create premium value for our customers. We believe in simplicity, commitment, a true partnership, and an honest and holistic approach. Empowering people and businesses worldwide to reach their full potential is our mission. Whatever the Q, we got the A.”

They certainly do seem to have all the answers, boasting an overall Pangea score of 9.2/10. This impressive score—a combination of how both their employees and clients feel about them—is a testament to the efficacy of Q’s core values: Move Fast, Be Kind, and Do More.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the nuts and bolts of this philosophy, shall we?

Q’s Quintessentially Qualified Team

The Qumans relaxing at a company gathering

With 160 full-time employees—or ‘Qumans’, as they preferred to be called—and an average team seniority of 7.3 years, Q agency is more than capable of tackling any challenge presented to them. Their overall retention rate is an admirable 85% and they promote a full 22% of their FTEs annually, all of which contributes to their Team Health Score of 9.2/10. Notably, none of their individual metrics scored below a 9.0/10, with their highest score (9.4/10) coming in Management Rapport, a strong salute to Q’s emphasis on a unified company culture.

Indeed, one of Q’s core assets is their strong “Qulture”, which they foster through monthly social events, sports games, and company retreats. At Q agency, the vibe is focused but casual, with everyone encouraged to be their true selves. Just ask Ana Cupic, the young and talented Head of Communications (and only in-house doctor!) who was finishing up her medical degree when she took a then-temporary student job in IT. She “always thought her career would start and end in a doctor’s white coat” but after experiencing the wonderful camaraderie and opportunities available at Q Agency, she“can’t imagine working on anything or anywhere else.”

So how does Q agency manage to entice so many qualified candidates? Some of their main draws are access to international projects and the regular knowledge interchange between seniors and juniors within their various project teams. Indeed, these qualities are exactly what Goran Čolović—a Ruby on Rails developer and globe-trotting thrill seeker—loves about the company: “Working with such a large engineering team helped me improve my skills and become a better engineer [...] and successfully collaborate with many engineers from various departments and countries.”

We queried quite a few Qumans in our verification process, and each of them had nothing but praise for their employer. Here’s a brief sampling of some of their feedback:

“From day one, everybody was so friendly, and I felt like I had known every person forever—even the management team! Everybody is always at your service for whatever you need, both professionally or privately.”

- Dario Miočić, QA Manager by day, snooker pro by night!

“You might assume that employee engagement will decrease over time at a company. I’ve been here for more than two years now, and I can tell you that I still feel the spark with every new project that comes my way!”

- Davor Lulić, Project Manager, marathon man, and music maven

“I really love working here. [...] I love not only constant learning but also the possibility to contribute to Q's growth, seeing an impact of my actions and being both listened and recognized for my work.”

- Rebeka Belavic, Q’s energetic and multi-talented Head of Product Strategy

Team members enjoying a little break at the HQs

A Quantifiably ‘Exceptional’ Company

The love for Q agency doesn’t end with their employees either! We spoke with several of Q’s many clients about their experiences with the company, and one word kept coming up time and time again: exceptional. This is reflected in an excellent overall Client Insight Score of 9.3/10, including a Tech Expertise rating of 9.7/10 and a perfect(!) 10/10 for Business Maturity.

Just look at some of these glowing client reviews and I’m sure you’ll be convinced of Q’s qualifications:

“Working with Q on our startup was the best decision I have ever made in business. They are professional, talented expert engineers that always put their customer first. You will not regret engaging with them.”

- Uri Ort, COO @ Deeper Signals

“Q agency is an exceptional team of design-thinking engineers with deep understanding of business value, drivers and challenges.”

- Sinisa Slijepcevic, CEO @ Cantab PI

“Q agency is our go-to Partner to scale up our local team in a short time. They are super communicative, have a great team of highly skilled developers and meanwhile also provide 360° services in digital product development, including UX and Design.”

- Kevin Luginbuehl, Founder @ Gold Interactive

Is your Q-riosity peaked?

So you’ve heard all these glowing reviews from both community members and clients, but how do you know if Q agency is right for you?

Well first, why not pop by their Tech Focus page to see their preferred Technology Stack? Q’s 101 developers have expertise which runs the gamut from .NET and Angular to Ruby and Swift Plus, they are currently exploring the potential of Google’s Flutter which may soon become a part of their repertoire.

When it comes to expanding their stack, Q agency tries to stay on top of market trends and only accepts new technology if there are enough signs of maturity and wide traction so as to avoid future refactoring and replacement of languages and components.

Next, check out their Engagement Details page for a laundry list of the services Q agency offers, which includes just about everything you could ask for! In our estimation, Q agency is particularly suited for New Product Development, Team Augmentation, and Project Handover. Their average engagement value sits between €100-250K, and their general kick-off time is in the order of two weeks.

Overall, we here at Pangea have no doubt the Q agency will be a perfect partner for your development needs, delivering exceptional tailor-made solutions that can only be provided by highly skilled professionals.

Welcome to the Pangea family, Qumans of Q agency!


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