Pseudocode Is The Real Deal

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July 2, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Pseudocode Is The Real Deal


BERLIN, Germany - Rev up your engines and meet Pseudocode, an innovative software development company ready to tackle your unique project’s needs. Boasting world-class engineers, it’s no surprise this team consistently excels at captivating clients with its tried-and-true services. Buckle up and let’s see how Pseudocode can deliver speedy-yet-sound results to engineer your brilliant project.

No Split Here, The Unanimous Choice

In the world of programming languages, pseudocode stands out for being easy to understand, even for non-programmers. It caters to human, rather than machine understanding. Likewise, Pseudocode is here to simplify and actualize your ideas in an uncomplicated way, even for those with little technical knowledge.

With headquarters in Split, Croatia, the largest city off the Croatian coast, one can see how this scenic backdrop inspired the beautiful beginnings of Pseudocode. Founded in 2013, Pseudocode joined Pangaea in 2022 and we’re ecstatic to tell you why we unanimously chose them as a partner.

Pseudocode values clients’ creative and technical needs above all else to make clients’ visions a steady reality. The agency’s developers and engineers create a range of web and mobile software systems. Pseudocode’s Overall Pangea Score of 10/10.0 exemplifies its excellent qualities. The agency’s stellar reputation and services are illustrated with top clients including TripAdvisor, ClubSpark, and HR Prodigy, to name a few.

Real Solidarity within Pseudocode

Meet the Ingenuity Behind These Engineers

Pseudocode is one of our rare vendors who has managed to score 10/10.0 on the Pangea Team Health Score, which is 87% higher than the average Team Health Score of our vendors. The company also scored an excellent 10/10.0 on all subcategories as well, such as Wellbeing, Satisfaction, Culture, Management Rapport, Peer Rapport, Personal Growth, Feedback & Recognition, and Advocacy. This is a remarkable feat and all 27 full-time employees can attest to why this is the case!

The team at Pseudocode is self-motivated with proven staying power and a strong connection to not only their clients but each other as well. While a part of the team is remote, many employees work and play on the stunning Croatian coast. Many engage in a diverse range of hobbies outside of the office such as Argentine tango, video games, avid music fans, nature walks, and world travels ranging from Abu Dhabi to Tanzania. All of these interests not only add to their personal lives, but bring added richness to the company culture as well. Back-end developer Lucija Vlastelicic says the company boasts a:

“Fun and relaxed work environment. Our workplace often hosts a variety of activities that bring people together and some Fridays we host hangouts where all kinds of professions are invited.”

Regarding another perk of working at the warm and friendly agency, he adds:

“Flexibility is what Pseudocode does well. From options such as working from home, working hours, thinking outside of the box, etc. Pseudocode adapts to changes which helps us with continuous improvement.”

Indeed, it is this flexibility that enables employees to preserve precious energy for their clients and charge forth. The team is quick to acquire a plethora of new skills and technology know-hows, which helps employees’ on their career trajectory down the line.

Bruno Alfirević, Senior software developer, stresses the importance of teamwork and consistent collaboration, as well as passing the knowledge down to other colleagues:

“Only a small part of software development is done as a single-person effort, outside of the team - so the ability to cooperate with colleagues (both developers and non-developers) and work as a part of the team is crucial. At more senior levels, leading and mentoring other colleagues is a very desirable trait.”

Salute to Pseudocode

Engineering Genuine Results For Clients

Pseudocode boasts a plethora of satisfied clients and is honored to be their long-term technical partner. With the agency’s proactive and expert approach to actualizing clients’ ideas, it’s no wonder we have a bevy of their client testimonials to share! Product Manager at Fellowmind Denmark, Niels Brinch, remarks:

”Pseudocode is very consistent in delivering the right developers to appropriate situations. Their team is working on a daily basis smoothly alongside our internal team. ”

Along with consistent, genuine services, Pseudocode is also known for its polished expertise that keeps happy clients coming back for more. Stefan Dunić, the CTO at TOMMY d.o.o., says:

”Pseudocode managed to provide us experienced engineers not only in technical aspects, but in domain aspects as well. That is a big win for us, and we plan to expand our cooperation further.”

Pseudocode works within but is not limited to the Banking, Gambling & Casinos, Retail, and Sports. They scored an impressive overall Client Insights Score of 10/10.0, with a matching 10/10.0 in all subcategories - Customer Journey, UI/UX Design, Project Management, Tech Expertise, Quality Assurance, Documentation Level, Business Maturity, and Process Maturity. This is an exceptional achievement and we know things will only go up from here for Pseudocode and their clients. Need we say more?

A Technologically Talented Crew

Pseudocode’s top engagement types are New Product Development and Team Augmentation. Their services include mobile application development, front-end development, back-end development, responsive design, and Salesforce development.

Their main tech stack is impressive and growing! At the moment it comprises Node.js, React.js, PostgreSQL, .NET, Angular.js, Microsoft SQL Server, Vue.js, and .NET Core.

One project that exemplifies the superb capabilities of Pseudocode is the creation of a sleek booking system for Boat Bike Tours, an Amsterdam-based travel agency that can now conveniently store all customer-related information in one spot using the latest technology.

Come park beside this grand agency that is ready to start working on your project when you give them the green light. We would be thrilled to put you in touch with one of the employees at Pseudocode, where the conversation can continue. With company values such as Client happiness, Reliability, Transparency, Respect, and Creativity, Pseudocode hits all the pit stops that are required for a smooth journey to actualizing your project.

Let Pseudocode be the key to starting the engine on your project. Rest assured you’ll be in excellent hands who can take the steering wheel using your creative vision. Your project’s problems will be solved with smart software solutions in a timely manner that will leave competing software development companies hitting the road. We’re excited to see the results!


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