Meet the maestros at Maestral Solutions!

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March 21, 2021

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March 13, 2024

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Meet the maestros at Maestral Solutions!


BERLIN, Germany - Today, we are most excited to introduce you to Maestral Solutions, the software development company based across the globe, with development hubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and offices in the US and the Netherlands. Part of the Pangea universe since 2017, Maestral has proven time and again their capabilities as a company fully focused on the needs of both their clients and employees.

Opposites Attract

The story of Maestral (and their sister company Mistral) is a classic example of how two different perspectives can meld into a perfect partnership. Back in 2010, Sanin Saracevic (CEO-Global) was something of a mentor to Mersed Čamdžić (General Manager-Europe), and the two were considering starting a new partnership together. Having quite distinct perspectives, though, it took working on a few projects together and getting to know each other’s life and work philosophies to conclude they shared the same vision for a business.

The two joined forces and haven’t looked back since, and today the company is a thriving international organization with Sanin leading global business operations from offices in Atlanta, New York, and Amsterdam, while Mersed heads up the local Bosnian development hubs in Sarajevo and Mostar. To hear the European General Manager describe it, the relationship between the founders is one of the best parts of Maestral:

“Different ideas, different views, different paths leading to a common goal. But at the end of the day, our audacity, persistence, and stubbornness are the same. And, as we are proving it all together, great things can be achieved in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

When we spoke with Maestral back in 2017, we were impressed with their team’s ability to deliver top-notch digital products for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, while still keeping true to the values of partnership and respect that defined their roots. It was this balance that helped earn them a truly excellent overall Pangea Score of 8.5/10.0.

Let’s dive into what goes into that number, shall we?

People First, Culture of Trust

Maestral team members showing off their coolest of gears

To get an idea of the team culture at Maestral, one need only look at their corporate values: People First and Culture of Trust. Indeed, the company is so committed to the well-being and professional development of their 200-odd employees that they have not one, but two executive officers (Chief of Human Potential and Chief Communications Officer) devoted to making sure that team members are always at their best.

With abundant opportunities to learn and practice new skills, a supportive and trusting work environment, and a fantastic work-life balance, it comes as no surprise that 100% of employees polled would recommend Maestral to a friend. Indeed, it’s telling that at least half of the employees already consider a colleague to be one of their best friends. After all, the company has a 98% first year and 92% overall retention rate!

With perks like in-house scooters, employee game nights, and support for physical and mental health, it is clear that, no matter how large they get, Maestral will continue to value the individuals at their company above all else.

Service-Centered Product Development

That said, their commitment and dedication don’t stop at their employees. Maestral has a proven track record of cultivating stable, long-term partnerships with global brands like Volt, NCR, NexusSoft, and SterlingBackCheck. The list would go on, but they adhere to strict NDAs with numerous clients. Whether working within the spheres of Fintech/Banking, Digital Transformation, eHealthcare, or the Internet of Things, the company has adopted the philosophy of “Product Development as a Service” (PDaaS), a holistic approach to software product development that relies on agile business practices and proven business and technological expertise.

As Global CEO Sanin Saracevic puts it: “Our clients don't just take us for a software development company with a flashy portfolio and strong technical teams, but a committed partner in their development efforts.” Basically, Maestral can help with all aspects of product creation from conceptualization to implementation of the software itself with “a disciplined approach while remaining passionate about being innovative, agile,​ and flexible.​”

Such a mentality has resulted in Maestral earning an amazing Pangea Client Score of 8.9/10.0, with particularly high marks for Product Management (9.2/10.0), Technical Expertise (9.1/10.0) and both Business and Process Maturity (9.0/10.0, respectively). Indeed, the clients we spoke with all had universally positive praise to give to the company:

“Maestral Solutions is a key partner for our IoT organization and their AWS expertise is without a precedent. We rely on Maestral not only to develop new products, but do so in an optimal manner aimed at operational excellence, reliability, scalability and cost optimization.”

- Solutions Architect at a global US telecom

“Maestral has an incredible attention to detail. The whole team is extremely proactive while keeping the client in the loop for every step. Since the start of our partnership, Maestral has met every deliverable on time.”

- CEO at Venture Builder

“We have been partners for several years now and Maestral Solutions has been nothing but professional. The team has provided us with a team augmentation to our current resources on an ongoing basis and everyone’s attention to detail is phenomenal.”

- CIO at SME

“Maestral uses great methodologies and has a transparent communication that made our collaboration flawless. Their Agile development approach worked great with our internal processes.”

- Director at Consultancy

“Our experience with Maestral has been and is pleasant. Maestral are an experienced development team who are passionate about user experience. [...] Maestral are reliable and friendly, they meet deadlines consistently and are easy to communicate with. MTVO are impressed with how they can receive complex requests for our websites and meet these challenges with confidence and diligence.”

- Jesus Gonzales @ Masters of the Void Organization

A typical Maestral team gathering (pre-pandemic, of course)

You Have A Problem, Maestral Has The Solution

With a full cadre of back-end, front-end, and mobile developers, QA engineers, UX/UI designers, DevOps engineers, but also data analysts, AI experts, Cyber Security specialists, Maestral is more than capable of meeting any development challenge presented to them. Their tech stack reads like a laundry list of current and future languages and frameworks, featuring the likes of .NET, React, Angular, AWS, Azure, GCP, JavaScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, and Swift (to name just a few). They advocate partnership with clients whereby their agile squads skillfully work independently, or in close collaboration with in-house teams.

In our eyes, we think Maestral is the perfect partner for short-term consultancy engagements like Architecture Prototyping, PoCs, MVPs, Readiness Assessments, UX Modernization, QA Automatisation Implementation, DevOps Modernization, or longer-term engagements like New Product Development and Support and Sustainment. Plus, with their 180+ strong team distributed across multiple continents and time zones, they will always be ready to address your development needs with speed and transparency. In closing, we once again return to the words of Sanin, who perfectly describes what makes his company so special:

“Maestral was founded to create a place where professionally like-minded and kind people would be free to express their genius and mold their favorite craft. We've found the formula for long-term success to be philosophical alignment with clients while staying true to our values of people first and culture of trust.”

If you are as excited about partnering with Maestral Solutions as we have been for these past few years, just go ahead and check out their Engagement Page to learn more details about collaborating with this fantastic company. We at Pangea would be happy to introduce or connect you with the right stakeholders at Maestral - so don’t be shy to reach out!


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