New product development in the works? PROTOTYP is your partner in crime

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January 7, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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New product development in the works? PROTOTYP is your partner in crime


BERLIN, Germany – We have good news to usher in the new year - PROTOTYP is joining the Pangea community. This product development company is an exciting new addition to the gang, with a solid reputation for creating disruptive products that hit the sweet spot for both businesses and customers. Keep reading to find out all about them, and find out why they could be a great fit for your business.

Leaders in disruptive product design

Got an idea for the next big thing? PROTOTYP can help you to turn it into reality. Founded in 2016, PROTOTYP is a member of the thriving Osijek Software City in Osijek, Croatia. Now with over 25 employees, they build successful products using cutting-edge technology, working with partners in fintech, healthcare, sports, media technology, networking, property, and retail. Their mission is to build high-performing, beautifully designed products that drive performance for their partners.

As a company, they’re striving to build a team full of creatives who are hungry for knowledge and driven by a desire to build digital products that are used on a daily basis by millions of people. To achieve this, they look to their tech stack which includes .NET Core, Firebase, Node.js, React.js, React Native, Angular, Vue.js, and Typescript.

New product development is PROTOTYP’s specialty, and within that segment, they focus on back-end and front-end development, mobile development, MVP development, and prototyping.

What does the team think about working there?

The company’s innovative solutions are one of the things that employees love most about working there. Mateo Debeljak, front-end developer (and burger enthusiast) at PROTOTYP puts it this way:

“A couple of things that stand out for me are a constant search for optimizing our solutions and using best practices while doing so, working on some really interesting projects with clients all over the world.”

Team members of PROTOTYP enjoying some networking

Adrian Bece, tech lead and music buff agrees. He says:

“The most exciting aspect for me [working at PROTOTYP] is the tech stack within the company and how well we’re keeping up with the modern web and mobile technologies. We’re continuously learning and improving our process.”

And what’s the team like?

There are 25 full-time employees at PROTOTYP, made up of engineers, product managers, designers, and other business functions. Don’t just take it from the team that they’re happy working there - the stats say it all. PROTOTYP’s team health score is 9.3 out of 10, and the staff retention rate is 95%. Team members stay at the company for an average of 1.9 years.

PROTOTYP is committed to building a culture of learning and development for its team, with a library of learning resources available at the office and on the internal cloud. They also offer regular coaching between senior and junior staff on a variety of topics, so everyone in the team always has the chance to develop their skills - and pass those new learnings on to PROTOTYP’s clients!

This in-house development is bolstered by social activities to help the team bond. They love to get together - when not in the middle of an international pandemic (!) - for cook-offs, outdoor activities, and a variety of different social events.

PROTOTYP expanding their tech know-how by participating at a conference (pre-pandemic!)

Making clients very happy

It’s clear that clients enjoy the proactive PROTOTYP approach as well, as evidenced by their client satisfaction ratings across a variety of metrics including the customer journey, tech expertise, and project management. PROTOTYP’s overall client score is 9.5/10, with an incredible rating of 10.0/10.0 for technical expertise.

The client score is the highest score we have seen at Pangea thus far. This is an incredible achievement and very well done! If you are curious to learn more, you can find a full breakdown of client insights metrics, but for a quick overview, here are some words from satisfied partners:

“We are very happy to have found such a competent and reliable business partner. In addition to the exceptional technical competence, PROTOYP impresses with its cooperative, customer-oriented and transparent communication.”

- Monika Feiel, Project Manager, Styria Content Creation

“Exceptionally easy to work with, professional, always positive, and focused on solving problems. Working with PROTOTYP feels like working with your own remote team.”

- Davor Culjak, Founder, Resonate Digital

“Flexible, on point, and incredibly talented UX/UI people. Prototyp has delivered great results, and we look forward to continue building this pleasant partnership.”

- Roy de Geest, VP of Technology, RAKwireless

Want to work with PROTOTYP?

If the PROTOTYP team sounds like a good fit for your project, then get in touch with them! Working as an extension of your own team, they’ll bring new ideas to the table. From identifying goals and developing a strategy to creating a product plan and setting a budget, PROTOTYP takes product development from start to finish to create a visually strong product that’s goal-driven and user-friendly.

The PROTOTYP team is always on-hand to help out with any technical, business or design questions, and their support doesn’t end once the product has been designed. They’ll integrate advanced analytics tools into your product design so that you can continue to measure, improve and grow your business.

Welcome to the Pangea community, PROTOTYP! We can’t wait to see where we go from here as a united force.


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