Neoteric Software Development as the Driver of Innovation

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July 22, 2021

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June 11, 2024

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Neoteric Software Development as the Driver of Innovation


BERLIN, Germany - No newcomer to the Pangea universe, Neoteric has been proving its strengths in pioneering technology with us since 2019. The software design and development agency from Poland helps startups and established companies innovate their products. Whether you are building an MVP, developing an existing app, or implementing an AI-powered solution; be sure to have Neoteric right by your side!

Do It the Neoteric Way

Established in Gdańsk, Poland in 2005, Neoteric has been helping a variety of national and international companies take their products to the next level for over fifteen years! With a name meaning ‘modern’, it should come as no surprise that Neoteric approaches all things they do with innovation and originality. Their customers can fully concentrate on growing their businesses, safe in the knowledge that Neoteric always uses the most cutting edge technology and develops software that meets the latest standards.

Moreover, CEO Matt Kurleto asserts that his company not only meets its clients’ needs, it challenges and surpasses them:

“[...] instead of simply delivering the code according to some initial requirements, we will take responsibility for your project and do whatever it takes to succeed: challenge your assumptions, choose the right metrics, and push you to test them with end-users.”

This all-in approach has already convinced top clients such as ScientiaConsulting, Orbcomm Corp, AppOrchid,, and Perkins+Will, and helped Neoteric earn an overall Pangea Score of 8.2/10.0. The team has worked on mapping voice commands for pilots, built a platform with recommender systems for HR departments, and co-created products promoting sustainability. Read on to find out more about Neoteric’s ways!

Neoteric employees serving on a tech panel

All for One, One for All

The Neoteric team consists of over 100 fun (yet fully focused) employees who are not only driven by technical innovation, but also by the idea of a culture imbued with freedom and responsibility. The company is passionate about inspiring their team rather than managing them. True to the motto All for one, one for all, Neoteric has built a team of truly dedicated people who can rely on each other, exchange knowledge, and achieve tremendous things together while realising ambitious goals.

Ultimately, it's the people who make Neoteric the company it is today. With an average seniority level of 3.6 years, the team has the experience to find the best solution to every problem, the courage to experiment to go beyond the expected, and the spirit to hold it all together. All this leads to a Team Health Score of 8.2/10.0 with top scores in management rapport (8.5/10.0) and advocacy (9.0/10.0).

These key figures can be translated into the words of the employees as follows:

“In Neoteric, we work as a team. Regardless of the department, we support each other with our knowledge and the unique skill sets that we have.”

- Johny, Web Development Leader

“The best thing about working here is that we are a big family. We have fun spending time together, we help each other (not only at work), and we know that we can always count on each other.”

- Karina, Head of Agile & Product Design

“A few weeks of working under the watchful eye of a mentor are worth months of theory! Working in interdisciplinary teams, sharing feedback, and supporting each other’s efforts help us develop our skills and grow professionally.”

- Robert, Senior Software Engineer

As seen on Neoteric's Instagram account, they are a troupe who are not only good at coding but have many talents, including singing. Check out this fun video to see for yourself (#KeepNeotericWeird)!

Fully Remote and Fully Committed

The Neoteric team keeping close during COVID

Neoteric is the technology partner you can count on to help startups, SMEs, and enterprises innovate with software. The dedicated team has so far managed to woo brands from the health & wellness, finance, IT, real estate, sustainability, and biotechnology, as well as telecommunications and transport industries.

Even before the pandemic, almost 100% of the projects Neoteric handled remotely. The company’s agility and responsiveness seems to resonate well with clients who awarded the company an 8.2/10.0 Client Insight Score. The excellent Customer Journey (8.8/10.0), Process Maturity (8.7/10.0), and first-class technological expertise (8.5/10.0) deserve special mention here. Pleased customers also mention Neoteric only in the best possible ways:

“Very bright team and helping us continue to refine our product. Would highly recommend you consider them for your project.”

- Matt Cimino, CEO @ Ellie

“We were very happy with Neoteric's responsiveness and willingness to work with us to improve the specification and performance of the tool.”

- John Haymaker, Director of Research @ Perkins+Will

“Neoteric is a very highly skilled software company that has the needed experience, great technical and management team. They will help you, not only to make your project real but also will help you add more to it. They will help expand your product for best market reach and usability for future users.”

- CEO @ Innovation Hub

Ready to Innovate?

Whether you are struggling with AI adoption, the design of a new product, a digital product makeover, or the expansion of your team, Neoteric is the specialist to turn to.

After the initial call, rather than making an immediate estimate for a project, the staff will instead invite you to a scoping workshop. The company will help you to question your ideas and better understand them to assess what you actually want and need. It is these workshops that set Neoteric apart from other digital companies.

After defining an overall goal, the company kicks off the project with scrum development to implement your ideas in the areas of web apps, machine learning, AI, front-end and back-end development, and SaaS. Their refined and cutting-edge tech stack includes Node.JS, React.JS, React Native, TensorFlow, JavaScript, Java, and Angular.

With innovative technology and original approaches, corporate values of freedom, responsibility, honesty, transparency, and team play, and above all a collaborative and accomplished team, Neoteric could be just the right choice for your next project.

Matt Kurleto’s Take

CEO Matt knows how to perfectly summarise the company's agenda to convince even the last doubters:

“Guided by the culture of freedom and responsibility, we take ownership of our projects. We combine tech expertise with an understanding of your business needs. We challenge your assumptions and push you to test them with the market - all to ensure that the products we design and develop make a successful market fit.”

Now, move with the times and choose the Neoteric, innovative way. Just let us know when you are ready and contact us directly or visit the Neoteric engagement page.


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