Looking to a Brighter Future with Future Mind

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August 24, 2021

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June 10, 2024

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Looking to a Brighter Future with Future Mind


BERLIN, Germany - Welcome to the future! Future Mind, the latest addition to the Pangea universe, has been pioneering UX, product design, analytics and software development for over a decade. Let them take you on a futuristic ride and learn how you can shape the tech world of tomorrow!

The Future in Mind

The talented team at Future Mind has been on a mission since 2008 to shape the future by “building reliable products, from scratch”. From their original headquarters in Warsaw, the company has expanded to include an additional sleek office in Tychy, Poland. Across both locations, the company is composed of a dedicated group of technology experts who design, create, and maintain award-winning digital products using a proven process.

Tomasz Woźniak, CEO of Future Mind, sums up what his company is all about:

“We’re passionate about building beautiful, reliable products that are useful to millions of people–and we treat our clients’ products as if they were our own.”

Indeed, the personal care the company takes with their craft has earned them significant recognition in Poland and beyond. In 2020, Future Mind was featured on the list of Forbes Diamonds for being one of the most dynamically growing companies in Poland, to go along with making the Financial Times 1000 ranking of the corporation with the largest growth rate in Europe. That same year, one of the companies apps won the Commerice category at the Mobile Trends Awards (for the second year running).

Future Mind’s specialists provide support from the concept phase to the development and scaling of the final product, enabling companies to leverage technology and create new, digitally supported business models. The company's top clients include firms such as Nespresso, EY, Virgin, and Continental (to drop just a few big names).

After chatting with some of these satisfied customers, and surveying the Future Mind staff, we awarded them a great overall Pangea score of 8.9/10.0. Read on to learn more about Future Mind’s vision for a better tomorrow!

A Team of Tomorrow

Future Mind is made up of 81 employees that have grown tired of rigid, outdated working environments and instead seek a modern, future-oriented place to work and evolve. Future Mind’s employees can work from anywhere in the world, can sleep as late as their beauty dictates, or go for a walk with their four-legged friends whenever necessary—as long as performance doesn't suffer.

At Future Mind you will find a fun and devoted bunch of people with an average seniority of 5.8 years. Over the last years, the team has developed into a close community of people who share the same values and enjoy spending time with like-minded colleagues, both inside and outside of work. Together, the team creates many great memories, whether at work or during the annual sailing adventures on the Masurian lakes.

Future Mind employees particularly value the company culture (8.8/10.0), the opportunity for personal development (8.7/10.0) and the relationship with other employees (9/10.0), resulting in a solid Pangea Team Health Score of 8.6/10.0 and an overall retention rate of 88%.

Although scores like these usually speaks for themselves, let's hear directly from the mouths of a few of the forward-thinking employees:

“We welcome every new person like one of our own, and we have somehow managed to grow the organization with people who enjoy the same crazy sense of humor!”

- Jakub Wiśniewski, Android developer

“The teams are mostly self-managed and everyone can have a say, which I see as really important. Every person’s opinion matters – this is the way I think organizations should function.”

- Paulina Wysakowska, QA

“Something that had me really impressed when I first started working here was how professional it all feels – how projects are managed and how great our designers collaborate with programmers.”

- Radek Gorczyca, Android Developer​​

Some of the Future Mind team on a company outing

Delighted Customers - Now and Always

Future Mind supports both large companies and fast-growing start-ups and is committed to treating their customers' products as if they were their own. The areas they have worked on in the past are mostly the fashion industry, the entertainment sector, computer software, financial services, and industrial automation.

As their excellent Pangea Client Insight Score of 9.3/10.0 proves, Future Mind has taken the right approach to winning over clients. Particularly convincing are the company’s ratings for Process Maturity and Documentation Level which both earned a perfect 10/10! The well-organised Project Management also impressed, earning a 9.3/10.0.

Below you will find some of the rave reviews from some of their customers:

”Fast and focused on goals, good quality of the code, good understanding what needs to be done, good can-do attitude – that is why I recommend Future Mind to any company that wants to build fast and reliable web applications.”

- Dominik Błaszczykiewicz, VP of Product @ Property Group - GetHome.pl

”Very experienced Company with big know-how. Always ok to share their knowledge and experience with Clients. Very good cooperation and project management skills. Very highly qualified engineers. Delivered Products were with no defects.”

- Marcin Janiszewski, Project Manager @ Generali Towarzystwo Ubezpieczen S.A.

”Overall experience is good, price to value and flexibility with problem solving and approach is exceptional in this case.”

- Anonymous @ Enterprise/Corporation

Hard at work building products for the future!

Technology for the Future

Future Mind focuses on technologies that are relevant today—and in the future. Specialising in different areas, from back-end to front-end development, from databases to integrations and mobile development, the well-versed team knows its business.

Future Mind's visionary tech stack includes Angular.js, Apache Kafka, Kotlin, MicrosoftAzure, Node.js, Python, React.js and Swift. With their agile way of working, they support in launching products from scratch or in team augmentation.

Not only are the technological capabilities both fascinating and forward-looking, the company values are certainly visionary and future-minded. What counts here is mutual respect, constructive feedback, the quality-oriented approach, the courage to take risks, and the persistent urge to ask questions.

In closing, we return to CEO Tomasz, who summarises why Future Mind is the right choice for any company that wants to boldly create products that will last generation after generation:

“Do you want to impact your industry with a digital product that will delight your customers and make you proud of how it looks and functions? At Future Mind, we gain a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and build software solutions that help them meet their business goals, with a focus on quality and reliability.”

Intrigued? Visit Future Mind's engagement page or get in touch with us directly. Working together, you can shape the future of technology!


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