Meet FXBITS, Serving Up Solutions With A Byte!

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September 24, 2021

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June 10, 2024

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Meet FXBITS, Serving Up Solutions With A Byte!


BERLIN, Germany - We’re off on a Transylvanian adventure today with FXBITS, a Cluj-based company that is home to a talented team of 20+. Only a few years into their journey, this company is proving itself with a winning combination of tailored solutions, innovative ideas, and infectious passion for their clients. We are very excited to welcome the latest addition to the Pangea universe and look forward to seeing their continued success!

Development With Bite from Romania

FXBITS was founded back in 2018 by doers who were inspired to bring the change they wanted to see in their industry, and so birthed FXBITS to work on solutions that were transformative and diverse. Since then, the company has been offering flexible, innovative, and improved IT solutions for the 21st century.

Headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, FXBITS is amongst a new generation of software companies that are perfectly positioned to serve the rapidly evolving needs of European industry, and beyond. In the three years since the company was founded they have worked hard to create a professional environment that encourages diverse and often bespoke solutions, per Paul Tofan, Delivery Director of FXBITS:

“There are no prescribed recipes but a set of good practices that we fine-tune and interpret based on context. It's perhaps like in the kitchen, just knowing the recipe and the ingredients do not make you a great chef.”

With a skilled “kitchen” of 20 employees who have an average of seven years of experience, FXBITS is a close-knit team of professionals who bring a wealth of technical skill and excellence in design, development, and consultation services for an increasingly varied roster of clients.

During our assessment, we came to quickly understand that FXBITS is committed to creating impactful products and delivering true innovation to their clients, all while maintaining a supportive and creative work environment. For these reasons and more, we awarded FXBITS an excellent Overall Pangea Score of 9.4/10.0, putting them in the top 7% of companies within the Pangea universe. Not bad for a toddler!

A Supportive Family

At the core of FXBITS’ ethos is a commitment to creating a work environment that nurtures those within it. The company understands that maintaining excellence requires a tailored approach that prioritises identifying and supporting leadership potential by nurturing it within the right framework. This way, employees can develop the perfect combination of advanced soft and technical skills to help with their career progression. When it comes to culture, CEO Paul states:

“We focus on helping people succeed. We care deeply about the people who engage with us to deliver digital solutions, the people that use them and the people that build them. We encourage people to continually think of new approaches and constantly improve as professionals. Besides offering the context for technical capabilities enhancement, we identify potential leaders within the organization and offer the right framework (roles, assignments, courses) to develop and grow.”

FXBITS employees on an outdoor excursion

Speaking to their staff, you really get the impression that FXBITS truly cares about their employees, many of whom consider their colleagues to be a chosen family. It should come as no surprise, then, that FXBITS earned a colossal Team Health score of 9.2/10.0, with particularly strong marks in Satisfaction (9.0/10.0), Culture (9.4/10.0), and Feedback & Recognition (9.4/10.0).

The stats make it clear enough, but to really get an idea of what that means for the employees, nothing quite says it like their testimonials:

“For me, the company and the people in it should also be like a second family, and that's another box that FXBITS has ticked from the beginning. We work hard, but we also know how to have fun together, and that is something that has helped us never lose touch, even in times of pandemic and increasing remote work.”

- Dana Ciubancan, Front-End Developer

“The most encouraging aspect that keeps me here is the people’s culture. I am proud of my colleagues’ achievements, and I always feel motivated to do my best in such a hard-working, passionate environment.”

- Razvan Florea, Full Stack Developer

“I think one of the core values I cherish at FXBITS is trust. I have had this feeling since I joined the company and I feel it even more now.”

- Andreea Pantea, Test Automation Engineer

The Perfect Partner

FXBITS is young, but like many new entrants to the field, they have secured their rapid rise by establishing a reputation for integrated solutions with substance that dazzle. Their clients—who come from such industries as Hospital & Health Care, Industrial Automation, and Marketing—come to them seeking solutions that form the backbone of digital transformation. Each time, the company responds by mobilising teams quickly to cover business analysis, engineering, and architecture to support the creation of products that validate ideas and convince stakeholders of their intrinsic value.

A great example of this is a recent project they did for a client in the healthcare industry who commissioned them to create a secure messaging platform that supported a care-disease prevention center. The FXBITS team jumped at the opportunity to exercise their tech imagination and delivered a final product within a few short months.

FXBITS collaboration at its finest

We spoke with some of FXBITS’ clients and were genuinely impressed with the positive feedback they received, which earned them an eye-raising Client Score of 9.6/10.0, buoyed by perfect scores in Customer Journey, Business Maturity, and Process Maturity! Let’s hear from some of their impressed customers:

“What I can say about FXBITS: - Excellent Communication - Very Flexible - Great developers/testers - Great Support Always a pleasure to work with the FXBITS-Team”

- Frank Reuter, Project Manager @ SEAL Systems AG

”A software partner who thinks along with you and understands processes. This leads to a high quality of results and saves extra time and costs.”

- Lars Petermann, CEO @ Premiso AG

”With FXBITS we found a partner, that solved the challenges of adding well-experienced and committed people to our teams. We always work on eye level and in true partnership and not just as client with supplier. Again and again with pleasure! Gr8 Job!”

- Markus Mann, Project Manager @ Vitagroup AG

Tech Savvy Savants

Though they may be relatively small, FXBITS has a well-rounded and capable team that is well-equipped to shine whether augmenting an existing product or developing something entirely new. The team’s tech stack is cutting edge and includes Angular, Docker, Java, MySQL, MongoDB, Node.js, React.js, ReactNative, Spring, and TypeScript.

Moreover, the company is also well versed in Agile Development Methodology and utilizes tools like Kanban and Scrum to make sure everything operates as efficiently as possible. Problem-solving is at the heart of the company, as evidenced by their very mission statement:

“Finding the patterns of addressable problems that are worth solving and using technology to incrementally deliver better solutions.”

We here at Pangea are extremely happy to have such a competent group of problem-solvers as part of our universe, and are sure that any partnership with FXBITS will no doubt support the creation of true innovation! As always, head over to their engagement page if you are intrigued by this group of talented Transylvanian tech savants. Just let us know if you’d like to know more about this company and we would be delighted to make an introduction!


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