Outdoor to Tech Frontiers; Lundegaard Can Scout for Success

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June 11, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Outdoor to Tech Frontiers; Lundegaard Can Scout for Success


BERLIN, Germany - We are happy to introduce the latest addition to the Pangea universe, Lundegaard, who hails from the ancient city of Prague. Whether bringing machine learning into the banking and insurance industries or building team dynamics through skiing or hiking, this software development company is sure to offer your project cutting-edge solutions that rival the sharpness of the best hiking knives.

Skiing Through an Overview of the Company

With a clear vision of a technological future, the Lundegaard team are ready to speed towards their targets and carve lines towards the next gate in technological advancements. Headquartered in Prague, the company has an established presence in the Czech Republic with offices also in Brno and Hradec Králové along with international locations in Košice, Slovakia and Nürnberg, Germany.

Since 1997, this consulting and technology company has been skiing towards medals to ensure it is a leader in its industry. Making sure they have the most streamlined equipment to build smart digital services across various fields, Lundegaard holds a Microsoft Silver Partner Certification from 2019 to 2021 and boasts a Liferay Gold Partner Certification for the Czech Republic since 2018. This winning team is headed by their CEO David Kopřiva, who explains what their gameplay is:

“Our mission is to prepare businesses for the upcoming generation of customers. We believe the digital customer experience is a substantial drive of the product value. We create this by using analytical tools, progressive technological frameworks, and platforms that allow us to deliver tangible, measurable, business-driven solutions.”

Alongside their partner certifications, Lundegaard holds an ISO 9001:2015 and an ISO 27001:2013 certification in their trophy cabinet. Meeting all these standards with almost 22 years of experience, it is hardly any wonder they’ve qualified for the Pangea league with an overall Pangea Score of 8.2/10.0.

Team Spirit

The troop enjoying a summer camp meal

Like a veteran sports team with well-honed skills, bonding, camaraderie, and teamwork are paramount for everyone in Lundegaard. Their team spirit is shown through their “live lunde” motto in which their company name has become synonymous within the team for a lifestyle for that is informal, transparent, flexible, and agile.

Just as in floorball—a hockey-like game popular in the Czech Republic and Sweden— Lundegraad recognizes the importance of good coaching to get everyone to play their strengths and train continuously to get their goals. Regular meetings between seniors and juniors, casual learning “check-ins,” and knowledge transfer between various project teams ensures everyone is at the top of their game. One of their featured team members, Jakub Hamernick, who has gone from project manager to consultant within the company proudly shares with us:

“I completed most of the training and collected most of the certificates available :-D”

The Lundegaard team’s 84 players know the value of their colleagues and how to play as a unit. Tomas Plechac, their frontend development team leader tells us how their company lets everyone get a chance to get in the game:

“Every single opinion from business or technology or process is welcome and debated. In case someone comes up with a new idea we always discuss it and search for the best way to implement it. We always try to find a balance between benefits and fun in our work. For more challenging questions we organize open-table Delivery camps.”

Every good team needs its members to be able to rely on one another, but it is important to be recognized as an individual no matter how cohesive your team might be, as their head of mission delivery, Petr Buchbauer puts it:

“We work with each other not as resources, but as human beings. We empower and support. We can rely on each other and move forward better than most. We are a family of individuals that have each other’s backs, and that is what counts!”

With this team spirit, starting work at Lundegaard feels like getting drafted to join the winning team in the league, their design team leader, Honza Murin explains it best:

“It was the manager and colleagues at Lundegaard that gave me the confidence that it could be the right company to join. I have to honestly say that as soon as the first project I had confirmed that it was the right choice to join Lundegaard.”

To be able to work well together it is important to play together, and the Lundegaard offices don’t slack off here either. With bi-monthly team-building activities like social events, outdoor activities, or even company retreats like their skiing excursions, their Pangea 8.3/10.0 Team Health Score is a score well earned.

Guiding Clients’ Paths

Their technological grip has been giving their clients the traction to reach the highest peaks in their respective industries. Focusing on clients in the finance and insurance sectors, Lundegaard’s agile and flexible disposition gets them an 8.2/10.0 Pangea Client Insight Score.

The company looks to go beyond just delivering a product, but to guide their clients through the entire trail of the process. They prioritize their clients' needs by analyzing business models and studying customer behavior. This personal responsibility, openness, and transparency is mentioned by the VP of marketing of one of their clients in the financial sector:

“Transparent, focus on the result, quality and customer satisfaction, flexible, professional”

This prioritization of their clients' needs, is followed up by prototyping, testing, and designing of customer interfaces in order to deliver added value and upscale the economics for their clients’ projects. The end result provides their client’s the right gear shift needed to reach their next milestone. Charlie Hewson, COO of Omni Energy recognizes this added value without hesitation:

“We were looking for the "A-Team" consisting of top-quality software developers and front end designers coupled with agile product owner skills. We got them.... say no more.”

Lundegaard's sense of innovation, flexibility, mutual respect, and partnership helps them guide their client through the flow to get their end users the best possible experience. As the CIO of one of their clients - a financial service provider - shared with us:

“Nice web designs. Long value proposition and UX discussions resulted in very good service for the end-user.”

Their mascot is proud to wear the company colors

Arts, Crafts, and Technology

From woodworking to lego building, this troop has the dedicated skillset for your needs. Beyond their assorted pastimes, however, their company vision focuses their skills on fully automated development processes, maximum use of cloud solutions, orchestration of ready-made cloud services, and use of AI components.

This vision includes increasing the added value to their clients, which is why they always advise them on the technological trends that can fundamentally endorse their business plans. Their current tech stack focus is on full efficient development CD / CI using containerized solutions and the use of scaling for development and operation processes (Docker, Kubernetes).

IT trends evolve and it is no longer possible to just invest in technology, but necessary to recognize future technologies. In order to keep their tools sharp, Lundegaard looks to properly implement the latest trends in JavaScript and its related technologies (Spring, Java, Kotlin, React.JS, Vue.JS, Bode, Next, Gatsby, and others).

In the end, choosing your software tools is like choosing your arts and crafts materials: you want something that will work down the line and that you can grow into, despite trying out different and novel techniques. Therefore Lundegaard maintains its high knowledge level, precisely in tech domains it can use for a long time. Liferay DXP, Frontend strategies by JavaScript frameworks, backend microservice solutions, and professional Java development as well as QA processes and automation, are the most used tools in their toolkit.

So head on over to their engagement page and conscript the team at Lundegaard today!


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