Lions and Tigers and Kodiak Bears, It's Kodius!

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July 1, 2022

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March 13, 2024

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Lions and Tigers and Kodiak Bears, It's Kodius!


BERLIN, Germany - Kodius are as hungry as a bear to rise above their competition and offer their clients the sweetest honey in the tech industry — creativity. Their dedication to keeping communication clear and maintaining a deep well of knowledge only add to their versatility in problem solving. This team is pawsitively inspiring!

A Fairy-Tail Beginning

Kodius kicked open their doors to the world in 2016, conducting their business out of Zagreb, Croatia. Their name comes from an acronym describing their core values: Knowledge, Objectives, Diversity, Intelligence, Understanding, and Social. They have built their company culture around shared expertise, setting clear goals with clear communication, an openness to all, recognizing different needs, and having an easygoing, friendly atmosphere.

The company’s main aspiration, however, is to break free of the pack by offering their clients more than just popular business jargon; they want to use real imagination and inventiveness for everything they bring to the table. Their CEO, Krešimir Bojčić, says it better than we can:

Maybe this is the first time you've heard of Kodius. We know the first impression is important, but we don't want to follow the herd that uses buzzwords to hook you in. Everybody’s world-class and result-oriented, right? Keeping up with the crowd is easy, but being independent and adaptable is what truly matters. Technology, like words, can easily be copied and pasted. That’s not how we work. Whether we’re making things from scratch or upgrading existing platforms, we put a great amount of creativity into our work. We are creators, making products that suit you perfectly and are improving your business based on your specific needs.”

In pursuit of these majestic goals, Kodius earned an Overall Pangea Score of 9.1/10.0, placing them in the top 7% of software companies globally. Past clients who can bear witness to their success include Even Financial, Optilogic, and FlexCareers. Read on to see why a partnership with Kodius is sweet as honey!

Dealing in Kindness is a Bear-tiful Thing

Bearing the Best Fruit

Kodius is best at brewing up solutions for consultancies, venture builders, enterprises, corporations, and seed, series A, and series B++ startups, especially if they fall into the industries of entertainment, financial services, insurance, or apparel and fashion. A fur cry from hibernating, they have worked with clients all over the world, including Australia, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, and Saudi Arabia. Kodius came in with a premium Pangea Client Insights Score of 9.0/10.0, scoring an impressive 9.3/10.0 in Tech Expertise and a perfect 10.0/10.0 in Customer Journey. Their clients themselves had plenty to praise, as well; Petar Krajacic Vilovic, Owner at Hangar Studio, roared his appreciation:

“Modern approach, highly adaptable, elegant and sophisticated design, team with a knowledge of specific industry requirements and modern worldwide trends. The website Kodius made for my company superseded all my expectations. ”

Their fur-nomenal reviews continue with words from Brett Pozniak, the CTO over at FlexCareers:

“Our engagement and relationship is a true partnership. We enjoy the benefits of receiving excellent service, whilst being completely transparent with each other. Our partnership will continue as we continue to grow. ”

Barry Coffing, the CEO of, adds:

“Krešimir leads an amazing company that is honest, transparent, and dependable. We hired his company under urgent conditions when our site was down. His team worked around the clock to fix our issues. Two years later they are our development team. ”

Bearing Witness to One Another’s Growth

A Force to Be Reckoned With

The team at Kodius is a strong sleuth of bears, with 31 full time employees averaging 4 years’ experience amongst them. Over the years, they have maintained a strong overall retention rate of 80% of their staff, with the first year retention rate standing at a remarkable 90% of new hires. Their Pangea Team Health Score stands at a noteworthy 9.1/10.0, with their highest individual scores topping out 9.4/10.0 in opportunities for Personal Growth and 9.3/10.0 in Wellbeing and Management Rapport. CEO Krešimir breaks it down for us:

Everybody likes the catchphrase “challenge accepted”, but we like “challenge completed” better! With the right people, any goal can be achieved. And by right people we mean those who aren’t afraid of different perspectives. That’s what our team is. Today when everyone claims they’re thinking outside the box, it is our belief there is no box. There are no boundaries when talking about creativity and ideas. We choose to believe in all of the great possibilities that our clients want to accomplish. Only then anything is possible and only a team that isn't afraid of the unknown can create a product that will stand the test of time.”

Fellow administrative all-star CTO Matija Munjaković mentions:

“It's dynamic, both in terms of time flexibility (and not being stuck in a cubicle working 9-5) as well as countless different technologies and domains I get to see and work on.”

It’s not just upper management with the honey, either; Product Designer Sanja Zlatar tells us:

“I like shaping business ideas into actual products, making them both enjoyable and easy to use as well as beautiful to look at. I love setting new standards and bars for us in the design team, and bringing closer the idea of design and its importance to others working in different fields.”

Back Office Manager Martina Karnas sums it all up:

“What I like the most is the freedom that this company provides, which I did not have in previous companies. I have the freedom to organize my own working day and I am not obliged to explain to anyone where I am going and what I am doing, it is important that the work is done on time and that clients and employees are satisfied.”

Smarter Than Your Average Bear

Whether you are staring at a bare slate for new product development, raising a paw for team augmentation, or hungry for a heavy-hitting firefighting response, Kodius has you covered. Their technology stack is ripe for the picking, with branches in Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Elixir, Vue.js, React.js, Python, .NET, Django, PostgreSQL, and C#. Kodius marshals these powerful languages into building highly functioning databases, intuitive UX/UI Design, Products as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Most recently, Kodius partnered with Worcon, a Croatian machine engineering startup looking to pioneer a manufacturing platform that would foster links between engineering industry buyers and suppliers. In essence, they needed a cloud-based management tool that had to be built from scratch, allowing users to manage and review machine parks, production equipment, and machines themselves, all while tracking filters like location and utilization. Kodius brought Worcon’s inhouse developers into the project with their excellent team augmentation, familiarizing them with the office and the tools at their disposal. Together, they worked through a streamlined and specific 11-stage development process, resulting in Machine Desk, a highly effective B2B manufacturing platform.

If you can no longer see the forest for the trees, Kodius can answer the call! They are honest and open, embracing tasks with full responsibility and looking at challenges from all angles. If you think that a company that always goes the extra mile even while taking serious things with enjoyment might be right for you, get in touch today through their Pangea profile!

In closing, we have some parting words from CEO Krešimir, who wants potential partners to remember:

“Today, when many IT products are made recklessly and are automated, in Kodius we proudly gather professionals who still believe in craftsmanship and creativity. For us the job isn’t complete when it’s finished, but when it truly serves our clients. Every journey is better with good company. Let’s go!”

Find success as fur as the eye can see with Kodius!


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